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Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor

Founder / Group Chief Executive Officer

Living a life of unique qualities and unconventional ideas, the born leader in him aims to share his “DNA” with his team and employees, instilling in them a leadership quality that sets each and every one of them apart from the employees of any other companies in the country.

  • SEDANIA Group
  • Telecommunication & ICT
  • Level 11, Kelana Park View Tower, Jalan SS 6/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • (60) 3 7880 2001
  • www.sedania.tv

A man with a knack for innovative ideas and unique intellectual properties under his belt, Datuk Azrin Mohd Noor is a bold visionary, achieving his first stint revolutionizing football viewing for Malaysians by providing the complete roster of live matches from EPL, UEFA European football and FIFA World Cup to the local audience. As Group CEO of SEDANIA Group, he is constantly on the lookout for the next great innovation, reinventing TV entertainment by pioneering and localising award-winning shows like “Wheel of Fortune” and “Family Feud”, igniting the industry with locally developed IP formats. Constantly inspired and never one to rest on his laurels, Azrin also foresaw the rising consumer demands for the compelling IP shift from television to mobile, swiftly securing a partnership with Blackberry’s RIM, creating award-winning IPs for mobile such as Airtime Share, Green Billing (a paperless mobile billing solution) and As-Sidq (a certified Halal banking platform).  Relentless and passionate, he plotted his next conquer with visions of future revenue in travel communications with innovations like the award-winning LocalSIMKad™, a travel SIM card service that allows travellers to make and receive calls when travelling abroad without incurring any roaming charges and hassle of searching for a SIM card. With this product, Azrin was well on his way in securing global partnerships with IATA, Abacus and Garuda Airlines. Under Azrin’s capable leadership, SEDANIA Group has grown steadily since 2004 with operations throughout Asia, in countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Indochina, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. Revenue and profit from SEDANIA has shown an increase of fourfold over the past three years, earning the Group many global awards including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, the NEF-Awani Award, Arch of Europe in Frankfurt and many others. Azrin believes firmly in the idea of being “non-conforming”, fervently marching to his own beat and thought processes. He does not believe in swimming where thousands have swum before, preferring instead to cross boundaries where others dare not venture. His mission to be a non-conformist constantly puts him ahead of his game and sets him apart from other entrepreneurs in the market. This resulted in the birth of his first book, “Non-Conforming” in 2013.  Through the 13 chapters in his book, he constantly reminds his team and employees to never settle for anything less than extraordinary, saying, “Be a non-conformist. Disrupt the norm so that you can come out

Create your dream. Release your potential. Be the best that you can be.

with lots of original ideas. If it’s manmade, it’s meant to be improved”. A master of his trade and a man true to his word, Azrin created and penned his latest concept reality show in Malaysia, adding another illustrious feather to his cap as Concept creator and Format Owner of The BAND TV show, a first of its kind reality show. Set to revolutionize the music and reality TV industry by looking for 6 unique individuals to form an international superband, The BAND lifts its bar further by being the country’s first exported TV format. That proves to be just the beginning of many more innovations to come by the self-made entrepreneur in the future.
When not at the office, Azrin believes in giving back to the community and spends time with this family as well as coaching young children football on weekends whenever he can. A man who is happiest when he has positively influenced the lives of others, especially the younger generations, Azrin hopes to continue raising the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. An avid fan of football, he is constantly updated with the latest news of his favourite sport and has never missed a chance to catch World Cup events live ever since he obtained the rights to broadcast live matches of the exclusive event back here in Malaysia.
Living a life of unique qualities and unconventional ideas, the born leader in him aims to share his “DNA” with his team and employees, instilling in them a leadership quality that sets each and every one of them apart from the employees of any other companies in the country. Azrin also says that to do great things, one needs to be surrounded by great people. With that thought in place, he inspires his employees to always be a solution finding individual instead of a person who only focuses on the problem. He further reinforces that by saying, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. He also believes that in order for one to be successful, one has to have Spirit, Strategy, Strength, Speed and Stamina at work and in life, singling these out as the DNA (key characteristics) of SEDANIA. With these, Azrin hopes to continue conceptualizing unique innovations that will pave the way for future entrepreneurs with one of his very popular quotes, “There are still many products waiting to be found, and many industries waiting to be born”.

  • Founded SEDANIA Group and led the company to its status as one of the fastest growing homegrown companies in the country, winning numerous awards like Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Arch of Europe in Frankfurt, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Foresaw and recognized the growing demands in the mobile industry, the conception of award winning mobile IPs such as Airtime Share, Green Billing and LocalSIMKad.com.
  • Creator and Format Owner of unique global reality show format, The BAND that recently made its mark on renowned broadcast network, ASTRO