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Jagdev Singh Bhullar


Integrity, passion and a dedication to hard work are the hallmark which are entrenched in the culture of Protherapix.

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When Jagdev’s father had a heart attack in 1988, he started searching for answers as to why he had the attack. Before that he had no previous signs or warnings. His father, a police officer with good health, a former hockey player, non-smoker, was probably not the right candidate for the attack. Despite many health checks, he was never diagnosed as a heart patient. Yet, when he suffered his first attack, it prompted Jagdev to search for probable causes of this attack.
Jagdev graduated as a qualified Pharmacist from University Science of Malaysia in 1986. He did his pupillage in General Hospital Kuala Lumpur before joining the corporate world.
Jagdev first started working as a sales executive in ICI Pharmaceuticals in 1988 and in just two years, he assumed the position of Product Manager. He was responsible for the launch and the marketing of two medicinal products, in very niche markets. In a short span of time the products eventually hit the million Ringgit mark. He organised medical talks on ethical products and this helped him to gain tremendous confidence talking to the Medical Professionals.
However his stint at the Heart Scan Centre (1998-2002) in Bangsar helped him to understand heart disease better. It was not about the cholesterol as he found out. His father’s cholesterol was normal, when he got his heart attack. He then started giving his initial public talks entitled ‘Why Caveman Don’t Get Heart Attacks’.
The overwhelming positive response to the talks, prompted him to further research and develop more health talks. His idea on health was far different from the conventional thinking, but it generated a large following especially during his tenure as the CEO of Total Health Concept (2002-07). Over the past 12 years, he has given talks on various health issues to more than 30, 000 individuals from over 200 public and company talks nationwide. Some of these companies are ESSO, EON, Golden Hope, HICOM, various banks and insurance companies. He was the editor of a quarterly health newsletter that carried vital yet refreshing concepts about health with a readership of more than 20, 000 members.
He first made his presence in the Medical fraternity when he was invited to speak at the Anti –Aging Scientific conference in 2001 and again in 2004. Since then, he started to share his knowledge on nutritional medicine and in the new field of nutraceuticals with doctors either in luncheon talks in hospitals or through the Malaysian Medical Association held events.
He was the first speaker to speak on nutraceuticals to the cardiologists at the University Malaya Medical Centre. In an area where there is reluctance by doctors to accept health supplements, Jagdev was

Challenging the norm Taking the road-less traveled Back to nature

able to convince the heart specialists the need to understand and prescribe nutraceuticals to their patients.
In 2011, he was invited to speak on ‘The Evidence of Herbal Medicine’ at the prestigious 7th ASEAN Scientific conference held in Ipoh, Perak.
He is the Immediate Past President of the Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association and a member of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. He is also the member of the International Society of the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL). He has attended three Medical congress organised by ISSFAL to gain further insight on fatty acids and to meet world leaders in this field of research.
He has established a wide network of contacts that includes prominent researchers from Harvard Medical University, National Institute of Health, US, University of Munich, Germany and many others who share the same interest. He has helped the UKM team to complete two clinical trials in collaboration with International organisation.
He is currently the CEO of Protherapix Sdn Bhd and Consultant to Health Dynamics, which he helped set up to pursue his passion on nutritional health. He is also the director of Sihat Warga Sdn Bhd and Flaxmax Sdn Bhd. He is a regular speaker on Wellness for the Vistage group which comprises of about 400 members mainly made up of MD’s, CEO’s and higher management staff of SME and Multinational companies.
He constantly reads the various top medical journals and medical books to keep abreast with the latest information in the fast changing medical field. He specializes in topics on Heart health, Anti-Aging, Gut Health, Cancer and Nutrition for Health.
The talks are well researched and go beyond the commercial undertones to bring unbiased health information.  With so much conflicting health information, it is refreshing to hear the views from Jagdev.
Starting his company Protherapix from scratch in 2007, Jagdev has been to transform his company to be a leading player in the field of nutraceuticals and nutritional health and his products are only available through the public and private hospitals and the doctors’ clinics.
Integrity, passion and a dedication to hard work are the hallmark which are entrenched in the culture of Protherapix. Given his transformation as an employee into a highly successful self-made entrepreneur Jagdev believes that with divine blessings everything is possible. He is currently planning to expand Protherapix into the ASEAN countries.


  • Appointment as GM and later CEO respectively

From 2008

  • Ownership (100%) of 4 health-based companies and stake in two more companies
  • Established as an accomplished health speaker, having spoken to more than 20, 000 people in various public and company talks and to more than 1, 000 doctors and still counting.