Anuj Khosla

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Started only in 2013, K&K Labs has a vision and is well on its way to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of alternate medicine in the world. The secret behind all the work done at K&K is the belief that each member of the K&K family is there to change the world for the better, a little bit at a time.

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Anuj Khosla is the founder/CSO of K&K Labs which operates a host of alternate medicine brands and products which it formulates, manufactures and retails.

With a firm belief that lessons learnt from failure are far more extensive, Anuj took his first shot at retail markets at the young age of 19. Finding a large gap in the family business, he launched his own RAM brand Dolgix which added a retail arm to his families OEM electronic goods manufacturing business. Dolgix was an instant success as it was the first high-grade-low-cost range of modules in the market. Dolgix is still ever-growing in the market and has become synonymous with quality and performance.

After a successful run in with retail, Anuj went on to pursue his tertiary education in America in 2008. Based in Silicon Valley, it was imperative that he immersed himself in the then booming start-up culture. As luck has it, he received a call from a very prominent figure in the valley who was interested in setting up crowd-sourcing mechanisms for universities. Taking a few semesters out from academia, the several founders built the first ever crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding and micro-finance applications which started a new age of interaction between internet users. Currently, these applications are the base of many other successful ventures. Today, he sits on the board of numerous start-ups as an advisor and investor.

After completing his academia, Anuj spent a year travelling the world looking for the next big project. In this year, he spent time working with several large MNCs and consulting on start-ups. During a 3 month martial arts camp in Thailand, he found a passion for alternate medication. Alternate medicinal fields such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine both fascinated him and captivated his attention in a way that he was hell bound on starting up his next venture in the field. This is when he chanced upon what he calls his most revolutionary work to date.

Find magic, passion and insanity in what you do. Never let the pursuit of success alone consume you

K&K Labs is creating waves with its ground breaking work into alternate medicine. Having researched and developed its’ own formulations over the last 20 years, K&K is slowly making its way to becoming one of the most trusted and recognized brands in alternate medicine. The main difference between K&K and its competitors is that K&K prides itself on offering all natural solutions that are more effective than what is available currently without any negative side effects. K&K Labs currently has 5 brands that are already well accepted in the markets and plans to launch another 8 brands by the end of 2018. Currently, K&K has created the following brands. BioRoyale for hair fall, Party Safe for hangovers and liver detoxification, DiabSupport for diabetes, Edward Daniels for erectile dysfunction and 7 Essentials for age reversal creams and serums. K&K also owns and operates a market place for other alternate medicine brands to propagate their products and grow alongside. All products in this market place are tested for quality and effectiveness before being listed.

K&K Labs runs a charitable arm where it provides safe, effective, natural medication for children with special needs. Currently, its’ foundation has helped numerous children with varied illnesses such as autism, dyslexia and ADHD. K&K urges other companies to come forward and collaborate with them to maximize the reach of its free medications for children with special needs and immunity boosters for the elderly.

Started only in 2013, K&K Labs has a vision and is well on its way to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of alternate medicine in the world. The secret sauce behind all the work done at K&K is the belief that each member of the K&K family is there to change the world for the better a little bit at a time. “Our entire philosophy revolves around taking everyday ailments that have pained mankind for decades and finding more effective methods to cure them whilst removing the dirty side effects you get from most other medications. We also owe it to humanity to keep our medicines and products as affordable as possible so they remain accessible to the masses” says Anuj.

Anuj personally holds the vision that K&K Labs should be a frontrunner in alternate medication. Instead of just building products, he wishes to set up a research facility in Singapore to understand and hopefully find effective treatments for ailments such as certain cancers, STDs and other more irritating everyday issues such as the common cold. Together with a research facility, Anuj sees great potential in opening up a homeopathy institution in Asia. According to Anuj “fields such as homeopathy have not been give the due recognition they deserve. Part of the issue with alternate medicines is the lack of standard accreditation for the fields. Setting up an institution that mimics the likes of those in Greece or Germany where standardized testing and quality control are in order for alternate medicine fields will see more people to move over to these less invasive medicines.”

Branching from the same thought that we need to replace every day products with healthier alternatives, Anuj has also ventured into the frozen foods space. Incorporating Green Earth Foods Pte Ltd, Anuj and his partners set up Papajis’. Frozen Indian vegetarian foods that used the flash freeze method to quickly freeze perishable food items instead of the traditional methods used so far. This meant a new step into frozen foods as they now became about as healthy as a fresh home cooked meal. Flash freezing allows for the food maintain itself without the need of preservatives. Papajis’ can currently be found in most supermarkets in Singapore and is looking to expand to three other regions in the next two years.

At only 26, Anuj attributes his early success to his stubbornness, passion and support of those around him. “This is only the beginning for me. There are so many ways in which I can bring change to the world.” – Anuj


  • Created first successful retail brand Dolgix


  • Exited from first start-up


  • Founded K&K Labs Pte Ltd and Green Earth Foods Pte Ltd