Dato’ Ivan Lim Thain Huat

Group Chief Executive Officer

In order to make its operations to stand out from the rest, Ivan continues to position ORB Group as an OEM of one stop centre for its clients. The philosophy to Ivan’s approach to business is simple, “We do the rest at our best and let our clients to focus on its business”.

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Passion. That is the word that has carried Ivan to where he is today.
Having found success in his early employment with NTT Docomo in the early 2000’s, travelling around the world to fulfil his work commitment, for others, that would have seemed like a perfect job. And it was indeed, is a perfect job, but to Ivan, he has always been drawn by his passion and vision. His passion toward healthcare and a vision of creating an affordable yet of high quality range of health and supplement care products for everyone. To Ivan, nothing matters more than health. To Ivan, a good health is the foundation to many great things to come.

From a young age, Ivan has shown interest in 2 very distinct discipline, IT and Science. Although it might seem like a path less travelled by some, Ivan went ahead and pursued a nutrition degree course in United Kindgom. Years later, it proves that the path less travelled is a worthwhile journey.

After having spent 4 years as an employee, Ivan decided that one should not let his passion fades away, at a young age of 26, Ivan embarked on his passion and had started his new venture into the industry of health and food supplement.

Ivan initially started Ori Bionature Sdn Bhd as a marketing and solutions provider firm, with a strong emphasis on Research & Development. The aim of the company is to match the requirements of its clients with the solutions that the industry’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has to offers.


Passion. With passion you are driven to achieve perfection.
Perfection brings success

With Ivan’s understanding of its clients’ requirements and with his foresight, Ivan slowly begin expanding its depth and width into the industry by expanding his firm to be an OEM. Slowly but surely, Ivan’s expansion covers research and development, manufacturing, patents, packaging, labelling and after sales training of a wide range of health and food supplement products, under his flagship company, Ori Bionature Sdn Bhd (Ori Bionature). Together with Ivan’s training as a nutritionist, Ori Bionature stands out from the rest, as the founder himself, Ivan, have a deep understanding behind the science of its products. This is the differentiating factor of Ori Bionature.

Today, Ivan’s flagship company, Ori Bionature is housed under its holding company, ORB Corporate Sdn Bhd (ORB Group).

Staying true to its core strength, ORB Group continues to operate as an OEM, with 3 distinct division, namely Healthcare and Supplement division, Cosmetics division and Green Energy division.

In order to make its operations to stand out from the rest, Ivan continues to position ORB Group as an OEM of one stop centre for its clients. The philosophy to Ivan’s approach to business is simple, “We do the rest at our best and let our clients to focus on its business”.

As a one stop centre OEM, Ivan’s customers can walk in and order its required products, have it manufactured, patented, packaged, labelled and ready for sale on the shelf. This enable its clients to focus on its distribution and sales. As ORB Group focuses on R&D and manufacturing, ORB Group is able to assist its clients in achieving a shorter product development cycle, thus enabling its clients to be able to meet the constant changes in demand from the end users.

As with most start-ups, Ivan had started with a small but dedicated team, some of them have even remained with the ORB Group till this day. Today, after 8 years of passion driven dedication, ORB Group is now an institutionalised firm with its respective departments managing the day to day affairs of the company. Recently, ORB Group have moved to its brand new, Wisma ORB with a total built up space of 36,000 sq feet. Wisma ORB is complete with its own state of the art manufacturing and packaging facilities and it also has a complete laboratory to house its R&D department.

Wisma ORB also comes with training facilities, whereby its in-house nutritionists would conduct training for its clients. This way, Ivan ensures its clients are well informed of the products that they have ordered to ensure a smooth sales and distribution process.

ORB Group has come a long way from its initial product range of basic food and dietary products such as coffee with collagen, low cholesterol oats, health based beverage with various natural flavours to more advanced R&D driven products such as stem cell and antioxidant based products. The constant upgrade and enhancement to its range of products has enabled ORB Group to serve a wide range of customers.

With a good R&D team, ORB Group’s ability to offer a wide range of products has yielded much results. As of today, ORB Group serves a wide range of clientele ranging from multi-level marketing firms, healthcare and supplement firms, online retailers, fitness centres as well as beauty centres. ORB Group’s health, supplement and cosmetics products are well received by many.

In terms of global footprint, ORB Group had first ventured into China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Then from 2012 onwards, ORB Group begun to expand its footprints further having secured orders from clients based in Australia, Holland, United Kingdom, the Middle East, Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan.

One of the many key success factor for Ivan being able to gain access to so many diverse markets as an OEM is attributed to Ivan’s high standards of requirements for its suppliers and the ingredients used. Ivan always ensures that the ingredients used would meet the standards set forth by the relevant authorities. Ivan’s simple philosophy of using the best ingredients have brought the firm recognition for its quality products.

The key milestones for the company would be its certification by relevant authorities. ORB Group has received various certification such as ISO 22000, Good Manufacturing Practice, HACCP, the Ministry of Health of Malaysia and by JAKIM. Such certifications has been proven to be a testament to its products’ quality.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Ivan continues to have bigger plans for the ORB Group as he intends to expand its range of products offering and to move into the pharmaceutical segment in the near future.

As they say, a company is as good as the people in it, Ivan acknowledges the immense contribution that its staffs have given to help built ORB Group to its status today and for that, Ivan is ever thankful to his dedicated team.

From Ivan’s personal standpoint, it has given him great personal satisfaction to be able to contribute positively to the community through jobs creation and enriching the lives of others. Having put ORB Group on a stable footing, it is now Ivan’s personal goal to train and empower his team and to give back to the community.
As a start, as ORB Group continues its growth traction, Ivan plans to train more leaders within the company and to empower them to bring ORB Group to the next level. Among the various training programmes that has been implemented, which includes invitation to leading nutritionists and doctors from established faculty to oversee, advice and collaborate with ORB Group. ORB Group also sends its R&D team to leading institutions for secondment and trainings as well. These development programmes are part of Ivan’s vision to adopt the industry’s best practices.

On a personal front, Ivan believes that one should give back to the community. Ivan and his team have been actively participating in community and charity events.

Taking his personal experience as an example, Ivan hopes to be an aspiration to the younger generation to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. As Ivan candidly puts it “You are never too young to achieve great success”.


  • Securing the first overseas contracts from Poland & Middle East firms that major in multi-level marketing business.


  • Achieving the much coveted ISO 22000 certification.


  • Move into the new corporate office, Wisma ORB, equipped a full range of manufacturing facility, laboratory and training facility.