Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Mikel Yaw

Group Managing Director

He believes in “People Come First” and implements this through good empowerment, leadership and team working to entrust people to success.

  • Elabram Systems Sdn Bhd
  • No. 5 & 6, Jalan KP 1/8, Kajang Prima, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
  • (60) 3 8738 2888

The great effort, determination and unwavering focus over the past 15 years have kept Mikel Yaw and his founded company, Elabram Systems, become a legend and inspiration in Malaysia, with the same spirit extended to various countries in Asia Pacific.

“I always dare to dream big and put it into action step by step to achieve my dream.”

This is how Mikel started Elabram Systems and brought the company to today’s position. Even though it might take time to achieve his dreams, he patiently implements his plan to seize the right opportunity and time for his company with his fellow team players for growth. Mikel leverages his company’s core strength and create values for all who associate with him and his company. He believes that dream and vision can be achieved if you have the right mindset and belief in place, and you can count on it with every beat of your heart.

Mikel came from a lower income family where his family had to share with their siblings under one roof to survive. Mikel was financially poor in his younger life but he was rich with the warm affection showered by his uncles and aunties who lived together as a family. This was one of his great foundations built since he was five years old. Mikel’s first business education was all about family values; that trust, sacrifice, helping each other and teamwork play major roles to sync in wining in every difficult situation.

Growing up, his whole family shifted to a new home and his parents had to cope with the new environment and challenges to survive, proving life to be tough with their commitments and responsibilities. This was even more challenging when Mikel had to begin his college education, making him feel like a burden to them. This was the turning point of his life that has made him so passionate to help himself and his family to ease their financial issue.

This was when Mikel decided to stop his college education and start working at 19, as an industrial salesman where he began his dream of being a good businessman. He gathered knowledge by dealing with successful business owners as his clients. He learned so much from mistakes and failures but always tried to improve. He went back to school to enhance himself and graduated with an MBA. Mikel is always agile and his rebounding is quick for him in moving to next level.

Mikel is able to leverage and be resourceful in many areas and this is where he is so confident that he can run a good business and make great organisations for the benefit of many people. He realises his dream now where he has two good brothers who work as business partners instilling family values in the organisation. He owes his achievement to his family and extended family that is the whole team in Elabram Systems.

Mikel Yaw and his younger brother are founders for Elabram Systems Group. Being the Group Managing Director, he brings the leadership and experience necessary on strategic planning and management in the areas of finance, human resources and business development. He is responsible for managing the group of companies by providing strategic advice and delegation to all his directors and business units.

It all starts in your mindset and belief, if you choose to start it right in your mind the rest will follow through

He provides continuous improvement with real world approaches to managing in an uncertain world and introduces holistic methodology encompassing strategy, marketing, HR, finance and leadership. He believes in “People Come First” and implements this through good empowerment, leadership and team working to entrust people to success. He has the capability of seizing growth opportunities, managing risk, outmaneuver rivals in fast changing environments, execute strategy and lead the organization effectively. Mikel’s goal is to grow continuously in all functions and to make this a great organization for people.

Elabram Systems has come a long way of 15 years in the telecommunication industry. It started as a very small business in a home office in Malaysia in year 1999 and now it has grown to become a regional player in Asia Pacific. Under the entrepreneurship of Mikel Yaw, his determination and unwavering focus has kept the company passion for success always. His consistent work and plan for company and business has kept the company growing and being recognize globally.

Elabram Systems has four offices in the SEA located in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines with 300 over staffs and around 3000 contracted staffs in the region. The company achieved RM130 mil turnover in 2013 and target to achieve RM150 mil in 2014. Elabram Systems provides telecommunication-engineering services to telecom vendors and operators. The business model relies on Network Planning and Optimization of Radio Frequency for all mobile network operators and also providing technical consultant and expertise services to the Telecom and IT industry.

Elabram Systems has started to brand itself in the global market by participating in international tradeshows like LTE World Summit in Amsterdam in June 2014 and LTE North America in Dallas in November 2014. This marketing campaign creates brand awareness and also allows for business penetration in Europe and America. Elabram Systems plans to market its’ Network Planning Optimization, Talent Acquisition & Deployment, Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing globally.

Mikel Yaw is a normal person but he thinks and believes differently. He always tries to do his best to create the best values at every moment. Even when exhausted and tired, he will stay quiet and composed to bring his energy back. He always says to himself, “You can rest but don’t quit”.

Throughout the years, Mikel has achieved many goals in his life. He always believes that “one can achieve many good experiences without using a lot of money to buy it.” This will make the difference, as money is not top priority in his life in designing the best suitable life.

Mikel loves to learn through reading, attending tradeshows, meeting people and watching webinars, forums and industry talks show. He does so to keep himself updated and engaged with present business trends and landscapes. He loves sports, long jogs, mountain climbing and especially partaking in martial arts. He has practiced Capoeira Brazilian martial arts for more than 6 years.

Despite his tight business schedule he always presents himself in an energetic spirit after a weekend rest with beloved family and friends. He practices what he preaches, ”You can rest if you’re tired but most importantly you don’t quit.”

As a successful young entrepreneur, Mikel believes that, “When you achieved goals, you feel rewarding and you know well you are on the right track.”


  • Awarded the SME Award 2010


  • Awarded the APEA Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2011


  • Awarded the Golden Bull Award 2012