Georg Chmiel

Chief Executive Officer

Georg believes every leader has a unique element to their style and his is on giving people a vision, giving them the confidence to achieve that vision with elements of joy and fun.

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Joseph Campbell said, “passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” Georg Chmiel, Chief Executive Officer of the iProperty Group has instilled this believe in every employee that works for the company.

His strong business acumen and commitment, coupled with a
passion for the job and a bubbly personality are contagious. This has been the key factor in producing a winning team that is aligned
with the vision of business of infinite possibilities. A firm believer in empowering rather than micro managing people, Georg says that everyone has their own strengths and it is important to motivate them to see their full potential. He adds that he focuses on giving people a vision, confidence to achieve that vision and the joy and fun in doing so. “I challenge people but I avoid a culture of fear and foster a culture of pride and team spirit. Happy staffs are productive staffs, plus people are more likely to stay with you if you treat them well.” explained Georg.

Founded in 2003 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2007, the iProperty Group owns and operates Asia’s No.1 network of property websites under the umbrella. The iProperty Group, which operates in 6 countries with clear leadership in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and with leading portals in Singapore and Philippines, has established an excellent reputation in the industry. The iProperty Group is home to the majority of developers and real estate professionals and agencies.


passion will move men beyond themselves,
beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.

With a strong focus on delivering websites that cater to the needs of property buyers and investors that will enable them to make an informed decision, iProperty continues to be the most trusted property portal in Asia. Another unique feature offered by the iProperty Group is that they provide real estate advertising solutions that specially cater to the needs of their customers. “We do this by equipping them with the latest data trends in the property market as well as via innovative products that help to successfully promote their developments. This has made us the leader in all key metrics generating the highest traffic and leads for our customers,” explained Georg.Georg believes that the iProperty Group also stands out from its competitors due to the level of professionalism, dedication and the integrity of its employees, consistency of delivering products and services that meet the needs of both its consumers and customers, outstanding innovation and a strong brand and reputation in the industry.

Since helming the iProperty Group in 2014, as Chief Executive Officer, Georg has successfully established profitability in four of the six business units and turned a positive operating cash flow within a year. The Tegernsee-born German holds an MBA from INSEAD (France), a Computer Science Degree (Masters Equivalent) from Technische Universitaet Munich and also a CPA and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Prior to joining the iProperty Group, Georg was non-executive Director and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of the company. Georg was also Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of LJ Hooker with 700 offices across 9 countries providing residential and commercial real estate as well as finance services. Before that, Georg held the position of Chief Financial Officer and General Manager International at REA Group Ltd (ASX: REA) for almost six years.

Georg was instrumental in building a solid platform for expansion which allowed the group to grow exponentially. With companies such as Deutsche Bank and McKinsey & Company, Georg has built his expertise in the area of company strategy, corporate finance and online companies with a specific focus on growth companies.

As a man that has always been impressed by visionaries – people who led change in society or in companies, Georg attributes his success of being an effective leader by doing, leading and getting feedback.

His leadership is flexible, adapting to suit the situation of the company and the projects. As a leader that is also constantly learning and improving his style, he adds that “a successful leader creates a vision and supports the company in achieving that vision. A successful leader is flexible about how to achieve the vision but never compromises on the ultimate goal. People follow their leader because they trust him, not because they fear him.”

His visionary style of leadership has seen the iProperty Group grow from strength to strength. Georg grew the company’s share prices from AUD$0.20 to AUD$4.00. He also successfully increased of registered users across the iProperty Group’s network from 300,000 to 1.4m (data base), increased the leads delivered to customers by more than 400% and also increased the number of paying agents from 13,000 to 35,000 across the group.

In February 2016, Georg took the iProperty Group to the next level. Australia’s multinational digital advertising company specialising in property, REA Group Limited, acquired the company and the acquisition positioned the iProperty Group as the clear market leader in the online real estate industry across the Asia Pacific Region. He added that with strong synergies between both companies, the acquisition was a major accelerator as it significantly enhanced the growth profile for both companies, while giving customers, property buyers and investors the opportunity to tap into a wider market.

Aside from the day to day activities across the group, which also involves constant travelling, clocking in more than 280,000 miles, just this year alone, Georg also goes to the ground to meet with employees and clients. This has led him to be recognised as one the Top Outstanding Leaders in Asia in 2015 by Beacons of Asia. When asked what factors are important for a person to be successful, he humbly says, “Making a difference – having a profession and not just a job – enjoying the company of co-workers and celebrating successes together.”

  • Raising the company share price from AUD$0.2 to AUD$4.00
  • Solidified the leadership of the company’s presence in Hong Kong via the strategic acquisition of
  • Collaborated with to provide customers and consumers with actual transacted data on the property market.
  • Successfully saw the increase of registered users across the iProperty Group’s network 300k to 1.4m (data base).