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Dato Sri Pua Tian Siong

Managing Director

The hardship years were the most character and business acumen formative ones. Toils never break a man but rather idleness does.

  • PTS Poultry Processing (BP) Sdn Bhd
  • Food & Beverage
  • 1 & 3 Jalan Sri Sulong 27A, Taman Sri Sulong, 83500 Parit Sulong, Johor, Malaysia
  • (60) 7 410 1108
  • www.hyfresh.com.my

The GLOBAL 2008 financial and food crisis was evidently a torn Achilles’ tendon for so many Malaysian enterprises resulting in financial failures & crisis. It was however a turning opportunity for Dato Sri Pua Tian Siong. Responding to an altruistic call by the Malaysian government to farm more food, his intuition resonated to perfectly tripling his business by 2013. It was perfect as his core business is in food production – the much favorite, loved and necessary meat protein in the form of chickens. From a processing capacity of 35,000 chickens per day in 2006, the company processes 110,000 chickens per day by 2013 to meet Malaysians’ appetite for the favorite staple food. As he often quipped “The business of food production shall and will always find a ready market as everybody needs to eat irrespective of financial status” geared him towards setting up in the form of chicken integration. Chicken Integration is an optimal production model of the chicken industry necessitating by the setting up of a vertical chain commencing from breeder farms to feed mill to chicken farms to processing plant and finally to the table. It must be a farm to table operations in order to achieve the best quality, quantity and cost.
Bereft of a formal education, Dato Sri Pua’s humble beginning has given him great resolves to attain social mobilization whilst striving for excellence in an industry where only hard work, dogged determination, sharp business acumen & coupled with heavenly blessings are necessary ingredients for success. During his teenage years he spent time assisting his family in the Parit
Sulong wet market chicken stall to manually slaughtering chickens and retailing them. The hardship years were the most character and business acumen formative ones. Toils never break a man but rather idleness does. Within the short span of time, Dato Sri Pua has added many companies related to the business and fast adding numeric digits to a current turnover of RM500 million per annum. It is no small feat for the man who listens attentively besides always giving a sense of direction & belonging to 1300 senior, middle and rank & file employees. The inspiring capability has indeed spurred many in the company to emulate him. His quiet demeanor is truly a hall mark of his success.
He believes in volume. It is the volume game that saw many tycoons emerging in the many other businesses. What is a small volume in turnover even if the margin is very high? The absolute profit pales in comparison as to a high volume of business with slightly lower margin. Only volume in production and business would enable him to bring down the production costs. As Malaysian consumers move towards retail convenience, many convenience chains in the form of hypermarkets, supermarkets and food processors are at hand to meet these needs. His business ingenuity has seen him quick to channel his attention and penetrating into the many hypermarkets, supermarkets and food processors.  His belief on these niche markets as the way forward has seen the companies capturing 10% of the total processed chicken market.

The sky is the limit; outflow of blessings commensurate with persistent strives for excellence

The transformation of supply chain in the form of supplies to hypermarket has enabled consumers to shop comfortably with reasonable prices. Furthermore, he has participated actively in the transformation of the chicken processing industry. The unhygienic wet market chicken slaughtering would be a thing of the past. He is reaping the harvest for his far sightedness as one out of two chickens consumed shall be processed in modern slaughtering facilities in Peninsular by 2020. Dato Sri Pua has two such modern processing facilities in the Peninsular and the third one in the Republic of Singapore. Moreover, this supply chain model has finally assisted the Government’s effort to reduce the tedious and expensive overlapping supply chain. Dato Sri Pua has inevitably carved out a name in this effort. A simple man with distinctive goals to achieve success even beyond his imagination; he is part of the chicken processing evolution. His goals are constantly been assisted by the many financial institutions besides being surrounded by capable employees. By 2020 he hopes to capture 30% of market share in processed chickens.
As he gathers his effort to meet up with day to day demands, he envisages his dream of a chicken stockpile will achieve fruition. The setting up of a 5000 MT chicken stockpile would enable his company to stabilize supply & demand within his business model besides assisting the Government in terms of food security. In a sense he brings stability to the chicken industry as chicken supply & demand vagary has often dampened a consistent margin for the farming effort. The stockpiling effort effectively smoothen chicken production in the country. Such effort has added another feather onto his cap bespeaking a private sector initiative in action. In summarizing his role to the country as whole and his chicken business in part; one must note Dato Sri Pua has galvanized a better & transparent supply chain, pushing the chicken industry to adopt modern processing of chickens and stockpiling. His unpretentious hands-on management style besides his business acumen would see his companies to grow in leaps and bounds. Whilst many thought the West is a place to chase & realize dreams; Dato Sri Pua Tian Siong, nevertheless has achieved his in Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Involvement in wet market chicken trading as opportunity arose and provided by his parents; learning the nitty gritty of the business with the assistance of his only younger brother, Mr Pua Tian Haw

2010 & 2011

  • Completed the necessary chicken integration with the acquisition of chicken processing facilities in Pedas Halal Park and feedmill cum Breeder chick facilities from SCH (M) Bhd respectively
  • Initiation and expansion of cold room facilities to stockpile processed chickens heeding the government’s call for food security stockpile