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Dato’ Mohammad Fadzllee Bin Dato’ Sri Hj Mustapa

Finance Director

Aside from the daily routines at work, Dato’ Fadzllee associates himself with voluntary activities and also with a non-governmental organization (NGOs) which relate to the security industry and entrepreneurship.

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Standing firm by his belief that ‘learning is continuous and indefinite’, Dato’ Fadzllee had a humble beginning to his working life. He started off as a pump attendant (1997) at a petrol station but quickly built his way up when he was promoted to an administrative assistant within 2 months. At this point, this graduate in Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) was also studying part time for the certificate in Diploma Computer Science. Raised in a family where both parents were government servants, Dato’ Fadzllee joined AHM Consultancy & Security SVS Sdn Bhd in 2006, a business which was set up by his parents upon their retirement in 1994.
Though it is a family business, Dato’ Fadzllee did not begin from the top. He had to earn his way up as he was first put to be responsible as the company’s driver, then later as one of the workforce members, moving on to being a supervisor, patrolling officer, manager of operations and later to the most important task which was to be responsible for the safety of the company’s assets of firearms.
Having proven his ability, Dato’ Fadzllee was finally given the trust to be the company’s second in command, taking charge of the financial and development side of the business, a position which he currently holds. Dato’ Fadzllee immediately recognized that there are setbacks for this company that have been self-sustaining financially for the past 10 years. Its limited capital inhibited its ability to grow.
The business turnaround started when Dato’ Fadzllee arranged for the company’s first financing facility which was an overdraft facility of RM500, 000 secured with the same amount of fixed deposit. With this, the company was able to differentiate itself from their then 200 competitors. The company began to take simple measures such as putting more lights at the guarded clients’ premises and introduced the installations of CCTV; these steps benefitting both the company and their clients.
At the same time, Dato’ Fadzllee also began to expand his knowledge in finance, having learnt from various points such as their bankers, auditors, financial planners etc. Additionally, Dato’ Fadzllee also attended various courses relating to the security industry, seminars and forums both at the local and international level, representing AHM Consultancy. in places such as Bangkok, Singapore, Vietnam, India and China. Issues and challenges such as security audits are a topic of discussion on these platforms. As Dato’ Fadzllee is also the company’s appointed person to conduct the Security System and Financial Audit of AHM Consultancy, he was be able to prepare himself with the knowledge and skills to carry out this role.
The company solely grew by the performance itself. As they received referrals from their existing clients, AHM Consultancy. began to venture into large contracts with big names such as governments, Government Link Corporations, Municipal Counsel, listed and private limited companies. Dato’ Fadzllee has indeed spearheaded AHM’s change into being a sustainable, profitable and efficiently operated company in the security services industry. The company recorded its highest revenue of RM60 million during their financial year-end of 2013, 8 years after Dato’ Fadzllee’s joined, over a fourfold increase from 2006’s revenue.
Today, AHM Consultancy has shown phenomenal growth. Competing with some 700 competitors, AHM has grown from providing traditional static guarding, “cash in transit” and installing/supplying CCTV systems, into a more specialized service with Elite Armed Escort Services, vaulting, security storage, warehousing,

Learning is continuous and indefinite

Unmarked Car Escort Services and also Private Investigation Services. The company’s venture into Security Patrolling services has now enabled AHM Consultancy to have branch offices outside of the Klang Valley. Its branches are in areas such as Johor Bharu, Taiping, Ipoh, Alor Star, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Termeloh and Pulau Pinang. Now, with a staff force of over 3000 employees, AHM Consultancy ranked in the top five security service companies in Malaysia, with 22 offices nationwide, holding a market share of 40 percent in the Klang Valley alone.
Dato’ Fadzllee had indeed achieved his initial strategy, which as to strengthen the financial ability of AHM Consultancy. Currently, the company is supported by local and overseas financial institutions with over RM30 million financing facilities, on standby for the company’s utilization for the next growing stage. Going forward, AHM is looking into strategic joint venture and diversifications. Aside from the daily routines at work, Dato’ Fadzllee associates himself with voluntary activities and also with a non-governmental organization (NGOs) which relate to the security industry and entrepreneurship.
Dato’ Fadzllee is a Special Officer to President of the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) Malaysia which was formed in 1998. Since its inception, APSA Malaysia has embarked on a number of developmental programs and activities aimed at accentuating knowledge and invigorating the quest for professionalism in the Malaysian security industry. These include conferences, seminars, dialogues, tea-talks and study/working visits. It is a personal achievement for Dato’ Fadzllee when APSA Malaysia was acknowledged to be the current International Headquarters of APSA. Moreover, it was a milestone when the 2012 APSA Asean M&E/ISF EXPO was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, managing to gather more than 1000 members from the ASEAN countries such Japan, the Philippines, Korea and India. High-ranking Malaysian police personnel also attended this event; making it the first APSA event to have an involvement from the police force.
Dato’ Fadzllee is also an EXCO member of the Generasi Muda Berjaya (GMB), which translates to Young Entrepreneur Organization Malaysia. Having been involved in this over the past several years, Dato’ Fadzllee has seen through the success of the introduction and launching of the Program Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera (TUBE) by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak in March 2014. Dato’ Fadzllee and GMB President are also the people responsible for the effort of GMB newsletters in a local newspaper; a column which announces entrepreneurship opportunities to the target audience monthly.
Dato’ Fadzllee possesses a wealth of experience and has proven himself evidencing from the progress and achievements that he had for the past 8 years. A devout Muslim, Dato’ Fadzllee believes that sustenance is solely from the Almighty and he also believes that they are to be shared through ways which benefit the company’s employees specifically and the community, generally.


  • APSA Asean M&E/ISF EXPO gathered more than 1000 members from the ASEAN countries, where Dato’ Fadzllee is Special Officer to the President of APSA


  • AHM Consultancy recorded its highest revenue of RM60 million during their financial year-end


  • Under Generasi Muda Berjaya (GMB) Dato’ Fadzllee has seen through the success and launching of Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera