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Dr Khoo Kien Ling

Founder and President

She is also the Vice President of the Malaysian Young Female Entrepreneur Network, an NGO that aims to encourage more young ladies to start their own businesses and launch successful careers.

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The Wedding Doctor ™ – Dr Kien Ling KHOO has an eye for detail and a love of happy endings.  That is why she took the bold step to establish ADAMAS Weddings Sdn Bhd and the ADAMAS School of Weddings, walking away from a background stemmed in science.
Prior to establishing ADAMAS, Kien Ling had spent nearly 7 years in the research field in the United Kingdom at the University of Leicester.  It was also there that she received her Doctorate title in 2003.  Her return to Malaysia however, was not marked by the expected entry into the professional world of engineering but instead; she followed her heart and passion into the world of events and wedding planning.
Her first step was to become a Certified Wedding Specialist by completing a course in the United States by Weddings Beautiful Worldwide (WBW) in June 2008. WBW is one of the largest certified wedding planning and consultancy institutes in the United States and has been established since 1968.
Armed with newfound skills and passion, Kien Ling founded two companies: ADAMAS Weddings and the ADAMAS School of Weddings. ADAMAS Weddings is an event management company specializing in creating unique experiences for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, reunions and many other special occasions. ADAMAS School of Weddings is the pioneer organization in Malaysia with both government and international recognition to provide an Executive Diploma in Wedding and Event Management.
Kien Ling founded ADAMAS based on two guiding philosophies: (1) to-be-wed couples deserve a journey towards planning their big day that is as stress-free as possible, even with modest budgets; and (2) a wedding planning career can and should be viewed as a professional career too.
Under Kien Ling’s leadership, ADAMAS is charting new horizons with each passing year.  In 2011, ADAMAS was awarded the approval for its franchise licenses for wedding planning and training in 2011. It operates under a Management System that is ISO 9001:2008 compliant. In 2012, ADAMAS launched its franchise concept outlet, the ADAMAS House of Ethereal Weddings at Kota Damansara.
It was also in 2012 that ADAMAS started an annual Corporate Social Responsibility initiative called ‘My Wedding Wish to ADAMAS’.  It provided opportunities to the physically-challenged, or even those coping with terminal illness, to have a dream wedding by winning a RM20,000 sponsorship from ADAMAS for the special occasion.
Kien Ling also recently introduced the ADAMAS Wedding Management Concept, a system that transforms the conventional wedding planning process into a fully automated one, improving the efficiency and quality of client servicing of Certified Wedding Specialists and providing optimal value for money to clients.  With the new system, Certified Wedding Specialists will experience increased efficiency, thereby bringing down stress levels and giving their clients a consultant that can serve them with quality time and provide a best value for money service level.
As a well-travelled person, Kien Ling has been widely exposed to the different cultures of people and places visited. These experiences and close contacts with these people from different countries and regions have always inspired her to be creative and

Work Smart, Play Hard, Live Well

open-minded.  It is what inspires her to think of endless possibilities and not to be constrained by what is considered the expected path.
While paving new heights for ADAMAS, Kien Ling still found time to author the book “99 Tips for Your Wedding” that was published in 2012.  She is also well sought after by the media for feature articles and to appear at conferences both internationally and locally as a speaker. She is no stranger to recognition lists in the media.  In 2012, SME Magazine placed her among their list of Top 30 Women in Business Success and Equality list whereas Malaysian Business Magazine placed her in the Top 10 for Malaysia’s Young Female Entrepreneur in 2013.
Kien Ling has been on air with local radio stations to speak about the industry as well as featured in major Malaysian newspapers and magazines across various languages such as The Star, New Straits Times, Sin Chew Daily, Oriental Daily, Guang Ming Daily, Shanghai Business Monthly and Harian Metro.
One of the many other roles that she juggles is also as the Vice President of the Malaysian Young Female Entrepreneur Network, an NGO that aims to encourage more young ladies to start their own businesses and launch successful careers.  This is done by creating networking platforms that create opportunities for young ladies to learn from other successful young female entrepreneurs in the country.
Her speaking engagements are also on the rise.  In the last quarter of 2010, Kien Ling was invited as a panelist in the high profile Malaysia Young Female Entrepreneur Forum (MYFREN), a workshop organized by Hilton Kuala Lumpur.  In 2013, she was the key speaker for the Women As Global Entrepreneurs conference on the subject of Franchising Global Business Opportunities for Women.  This year, she was the main speaker and judge for the 2014 International Conference and WPOY Awards in Beijing China.  The WPOY Awards is an annual awards presentation recognizing the best wedding planning and design talent in the Weddings Beautiful China network through their outstanding body of work in the previous year.
Kien Ling firmly believes that every bride deserves a wedding planner and that one does not have to feel stressed while planning for the Big Day. “You should sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of this journey that is meant to be cherished for the rest of your life.”
She has also made it her mission to raise the visibility of wedding planning as a career that is as professional as any other consultant. The Wedding Doctor has and will always be in relentless pursuit of happy endings and making dreams come true; be it in planning a special occasion or in paving the way for aspiring wedding planners to find their way to a dream career.


  • Invited as Key Speaker for Women As Global Entrepreneurs (WAGE) 2013 – Franchising Global Business Opportunity For Women


  • Awarded under “Malaysia’s Top Young Female Entrepreneurs” by Top 10 of Malaysia Magazine


  • Invited as a Main Speaker and Judge for the 2014 International Conference & WPOY Awards in Beijing, China in March – one of China’s Most Important Wedding Industry Events