Dr. Rebecca A. Wata

President & CEO

“Do what your instinct dictates. If you think that is right, go for it. Don’t make it hard. If I can decide on something now and do it today, I will not wait for tomorrow,”

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If our origin helps explain who one becomes as an adult, Rebecca Wata’s idyllic sounding childhood goes a long way to expressing how she has remained so centered and down—to – earth, so prevailingly modest—in an industry known for competition. Born of Muslim royalty of Maguindanao, Becca, as she is fondly known is a direct descendant of the historical hero Sultan Kudarat and a grandniece of Sultan Mohammad Esmail, the 22nd Sultan of Maguindano after Sultan Manguigin. Datu Jose Wata, her father, was a well loved and respected Mayor of Glan, Sarangani Province.

After being educated at the University of the East with the degree of Sociology, Becca pursued further studies and graduated with the degree of Medicine. She began itching her way towards business she opens up a jewelry store and a carpet showroom and it was a great success, but it was in the tile business now known as FC Floor Center that she made a huge impact in the male-dominated industry with husband Mohsen, children Ali, Amir, Atafeh, and Zahra who are all actively involved in the business.

People who have known her for years admired her extraordinary character, she is fearless and learned what hard work meant, and the commitment it takes to be successful at any level. By visiting numerous exhibitions related to her business, she educates herself on the latest trends and innovations. This explains the individuality of Rebecca Wata, a paradox of an expression which is richly indebted to family, clients, and employees who work for her to make her business a force to reckon within the industry.

This is the element that made Becca a woman with an independent mind and someone with a vision. Her journey to the top has taken all the proverbial twist and turns, a woman from the heartland of Maguindanao, a woman who is disarming, quick to laugh, but is also direct and no-nonsense.
This is Rebecca Wata, a hybrid personality, a true multiculturalist, one who traveled most of her life, visiting one place to another, always confronting new ideas and customs. She always manages to discover a likeness of mind in other people with whom she shares a sensitivity which she dedicates to her hard work. In this sense, Becca epitomizes a spirit of generosity, professionalism, and commitment.

Her first ever succesful business venture, which sparked the conception of the leading tile supplier in the country today, took no more than 30 minutes of discussion. Once the opportunity presented itself, she bravely set aside her doubts and ventured into supplying building and construction materials to a first-time condominium developer. First among her biggest projects (before Floor Center was established) was the famed amusement and theme park – Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas. From there, the first-ever FC Floor Center branch was built in 1997.

“Do what you can today because tomorrow is another day.”

– Dr. Rebecca A. Wata

This 2017, FC is already on its 20th year in the tile business and have successfully worked its way into being an industry benchmark. “There is a constant drive to improve quality and tile designs introduced in the market,” she says. Aiming to be present not only in the key cities of the Philippines, the company reached as far as the outskirts of Mindanao providing unrivalled accessibility to the latest tile trends and innovation for the Philippine market. With over 500 employees, 80 operating branches nationwide, along with established partnerships with international ceramic tile brands, FC continues to expand up to this day.

Under her leadership, FC has been recognized by various award-giving bodies over the years. Some of FC’s accolades are Best Quality Tiles Provider 2016, Most Outstanding Premium Tiles Provider 2016, No.1 Tile Provider 2016, Top Choice High Quality Tile Provider 2016, Certified Gold Choice Award 2016, and the most recent being The Premier Quality Tiles Provider in the National Awards Category 2017.

Becca believes FC’s success is essentially based on three principles: Passion to make business, care for customers, and a focus on the marketing strategy while taking care of supply. It is in the nature of such business where supply is of utmost importance, and with an all-imported product range, FC has shown real commitment to its customers in this aspect.

As the President of a huge enterprise, she is absolutely hands-on. She underscores the importance of thinking on something quick and standing by it. “Do what your instinct dictates. If you think that is right, go for it. Don’t make it hard. If I can decide on something now and do it today, I will not wait for tomorrow,” she adds.
Competition in the local tile market could be fierce. She shares how she surpassed great challenges and competitors over the years, fighting hard for the business. Becca’s philosophy on setting FC apart is their high-quality products with affordable prices. FC does business with big names in the global industry and makes them accessible to all Filipinos, always putting customers above everything else. Her mindset has always been “Customers first,” which has been imparted and reinforced to each and every FC employee.

FC Group of Companies is not only geared towards profit but also on helping others. Becca, along with her family, shares the success of the company through social causes setting up a TESDA accredited computer school in Glan, Sarangani Province that teaches children, between the age three to nine, as well as teachers in the barrios. She also administers medical missions and outreach programs occasionally in the said province.

Nowadays, when getting a stable position in big companies is almost considered a privilege available only to a few, FC remains to be compassionate to its people. She says, “The success of Floor Center is also the success of every employee working with us, as they are assured of a regular job and good compensation.” Becca perceives the company not only as a plain work environment for its people, but like a school nurturing the minds of its employees to become independent businessmen and later on be instrumental to their own success.

Her vision for the company has always been straightforward. She says “When people think of tiles, I want them to think of FC.”

In spite of her success and prominence, she remains to be humble saying what she personally values, first and foremost, is her family.

Career Highlights

  • Owned a small carpet business and a jewelry store t
  • Ventured into supplying building and construction materials


  • First FC Floor Center branch was established in 1997 and had gone through continuous expansion in the succeeding years
  • FC Tile Depot was formed, another trade name under FC
  • FC Group of Companies is now on its 20th year in the business and has 80 branches nationwide