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Dr Sajilal Divakaran

CEO / Principal

His vision for the future is for the college to become a recognised centre for valid and valuable research “There is so little critical thinking; I think students need to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills”.

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  • Lot 2 & 11, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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A quietly spoken individual Dr Sajilal Divakaran is a results driven leader focused on achieving exceptional results in a highly competitive industry. A native of Kerala, southern state of India, Sajilal’s father was a teacher in the Government School, a deciding factor in his decision to embark on a journey in the same Profession. With over 14 years of experience in Teaching, Administration and Management of School activities Sajilal has gained vast experience within the education sector in Malaysia. Having joined FTMS (Financial Training & Management Studies) in 2000, a private education college founded in Malaysia in 1986 which today has 15 Campuses in 12 Countries in South East Asia, his career has progressed from being a Lecturer through the role of Principal Lecturer and the position of Academic Head to his current position of Principal cum CEO for the college. Here Sajilal fully utilises his Business Development Skills, People Management as well as his Technology leverage.
Dr Sajilal holds a PhD in Computer Science, an MPhil in Future Studies, an MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics, all awarded by the University of Kerala, India. He has recently taken his place among the most senior and respected professionals in the field of IT by being awarded a Fellowship of the British Computer Society (FBCS).
From the commencement of his time with FTMS, Dr Divakaran has managed not only the growth in University partners but also a corresponding growth and variety in the number of programmes offered from an initial 5 to the current 34 and from foundation to Masters level with a corresponding increase in staff, from 20 to 123, and students, from 300 to 2,000.
In the strengthening of the profile of the college Dr Divakaran chairs the recently formed Research Committee and in the last two years has chaired the hosting of an annual international research conference, the only one in Malaysia hosted by a private college, looking at the emerging technologies for Information Systems and Business Management, and the publication of two international Journals.
Sajilal has widened the education scope and enhanced the profile of the college by initiating collaborations with three UK Universities, Anglia Ruskin University, Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of East London for the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes whilst maintaining standards with professional bodies which have enabled the awarding of Gold Status from ACCA and Learning Through Partnership from CIMA.
He has also been instrumental in the successful gaining of approval/accreditation for all FTMS courses by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Ministry of Higher Education, the gaining of 6 Star (Outstanding) award rating for the Ministry of Higher Education MyQuest 2012/2013 evaluation and the achieving of ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management certification. All contribute to the maintaining of the standards and quality of the programmes delivered by the college.
During 2013 Dr Divakaran successfully led a major RM8 million project for the establishment of a second FTMS campus in KL. Located in Technology Park Malaysia it hosts the University level programmes. He is responsible for 123 Employees, both administrative and academic over the two campuses.
With his distinctive combination of technology skills and business acumen, Sajilal is a highly dedicated and energized professional with expertise in defining and executing strategy, new market development, and driving growth. Adding to his unique skill set, Sajilal has the ability to dive deep into the technology while framing the technical details with the overall business objective. He has proven himself an

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart

executive leader seasoned through periods of rapid growth and turbulent economic times.
As well as his significant contribution to the growth of FTMS in Malaysia he has also played a key role in the establishing of FTMS centres in India and Sri Lanka. FTMS international campuses, located in dynamic city centres, operate modern facilities to enhance students’ learning. FTMS’s focus on professional and entrepreneurial development ensures that its students pass their examinations and build strong foundations to succeed in their careers. This approach has resulted in producing students with distinctions at all levels.
Resulting from his skills Sajilal has put into motion various strategies that have created a condusive education environment to enrich the learning experience at FTMS. A logical and critical thinker, Sajilal solves problems quickly and efficiently for the benefit of all. These strategies have created the growth in staffing and student populations.
Sajilal has not forgotten his roots and ensures that all at FTMS, both staff and students, give back to the society either by visits to homes for those less fortunate or by hosting visits to one of the college campuses.
The stated visions for the company and stakeholders are to establish FTMS as a premier education provider ensuring a dynamic learning environment for students which are fully supported by Dr. Divakaran, “We designed the school to look very professional. We didn’t want students walking into a sterile looking environment”. His vision for the future is for the college to become a recognised centre for valid and valuable research “There is so little critical thinking; I think students need to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills”.
The original vision when the journey began in 1986 is now emblazoned on the walls of the FTMSGlobal campuses, “To be a World-Wide Premier Education and Training Provider”.
FTMSGlobal celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2012. With fourteen years of success behind him, Sajilal is aiming to achieve the next significant objective, that of FTMSGlobal University, a highly rated Research & Education institution within the education sector. Given his transformation from a Lecturer into a successful self-made entrepreneur, Sajilal is a firm believer that all things are possible. His advice to his staff and friends is contained in the often quoted statements of Thomas J. Watson “To be successful you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart”. He also believes “Success is not an accident; it comes from commitment and hard work”.


  • Awarded 6 Star (Outstanding) Rating by Ministry of Higher Education (MyQuest)


  • Awarded ISO 9001/2008


  • 34 Courses with over 2000 students in Malaysia