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Jamil Bin Bakri

Chief Executive Officer


  • Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd
  • Engineering Services
  • No .25-2, Jalan Kristal AS 7/AS, Section 7, Shah Alam, 40000 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
  • (03) 5523 6000

Work hard, persistence, determination and honesty; these are the key factors to become a good and successful person. Jamil believes that these factors must have in every entrepreneur.
Born as twin, Jamil Bakri is the youngest in his family who are from a hometown that is more widely recognized as a famous paddy field instead of a fishing village. The villager named it as “Land of Plenty”.  His friends knew since youn, that he wanted to be different and achieve something significant. Admiring the successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia that achieve their legacy in the business world, he began his very own entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24. In his daily routine he applies the principles of discipline, perseverance, consistency and desire to excel.
Fresh out from University Technology Mara (UiTM) with an Electrical Engineering background, he started his business as a food processing machineries supplier as well as providing technical consultation for the Small Medium Industry (SME). With years of working experience in the United States of America, made him appreciate the precious time and always strive to work hard to achieve a valuable quality of life. As for Jamil, he believes that “success only comes to you once you have endured hardship in the beginning and having the courage, the determination, and the willpower to become the person you believe you are meant to be.”
He always wants to improve his business and never stops thinking how to expand the business to be more successful and recognized globally. In fact, he ventures into another scope of work which is green technology. One of the scopes of work is renewable energy of Solar Hybrid project for rural school in Sabah State. “I am happy because the solar project has benefited the rural people of Sabah by increasing their quality of life especially the rural student”. He considers the solar project as his mission and contribution to society, which has increased the awareness on the importance of green technology. The intention is to contribute to the society by educating the young generation to be more environmentally conscious in realizing the needs of green technology. Educating oneself on green technology is a great place to begin for a better future. As the famous quote for the future generations goes, “Our children are our future”.
In his role as the Chief Executive Officer, Jamil is in charge of the overall management and finances, as well as ensuring that the performance of the company is in line with the business strategy and projected plan. The company mission is to be the leading provider in Technology and Engineering products, services and knowledge through state-of-the-art innovation, leadership and partnership.
Jamil expresses his strong ambition and desire to expand his business for Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd to work and create partnership with overseas international corporations especially within Asean countries.
Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd simplifies its mission and vision with a strong emphasis on “Striving to be the World’s Leader in Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Though Excellent Quality Products and Services”. It is a wholly-owned Bumiputera company which was incorporated in Malaysia under Company Act 1965 on 25th January 2007 and also registered with the Ministry of Finance. Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd is also a certified ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system which the standard guidance and tools to ensure the product and services of the company meets clients/customer’s requirements and that quality is constantly improved.
Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd’s core activities provide the following services: 1) Mechanical & Electrical services for Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas and Power Plant, 2) Civil Engineering services,


3) Building Construction, Renovation, Maintenance and Facility Management, 4) Education & Scientific equipment, and 5) Training & Consultation.
With strong backup from his team players, the number of contracts awarded has increased, showing an encouraging growth of the company. Jamil believes with the right mindset will help the company to achieve its mission and vision successfully.
Worldbay Solution has risen to embrace the new challenge in a favorable policy environment and developing Malaysia into the green economy hub in the ASEAN region. The company intent to diversify being the forefront in Solar Hybrid System in Malaysia that is capable to undertake the design, supply, installation and commission of the complete system for clients. This renewable energy market has recently attracted a lot of attention due to the increase in oil prices that leads to non-fossil energy alternative. In developing this future plan as pursuant to the establishment of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the organization is aiming to penetrate into the biomass and solar projects as part of promoting the new market.
Jamil was also honored as a corporate leader with exemplary skills in growing, expanding and transforming the business towards a profitable, responsible and sustainable company when he received the Recognition of Achievement for SME 100 Awards 2014 Fast Moving Companies.  Recently, Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd signed MoU in New York City, USA witnessed by our premier Prime Minister, YAB. Dato’ Seri Hj. Mohd Najib Tun Hj. Abdul Razak for the exclusive distribution of renewable energy products for education and awareness programme.
Apart from his hectic working life style, he enjoys spending his past time riding and travelling with his group of friends on his easy rider motorbike. He also enjoys playing golf with his business colleagues.
Every success and achievement requires one’s relentless effort and persistence. Jamil is committed to achieving and pursuing his ambition to be one of the successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia. With high dedication and perseverance, the aim is possible and everything is achievable.


  • General Manager/Director of Power Technologies Sdn Bhd

2007 till present

  • Chief Executive Officer/Director of Worldbay Solution Sdn Bhd

2015 till present

  • Director of Worldwide Green Berhad