Goh Soo Sing

Managing Director

Goh and Bon Estates believe that lifestyle decisions are a balance of emotional and intellectual factors, and the ultimate vision is to drive change in the way developers interact with their customers by creating products that pay equal homage to both.

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For Bön Estates Sdn Bhd managing director Goh Soo Sing, property development is simply makes up part of his DNA. His pedigree hails from a family that has long been involved in the building and construction arena, and despite life’s short excursions onto different paths there was always an unquenchable desire to dive into the property development business himself.

Growing up, property had always been an integral part of his surrounding environment (being the family trade) so there were boundless opportunities soak up knowledge and learn the nooks and cranny of the business.

Despite a natural inclination towards the property industry, however, Goh began his career on a slightly different path, initially applying himself in the field of investment banking after graduating from the London School of Economics.

“I spent several honing my skills as an investment banker at CIMB Bank, and while this was fulfilling, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was meant for something else, nor the desire to do something on my own,” he recalls.

An opportunity to explore this calling came when an offer to head a small boutique development in Penang presented itself. Goh enthusiastically jumped shipped and hasn’t looked back since.

It was at the helm of PPM Realty, a company set up to undertake niche boutique developments, that Goh had his first taste of property success. His business acumen and natural talent for the trade came to the surface when his maiden project White Lilly in Minden Heights, a 73-home terrace enclave, was quickly sold out. Subsequent success was found in Minden Gardens, where 94 units of super link homes were also quickly snapped up.

The positive performance of PPM Realty emboldened Goh to take larger steps and expand the business by venturing into the rich opportunities that lie within the Klang Valley.

“Success lies in honesty of purpose and integrity of intentions”

– Goh Soo Sing

“Urban migration into the capital district and surrounding vicinities creates an abundance of job opportunities and consistent demand for properties. But, we also saw that high population growth and a dense urban environment was giving rise to changing culture, changing needs and redefined priorities, which presented an opportunity for us to do something new and different by addressing this dynamic shift in modern lifestyle demand,” Goh said.

As a result, Goh drove the transformation PPM Realty into Bon Estates, a dynamic new-age company that would put strong focus on timeless quality and appeal, but also be sensitive to changes in the socio-economic urban environment to create lifestyle abodes that connect with people on an emotive level with the provision of a balanced-living environment that enriches individuals as well as the greater community.
By driving a new message that Bon Estates is not just a builder of homes, but a crafter of meaningful lifestyle, Goh positioned his company as a driver of change and propelled its success to new heights.

Outstanding Information on the Entrepreneur

Goh Soo Sing embraces change by understanding that progress is impossible without it. This comes with an acute understanding that driving change requires a boldness of purpose and an appetite for taking calculated risks.

On a mission to redefine the way property development is approached, and to implement new-age change to an “old economy” business, Goh believes that the answer lies in intensely studying the the aspirations of people by consistently interacting with the market and crafting homes with an honesty of purpose.

“I believe that involving my team in every step, from conceptualisation to completion, so that we grow and enrich our collective experience. Effectively crafting meaningful spaces and better living standards for our customers can be achieved through the sum of shared experiences,” he said.

Goh also believes that staying humble and true to the company’s identity is an important path to success. While Bon Estates is eager to celebrate its success, it is mindful not to be boastful of it.

“Again, if we are honest about our intentions in the first place, it is counter intuitive to be boastful about an achievement when we were meant to be confident about delivering it in the first place. I think that takes something away from our sense of purpose,” explained Goh.

For Goh, everything requires a good balance of “head and heart”. An ardent believer in data, he utilises a wide array of market information and individual perspectives through surveys to aid in the decision-making process when conceptualising a product. He impresses that success is only attainable via rich and high-quality feedback from those they intend to build homes for.

Teamwork, perseverance, humility and honesty make up the core of his leadership style.

Vision , Mission and hopes for the future

His belief in open communication, quality that goes beyond surface level and leading a balanced and healthy life has been infused in both company culture and the products it delivers.

The company’s development outlook is simple: to continuously improve living standards for its customers. However, the complexity lies in fulfilling this in a meaningful way, which requires attention, care, sensitivity and a deep understanding of what drives and motivates home buyers.

Goh and Bon Estates believe that lifestyle decisions are a balance of emotional and intellectual factors, and the ultimate vision is to drive change in the way developers interact with their customers by creating products that pay equal homage to both.

  • Appointed as Managing Director for Bon Estates at 28 Years Old.
  • 1st boutique development project, White Lily (74 terrace homes), Minden Heights was fully taken up and enjoyed a property appreciation of 80% since
  • 2nd Project in Penang Minden Gardens of 94 super link homes also enjoy similar success of sell out upon launch and value appreciation.


  • Successful launch of flagship project in Klang valley
    The Estate, South Bangsar, 65% take up till date