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Thanasak Watanathana


Thanasak expects MWA to be ‘One in ASEAN’ by pushing forward the scheme of ‘MWA ONE’ in order to build MWA to advance higher potential, increase the efficiency of administration and management with the leading level, and be able to provide water supply and service to neighbor countries in the Southeast Asia region.

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Thanasak Watanathana, the 15th Governor of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA), graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a bachelor’s degree in Sanitary Engineering in 1978. Right after graduation, Thanasak started working at MWA in the Department of Human Resources Development in 1979. In spite of working in the different field than what he had studied, he actively worked hard, eager to learn all kinds of aspects related to waterworks. Thanasak thought and realized that those were great opportunities to gain various knowledge and experiences from experts and professionals who were skilled in field of the waterworks system. In 1985, Thanasak shifted to work at the Sukhumvit Branch office and was responsible for the Division of Water and Distribution support. His main duties were to update maps including areas of piping system and to provide service to customers. With his enthusiasm and positive attitude towards working, he felt that every job was equally important and had its own value; therefore, he was pleased and willing to do all assigned work, not only his routine job. As a result, it was no surprise that Thanasak could quickly learn the overall waterworks system and its customer service, and constantly made progress in his career path. In 2010, he was promoted as Assistant Governor in the line of Planning and Development and in 2012, as Deputy Governor in the line of Services. A year later in October 2013, he was selected as the Governor of MWA.
With 34 years of experience and expertise in the industry of water supply and service, Thanasak has seen the continuous development and operations of MWA under the policy of ‘Waterworks for People’. MWA has delivered waterworks services to the urban areas for 47 years with an obligation to provide raw water resources for waterworks activities which include producing, distributing, and selling treated water in the areas of Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakan and running other businesses related or beneficial to the waterworks.
Until now, MWA has gradually grown and progressed. By 2013, it was also another year of pride for MWA as its operating results were significantly higher than the previous year, with annual profit of approximately 7 billion baht. Thanasak believes this is a result of the improvement of work process by promoting continuous learning and development of employees, which by 2013 comprised of more than 4,000 employees all over the 18 branches and the head office.
As a result, MWA received various awards for innovation from external agencies such as an excellence award from the Ministry of Finance for the Automatic Chlorine Monitoring and Feeding in the Water Distribution System Project. Besides this, the operation of MWA focuses on all groups of stakeholders adhering to corporate governance and corporate social responsibility principles as well as having transparent disclosure for traceability. Consequently, the organization has received the awards for information disclosure for 4 consecutive years.
To maintain MWA’s excellent performance, Thanasak has speculated policies and plans

Put your heart into your work, then it will lead you the path to success

to develop the organization to an international level in order to increase the quality of life and to promote Thai state enterprises to an international level by engaging more in international forums, seminars, MOUs and overseas operations.
Like other industries and companies, MWA is prepared to enter the ASEAN Community as well. For this reason, Thanasak expects MWA to be ‘One in ASEAN’ by pushing forward the scheme of ‘MWA ONE’ in order to build MWA to advance higher potential, increase the efficiency of administration and management with the leading level, and be able to provide water supply and service to neighbor countries in the Southeast Asia region. Furthermore, Thanasak aims to support MWA to become a learning organization as Waterworks Academy and Management which encourages and supports constant research and development and innovation. As being the outstanding executive, Thanasak comes up with the strategy which he calls ‘ONE’.
“O – One Stop Service” –To increase the entire level of water supply and service in order to maximize customers’ satisfaction.
“N – Network” –To develop the infrastructure of the waterworks system and network.
“E – Environment” –To raise the level of customers’ confidence, to build the strength of society and environment by adhering to the 6 core good corporate governance principles which include the Rule of Law, Virtue, Transparency, Participation, Accountability, Efficiency and Effectiveness.
With his effort and entrepreneurial attitude to support MWA to be a high potential organization in ASEAN, Thanasak thinks it is necessary to emphasize on highest potential development, advanced technology and competent employees so as to address rapid changes and to enhance the water supply production process for best quality and lower environmental impacts and production cost. Also, it is needed to promote the development of innovations for fast, proper and efficient services in order to achieve MWA’s principal goal, which is the satisfaction of customers.
Thanasak believes that the gateway to trust establishment and sustainability of growth requires not only the organization’s substantial collaboration, experience and professionalism, but also good corporate governance, transparency, honesty and fairness for all parties. Reflecting Thanasak’s strong leadership, the vision of MWA is to be the leading ASEAN water supply provider toward excellence in corporate governance and social responsibilities as “Quality Water for Quality Life”.


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  1. Governor of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)
  2. President of Thai Waterworks Association