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Fu Wing Hoong

Group Managing Director

“EITA’s dedicated and competent team has propelled EITA to what it is today. I’m indeed very proud of them. EITA employees are encouraged to be independent in their work and to expand their abilities constantly.”

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Just like the transition from employee to successful entrepreneur, Mr. Fu Wing Hoong is on a mission to transform EITA from a local company to a key regional player.
From his modest beginnings as a Sales Engineer in 1983, he began his career with a local listed company dealing in power distribution and control equipment. He diligently worked his way up to Group General Manager, holding directorship within several subsidiaries. In 1996, at the peak of his corporate career, he together with some enterprising partners took a bold leap in establishing a new business venture –  EITA Group of Companies (www.eita. com.my).
As an entrepreneur, Fu believes strongly in the principle of actively pursuing knowledge. He graduated locally in Electronic Engineering in 1983, and completed the examination of the Engineering Council, UK in 1987. He later obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Bath, UK in 1991.
Fu is also in constant touch with the industry’s latest developments.  He has served various positions in the Council of The Electrical & Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM) since 1999 and was the President of TEEAM from 2009 to 2013. Currently, he is the Treasurer of The ASEAN Federation of Electrical Engineering Contractors. He was also a Director of the Human Resources Development Fund from 2009 to 2011, and a General Council Member of the Malaysia Institute of Management from 2006 to 2008. As the Group Managing Director of EITA Resources Berhad (listed on BURSA on 9th of April 2012; BURSA Code: 5208), Fu is instrumental in charting EITA’s overall business direction and growth. From a humble start with just 15 staff and a revenue of RM 6mil in 1996, EITA now in 2014 has grown to encompass over 400 employees, achieving a revenue of around RM 200mil.
Despite numerous challenges over the years, EITA has remained resilient throughout it all; weathering turbulent business periods such as corporate restructuring, the 1997 Currency Crisis, the 2003 SARS epidemic, the 2008 Financial Crisis and other global crises, and emerging stronger and wiser for it.
EITA’s core business activities are primarily targeted at the Construction and Manufacturing sectors. Leveraging on its trading background, it continues to focus on the Marketing and Distribution of world-renowned brands of Electrical & Electronics (E&E) equipment and components. However, it has always been Fu’s vision to spread EITA’s wings, it then ventured into Manufacturing its own line of products. EITA is proud to claim the title of first home-grown Malaysian manufacturer of Elevator Systems under the brand name EITA-Schneider®.  It also produces Furutec® Busduct Systems, REFAS® Lighting Control Systems and the latest addition to EITA family of own products is PYROTEC® Fire-Resistant Cables. In unison, EITA also provides Services in the form of elevator maintenance and repair; a business that is ever expanding annually as more and more EITA elevators, escalators and travelators are being installed. EITA’s ability to synergise a suite of products, services and solutions has allowed the company to create value for its customers and is proving to be an important profit driver for the company.
Geographically, EITA has successfully expanded within Malaysia and beyond its shores. Locally, it has branches in Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. EITA also has a direct presence in Singapore, with a representative office in Vietnam and another opening soon in Indonesia this year. EITA has established a regional distribution network that extends throughout ASEAN and the Middle East, with active business partners to assist in strengthening EITA’s foothold abroad.

Being goal driven and continuous learning

Fu remarked, “EITA’s dedicated and competent team has propelled EITA to what it is today. I’m indeed very proud of them. EITA employees are encouraged to be independent in their work and to expand their abilities constantly.” He takes great pride in developing EITA’s human capital based on the EITA’s People Values:
E – Empowerment and Performance-base

I – Integrity and Transparency

T – Teamwork and Mutual Respect

A– Automony through Decentralised Management

EITA’s corporate motto “Brings Good Feel to Life” very much reinforces its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pledge to strive and to serve the society in promoting a more positive and healthier way of life. In fact, Fu, himself was instrumental in crafting this corporate tagline. He encourages EITA’s employees to undertake CSR projects to help better the community and to participate in company activities to develop a stronger bond of camaraderie among themselves.  Charitable contributions have been made to under- privileged homes, places of worship, schools, artificial limbs center, NGOs and many others. Fu, leading by example is also an active participant in many EITA activities such as Blood Donation Drive, Tree- planting, Annual Company Trip and various outdoor activities.
Looking into the future, Fu has high hopes for the continued success of EITA, citing the expansion of the ASEAN market, especially with the ASEAN Economic Community kicking-off by end 2015, and the resurgence of the Middle East region. With the forecasted extensive development of these regions, the construction and manufacturing sectors are expected to grow significantly – these indicators bode well for EITA.
One of Fu’s business philosophies is “continuous innovation and improvement”. He has always been a keen advocate in EITA continuing to invest in Research & Development to drive product innovation, improvement and quality. This includes the push to obtain international product certifications and awards in order to gain recognition and to compete effectively with global players. This strategy has proven to be successful in helping EITA make significant in-roads in both the domestic and regional markets.
As an entrepreneur, Fu is always on the look-out for synergistic mergers and acquisitions, in order to create a sustainable business model for EITA Group of Companies, especially in the area of product and market expansion.
Fu is a man on a mission. Ultimately, EITA’s Vision 2020 goal is to establish EITA as a reputable manufacturer of quality products and to be a strong regional player and – one day – a key global competitor.


  • Complete Executive MBA whilst working


  • Formation of EITA Group of Companies


  • Listing of EITA Resources Berhad on BURSA