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Chanchai Phansopha


With the broad knowledge and experience he gained from MNC along with the strong connection with many people in several industries, Chanchai has his own vision to contribute what he knows to thai companies.

  • The Platinum Group PLC
  • Construction, Property & Building Materials
  • 222/1398 The Platinum Fashion Mall Bldg. 11th Fl.,
    Petchaburi Rd., Ratchathevee, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
  • (66) 02 121 9999

Serving as the President of The Platinum Group PLC since 2015, Mr.Chanchai Phansopha brings with him many years of extensive experience in business development, sales, marketing and organization development from top Multinational Corporations. He formerly worked in Technology industry, where he spent more than 15 years doing what he was interested in. He later began exploring the financial sector and became very successful in the real estate development industry, especially shopping center management. He is now leading one of the most expensive leasing space in Thailand as we may know “The Platinum Fashion Mall”. Besides that, he also leads the most successful hotel in the heart of Bangkok “The Novotel Platinum Pratunum Hotel”, the latest development project “The Wharf Samui”, as well as the latest lifestyle community center in Samui district, Surathani province.

Chanchai was originally from Bangkok. As the eldest son of a Chinese family, he had to work very hard to support his parents and siblings. This helped him become more caring and supportive to everyone who come through his life. Chanchai received a BBA for marketing and finance and his highest education was MBA from University of Southern Colorado, USA where his concentration was on general management.

Chanchai started his career when he was a junior student at the university. Although he had various areas of interest, his real opportunity to grow came in the It industry, which brought him to the world of new computer innovations, application, and telecommunication some 25 years ago. He spent 15 years working in hi-technology companies like Intel, Microsoft, and Hutchison, where he built his knowledge and result-oriented working style, which in turn made him a very successful entrepreneur today. He also started to explore his interest in the area of media and consumer appliance later on to add more of experience. Finally, he was given an opportunity to work in a listed local developer for lifestyle center and in doing so, bring success to the joint venture of this company that manage “Megabangna”, one of the largest and most successful shopping center in Thailand.

Chanchai’s career was in the sales, marketing and business development area. He believed that these responsibilities are the key areas that bring success to the organization. In 1996, during his days in Intel Thailand, he was the pioneer who built the distribution and sales structure, directly contributing to the revenue growth, which became more than 40Million US Dollars, with more than 1000 business partners. For his achievements, he received many accolades from the APAC region, including “Year 1999 Intel Recognition Award for Result Orientation, Year 2000 Intel Sales Excellence Achievement Award for APAC”.

Between 2003 and 2005, while he served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft Thailand, he hit the highest sales record of 60Million US Dollars for Thailand, which resulted in him and the subsidiary being awarded with the “2004 Microsoft Subsidiary of The Year” award. Chanchai got his personal award with “2005 Microsoft Gold Star Award” the following year. This allowed him more opportunity to further his education. He continued by joining the certificate training by Kellogg, Northwestern University, Chicago in the area of customer value marketing, branding, strategic marketing and value proposition marketing between 2003 and 2004.

Work hard before smart with positive thinking and take all things that come to life as opportunities and do the best you can.

With the broad knowledge and experience he gained from MNCs, along with the strong connections with many people in several industries, Chanchai had his own vision to contribute what he knows to Thai companies. He has never refused to support or assist any company in any area of problem in trying to find the best possible solution and action for people. This contributed in him gaining an adaptive solution skill into his working style. He looks into the strengths and weaknesses of people since he believes “people” are the key to an organization’s success. He always mentions that “we need to find the strength of people and use this to benefit the company, and try to minimize risk that come from weakness for the people”. It was not easy, as finding strength and weakness of people is not an easy job to do. It required a thorough understanding of the situation, before one could proceed with the job at hand.

Another management style that Chanchai always believed in is working hard before working smart. “We won’t be able to understand what’s going on before we work very hard and finally understand it. Only then can we be smart enough to tackle it and give the solution for it”. These days, employees are very function oriented. They lack a holistic view and have a tendency for carelessness when working in a team. Chanchai believes that teamwork is about what employees do that benefit to other with no expectation to get credit. It’s actually an encouraging environment that brings the people to do things that bring credits to others. Receiving credit or not, should not be the main concern. The collective growth of the organization should be the ultimate goal of each employee.

Chanchai leads the organization forward, and always strives to achieve more success. He uses his background knowledge and experience in all areas to bring PLAT to the next level. Chanchai continues his detailed hard work by coaching his team with great passion. He believes in learning by doing as well as leading by example that can help people to extend and enhance their capability in working. He always believes that every individual has to realize their potential for themselves in order to move the company forward. He also believes in an open environment and welcomes thinking and contribution from every level of working staff. He always puts his ears on the ground to listen to all comments from all the employees.

Chanchai hopes and believes that he will be able to lead The Platinum Group PLC to become the Top Company in Thailand, within the next 10 years in commercial property development sector with mixed use of development to cover residential, office and hotel together with full support for entrepreneurship, Society and the environment by making the optimum return to stockholders, encouraging work life balance to employees, and looking for corporate partners to achieve the sustainable growth.

He has mission to support “Pratunum Trading District” development as a central strategic location for the country. He continues to strengthen wholesale shopping center management in all market segments. He will promote the holistic view of mixed use property development to meet business requirement for local and South East Asia. He will continue to encourage the entrepreneurship, strategic partner engagement, and responsible for social, community, environment, employees and stockholders for sustainable growth.


  • Chanchai achieved “Intel Recognition Award for Result Orientation in APAC”


  • Chanchai and Thailand subsidiary got “Microsoft Subsidiary of The Year Award”


  • Chanchai led The Platinum Group (PLAT) and was listed for the MSCI Global Small Cap Indexes and SET100