Johney Thoong

Managing Director

Gigatera is very focused on technology and R&D, supported by large-scale production plants and laboratories, as well as the strong support in manufacturing from the KMW Group.

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Gigatera, which was founded in 2012, is a professional company producing various types of commercial and industrial LED lights. With a strong technical team, we provide high quality lighting fixtures to our customers across Malaysia and our work is recognized by the respective industry. The company is jointly founded by Johney Thoong and Lee Seong Seng. Their determination and unwavering effort and integrity, as well as their valuable work experience and commitment to strive for quality assurance set a strong foundation for the company at the start up. In just three years, Gigatera has grown to be one of the biggest large-scale project LED lights supplier in Malaysia.

One of the major projects handled by Gigatera are the bright LED lights which were both designed and manufactured by Gigatera spanning the North-South Highway beginning from the north of Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh near the toll plaza at Ambassador Road (Jalan Duta) This is the only highway that connects the northern part of the country and downtown, and it is also an image-building project that provides different coloured lights at different times creating an impressive scene for road users.

In addition to lighting image projects, many traditional lights along the main roads are converted into LED lights by Gigatera, which makes Gigatera popular in the industry. The LED industry has undergone tremendous and challenging changes in recent years, but Gigatera stayed strong under the leadership of the two co-founders and managed to register positive growth in sales. They owed this success to their innovative business model which also takes into account the trend of green energy. Gigatera is determined to further develop on its design to remain a major player in the industry. The combination of ‘design + R&D + manufacturing’ has become the unique business model that will make Gigatera stand out from other players in the field.

“Design + R&D + Manufacturing”, the Iron Triangle

The major products of Gigatera are related to engineering, such as street lights, tunnel lights and spot lights. Gigatera’s sales are done via point-to-point project rather than through distribution channels. Gigatera is different from other general LED industrial design firms as it concentrates on the outdoor heavy-duty industrial LED projects and provides a comprehensive service to customers from design to manufacturing services.

The heavy-duty LED outdoor lights are mostly used in infrastructure projects, including road construction, tunnel construction, major sports venues or stadiums, buildings and other large-scale factories. Johney said, “the integrated energy-saving rate of our products has exceeded 60% and the market needs our products to achieve effectiveness in energy saving.”

Confident, determination & execution

Komtar Building, which is the tallest building and a landmark in Penang, is currently undergoing upgrading works. Gigatera is the contractor for lighting design and transformation for the entire building. Once it is completed, it will be the most eye-catching building in Penang for sure.

Gigatera offers customized products that feature the unique character and brand image of a particular enterprise. Gigatera will do the all-round design taking into account the appearance, structure, electrical appliances, optics and mechanics. Gigatera is very focused on technology and R&D, supported by large-scale production plants and laboratories, as well as the strong support in manufacturing from the KMW Group. KMW Group is the industry leader in South Korea EDI and LED lamp manufacturing technology which has businesses globally. Their partnership with Gigatera is due to the good reputation of the two co-founders.

Innovation model to remain competitiveness

There are many market aspects in the LED lighting industry, and Gigatera has chosen to specialise in heavy-duty outdoor lighting. Many of the industry players already have their own design, manufacturing and sales, so Gigatera did not make much profit in the first two years of its start-up. It was a difficult time for the company in the beginning. Johney said, “At first, we sought cooperation with companies and we participated in major trade fairs and exhibitions in order to reach new customers. As we have confidence in our products, we even do free installation of LED lights and gave full refund if our customers were not satisfied in our work. By word of mouth, now the customers will come to us.”

Gigatera wants to create a solid platform for expansion and improvement in its products and services.

Johney believes that a company must set a solid foundation first before looking at expansion and development in the future. With increased competition and changes in the industry, industry players will continue to decrease while the industry is expected to be vibrant. Against such a scenario, Gigatera will continue to be vigorous and vibrant in seeking growth and development, seeking to reduce cost and improve productivity by developing a regional premier production plant in Malaysia with the KMW Group from Korea.

  • GigaTera is jointly founded by Johney Thoong and Lee Seong Seng (Kelvin) at 2012, becomes one of the best large-scale project LED light supplier
    at Malaysia in 3-year time.
  • Johney & Kelvin secure many infrastructure projects including installation of LED lights at Duke highway, LEKAS Highway, North South Highway & NPE highway etc which enhanced the company’s market reputation and brand recognition (2012 – 2015)
  • In order to reduce cost and to improve productivity, Gigatera will develop the regional premier scale production plant in Malaysia with Korea KMW Group by end of 2016.