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Mark Yeh


Mark’s rise to the top can be attributed to his entrepreneurial tenacity and laser- like customer focus. His values permeate through Digiwin and drive the company to anticipate clients’ needs and provide innovative solutions.

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His name is synonymous with innovators from Silicon Valley. A pioneer and an icon, Mark has built up a software empire of the east to rival SAP and Oracle of the west. The best paradigm in software industry can be traced back to Mark Yeh’s root in Tainan in Southern Taiwan. The combination of Mark’s humbleness and work ethic, derived from the small town agriculture environ- ment, and vision, shaped by the advance- ment of Silicon Valley, have enable Mark to lead DigiWin Software to become the lead- ing provider in Asian enterprise manage- ment software and services.
Mark’s entry into the software industry came from his interests in computer programing. At a young age, he expressed his creativity through the power of computer language. Expressing his ideas through program- ming, Mark exhibited his extraordinary talents among his class and even impressed his school professor, who recommended Mark to join Digiwin. Shy and humble, Mark wanted to solve difficult challenges and joined Digiwin in 1993 as an engineer. However, as he hungered to solve more cus- tomers’ problems, Mark transitioned him- self to be a consultant, which proved to be an invaluable asset to Digiwin and its cus- tomers alike. It is also his drive to innovate customer’s digital value that has propelled him to the CEO position and, in the pro- cess, helped grow Digiwin through decades of boom and volatility. As an engineer, Mark was constantly studying from industry’s best to learn what is useful, to discard what is not, and to improve on what others have missed. Through working on difficult prob- lems, he built the foundation that has made him the pragmatic leader that he is today. As a consultant, Mark was self-demanding in working with others to serve clients’ needs. Through the understanding of business, he anticipated trends and allocated resources to tackle opportunities before problems be- come apparent.
Indeed, during the computer boom in the 90s, he understood the complexity of manu- facturing and offered ERP solutions to sup- port the manufacturing boom in Asia. No longer did clients have to tolerate variability in quality, clients had robust ERP solutions to manage and improve production. Digi- win ERP solutions offered a systematic way to repeat success after success. As Digiwin ERP solutions become ubiquitous in en- terprise software in the 2000s, Mark noted companies’ abilities to gather data has out- paced the ability to analyze data. Companies had systems to manage complexity now but little was done to breakdown complexity into a simple manner to drive improvement. Mark’s vision was pivotal in transforming Digiwin from a pure software vendor to an indispensable advisor to clients. Using data gathered from Digiwin ERP, Mark saw the value of implementing KPI to improve operations. He helped clients to achieve a competitive edge by instilling processes and measures that shine insights into dark spots of operation the same way that the fireworks rise to the sky and light the night. Mark’s no-nonsense attitude of “In God we trust, all others must bring data” by Edwards Deming

Overcome barriers that were once considered impossible to break

struck a chord with clients as they achieve operational excellence to support growth while reducing waste.
Despite the significant labor cost rises in Asian coun- tries in the past couple of decades, clients have been able to streamline operations and even gain com- petitive edge by using Digiwin enterprise solutions to improve efficiency. Consequently, many clients were able to match or even exceed quality standards of the Western World. Digiwin’s industry leading solution and Mark’s vision has enabled this paradigm shift of “rising of the east”. Having access to the global mar- ket and moving up through value chain, local com- panies have become multinational corporations. Busi- ness owners become societal leaders who inspire the next generation and serve the society through value creation. The success of Digiwin’s clients is directly reflected in Digiwin’s international presence. Under the leadership of Mark in the past 5 years, CAGR of Digiwin is 16%. Indeed, no other bright individual has embraced the philosophy that “the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer” by Peter Drucker more than Mark has.
Mark’s rise to the top can be attributed to his entre- preneurial tenacity and laser-like customer focus. His values permeate through Digiwin and drive the com- pany to anticipate clients’ needs and provide innova- tive solutions. Rising from an engineer to the CEO position, Mark has shown himself to be the best at handling tremendous amount of pressure. Just as Michael Jordan trains in high attitude to break- through human physical capability, Mark values big opportunities and high pressure environment to redefine success time after time. Furthermore, em- ployees are encouraged and empowered to do what is right for the customers. It is with this passion to solve problems that has led Digiwin to become both a software provider as well as an intellectual provid- er and emerge as partner to clients.
Digiwin has become the industry benchmark under Mark’s leadership. Mark has helped clients to reduce cost, increase productivity, implement good man- agement, and acquire competitive advantage glob- ally. With the rise of ASEAN countries and their huge market potential, Mark has aggressive plans to bring prosperity into region as he has helped clients to excel through the booms in Taiwan and China in the past decades. The spirits of entrepreneurship are evident in the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh and Kuala Lumpur where Mark frequently visits. As he enjoys the vibrant culture and hospitality of lo- cal people, he will embark on his new journey in the region: the mission to foster entrepreneurship, catapult local achievements onto the global stage, and most importantly, help clients to win the digital value.


  • Joint venture with Digital China (DC) set up subsidiary Digital China Management Systems (DCMS)


  • Awarded “Excellent innovation Enterprise” in the 3rd National Industrial Innovation Award of Taiwan


  • DigiWin Software listed on ChiNext, Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Code: 300378)