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Yu Baoshuang

Managing Director


  • Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd
  • Industrial and Commercial Products
  • Lot 5755-6, Kidamai Industrial Park, Bukit Angkat, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
  • (03) 8924 9000
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Mr Yu Baoshuang took on the Managing Director position of Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd in March 2011. He started his career as an engineer after graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with Bachelor Degree in Machinery in 1988 and later promoted to technical manager position after four years.
Dunham-Bush is one of the world’s top commercial air conditioning manufacturers. Originated and founded in USA in 1894, Dunham-Bush has long committed in offering reliable air conditioning solutions and providing innovative engineering with green technology and superior quality manufacturing, that meets the market demands for performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Today, with the Global Headquarters located in Malaysia, Dunham-Bush has over 2,000 employees in 15 sales offices and four factories worldwide.
Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd was established in 1995 when Berjaya Group bought over Dunham-Bush USA. This marked the change in Dunham-Bush Global Headquarters from USA to Malaysia and a 28,000m2 manufacturing facilities was built on a 12 acre site. Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd’s main operations are manufacturing, engineering, distribution, sales and services which offer a complete range of air conditioning products from the smallest split units to the largest centralised chiller system. Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd has its sales offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Dubai.
The air conditioning products offered and manufactured by Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd is not only meeting the Malaysian Standard but also International Standard worldwide. Its air conditioning products is ISO 9001 certified and has been exported to countries all over the world which includes the European, Asean, South Asia, African countries, USA as well as the Middle East.
In September, 2012, Yantai Moon Group (Hong Kong) Limited has become the controlling shareholder of Dunham-Bush Group including Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd. Yantai Moon Group has been a joint venture partner of Dunham-Bush in China for the past 20 years and provided its valuable support and expertise in building successful operations for the Dunham-Bush Group.
Mr Yu Baoshuang’s journey in Dunham-Bush started when he joined Yantai Dunham-Bush Industrial Co., Ltd in 1996 as Quality and Service Manager. In 2003, he joined Shanghai Yileng Carrier Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd as Quality and Warranty Manager. Realising his passion in management and entrepreneurship, Mr Yu has pursued his Master degree in Business Administration at International University of Economy and Business in 2005. With his MBA qualification and well recognised entrepreneurship skill, he was promoted to Sales Director – North Region for Carrier China until he joined Dunham-Bush back in March 2011 as Managing Director of Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd.
Since Mr Yu Baoshuang became the Managing Director of Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd, he has introduced and implemented numerous improvements to Dunham-Bush which has resulted in increased sales revenue and operational profit. He has successfully implemented cost saving control/strategy which increased the gross margin up to 25% from 2%.


One of his highlights and significant contribution to Dunham- Bush Industries Sdn Bhd is the setting up of Country Offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand for the South East Asia (SEA) market and strengthened the Regional Office in Dubai for Middle East market, which resulted in significant sales revenue increase for Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd operation. He has also strategically positioned Dunham-Bush products in other markets such as India, USA, Canada and South America.
In order to remain competitive and ahead of the competitors, Mr Yu Baoshuang has introduced and implemented new product development strategies and structured the Research and Development (R&D) team in Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd to develop a high efficiency product series to meet strategic market requirements. As a result of innovative product development with state-of-the-art technology, Dunham-Bush has transformed its status from being a market follower to a renowned market leader. One of Mr Yu Baoshuang’s greatest achievements is leading Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd’s ability to supply 80% of its product to the international market.
Dunham-Bush Industries Sdn Bhd with its continuous commitment in becoming a premier solution provider in air conditioning technology is proud to be associated with prestigious projects in Malaysia such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Putrajaya as well as international projects including NASA & Kennedy Space Centre in USA, Heathrow Airport in UK, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia, Al-Waab Mall in Qatar, Chennai & Delhi Metro in India, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Vincom Mall in Vietnam and many more.


  • Implemented cost saving control/ strategy which increased the gross margin up to 25%


  • Set up Country Offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand for South East Asia (SEA) market and strengthened the Regional Office in Dubai for Middle East market to have achieved 21% sales revenue increase in 2014


  • Implemented new product development strategy and structured R&D to develop high efficiency product to meet strategic market requirements