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Felix Lee Eng Boon

Chief Executive Officer


  • Matrix Global Education Sdn Bhd
  • Education & Training
  • PT 12652, Sendayan Merchant Square Persiaran 1, Sendayan Utama, Pusat Dagangan Sendayan, 71950 Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
  • (06) 781 9888

Mr Felix Lee Eng Boon, the CEO of Matrix Global Education Sdn Bhd, and the owner of Matrix Global Schools, has been in the private education sector for more than 22 years. His vast experience ranges from the setting up and management of pre- schools, private national type schools, International Schools and also Private Colleges in Malaysia, each with their own uniqueness, whether in terms of curriculum offered or methodology employed.
“The whole purpose of creating these private educational centres is not to merely replicate them but to instead, create each within their respective niche areas without losing the fundamental principles of education. By so doing, we create leaders in different areas rather than being just another institution,” says Felix. In fact, Felix has assisted many private schools and colleges to become synonymous with excellence in their respective fields.
A renowned Law Lecturer in the areas of UK Company Law and the Law of Evidence for the University of London Bachelor of Laws programme, Felix is also a sought after speaker and trainer on ‘Presentation Skills’ and ‘Teaching methodologies for private educational institutions’. His previous portfolios include the Principal of Kemayan ATC School of Laws; CEO of the Radius Education Group, Singapore; Group General Manager (Schools & College) for the REAL Education Group [Sekolah Seri Suria, Hulu Langat; Sekolah Seri Cahaya, Shah Alam; REAL International School, Shah Alam & Hulu Langat, ALFA College, Petaling Jaya]. He was also the immediate past Deputy President of NAPEI (National Association of Private Educational Institution), a consultant to the International Beaconhouse School System Group, and recently appointed to be the Deputy Chairman of the Resource Alliance Group ( Malaysian office, an international fundraiser (NGO). His experience has resulted in him being recently invited by Discern Publishing House to write a chapter for them on ‘Youth & Education’ in their book, Malaysia: The Next Chapter where Felix expressed his thoughts on this subject.
The culmination of Felix’s passion for education is Matrix Global Schools comprising of Matrix International Pre-School, Matrix Private School and Matrix International School which had the privilege and honour to be recently launched by the then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Malaysia YAB Dato’ Seri Utama Tan Sri Haji Huhyiddin bin Haji Mohd Yassin and the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan, Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hasan on 28th July 2015. Many factors have resulted in Matrix Global Schools being unique in its own right according to Felix as explained in his TV interview at Bernama TV on 23rd July 2015. “We are the only school in Malaysia, where the focus is on the creation of a ‘Global Curriculum’ rather than just one which is based on the national or the IB curriculum or the Cambridge curriculum. One must always remember that Maths is Maths is Maths and as such the teaching of Mathematics, for example must essentially be the same as the contents are the same. It is the methodology of teaching or its delivery which is crucial for the success of any school. In fact, Matrix Global Schools have successfully adopted what they refer to as their East meets West, Wests meets East philosophy which adopts the Best of the Best approach in both our Matrix Private School and our Matrix International School. This led to the creation of a new Brand – a Matrix education, one which received an accolade from the Brandlaurette 2015.
When asked for his secret for success, Felix emphasized that, “one has to be determined, focused and never lose sight of your goals.”


This message is in fact displayed prominently in his office. Felix reiterates that, “one has to remain passionate about his goals and also to be prepared to fail. It is through failure that we learn and improve,” emphasized Felix. Many firsts were achieved at Matrix Global Schools under the stewardship of Felix and his team of passionate educators. The forerunner and leader at the “learning beyond boundaries” and “experiential learning” philosophy, Felix had led the company to receive many accolades including the SME 100 Fast Moving Companies in December 2014 when the school was merely 4 months old, to the Brandlaurette in early 2015 for the creation of a new brand in International Education (Matrix Education) and also successfully affiliated Matrix Global Schools with Ellesmere College a 130-year old British residential school. This affiliation is testimony of the culture of excellence achieved at Matrix Global Schools right from its inception.
When asked what motivates him to chase success after success, Felix said, “Doing things differently!” One must always remember that it defies common sense to continue doing things the same way and somehow expect different results. Felix certainly does things differently, from the way he looks at Human Capital (Not human resource, he corrected) to the way he looks at education for the 21st century. The hiring process is in itself an art and Felix reminds everyone that we used to employ based on skills in the past but we ‘fired’ based on the character of the person. As a result of this, if we continued to use the old adage to employ, isn’t it odd that we expect a different conclusion? Therefore, the practice adopted by Felix is always to ascertain the character of the person, rather than his/her skill. The person with the right character will more often than not ensure he has the relevant skills for the job.
The same applies for his philosophy in education. When asked about the learning methods for the 21st century, Felix believes that students should take the lead in that. “After all, they are the ones learning,” says Felix. This was the essence of his keynote address at the recent IPSEF (International Private Schools Educational Forum) at the Renaissance Hotel, KL as well as at the Matrix led “Learning Beyond Boundaries” conference in July 2015 which saw more than 250 delegates including International delegates, delegates from International Schools, Government Schools, Vernacular Schools as well as public and private pre- schools in Negeri Sembilan. Again, taking everyone by surprise, Felix announced that the next Conference should be a student led summit, true to his message of letting the students lead the way. Felix maintains that as we enter the borderless world today, we need to make a mark to make a difference. And to make a difference, we need to be different!


  • Deputy President NAPEI (National Association of Private Educational Institution)


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  • CEO of Matrix Global Education Sdn Bhd & Matrix Global Schools Principal