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Colin Tan June Teng

Group Managing Director

He “invests in talent” and believes that “The key to success is a cohesive, skilled and all-rounded team that works together as 1Hatten.”

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From young maverick to Group Managing Director of the multi award-winning Hatten Group, Colin Tan is best known for his first bold career move in 2006 – taking on an abandoned project in the heart of Melaka and transforming it into Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, the largest retail empire in the Southern region measuring over 2 million sq. ft. Since then, the Group has gone on to develop the largest hotel in Melaka, Hatten Hotel, with 704 deluxe suites and Hatten City, a 25-acre, integrated mixed development valued at over RM2billion with three interlinked phases fronting the Straits of Melaka.
Born and raised in Singapore, Colin was interested in the property development since his youth. He watched as his father and mentor, Datuk Wira Eric Tan, carved a name for himself in Singapore’s highly competitive property industry. He was intrigued by the challenge of planning and successfully developing areas from the ground up and decided to branch out by establishing his own Melaka-based property firm – Hatten Group.
In his current position as Group MD, Colin is involved in strategic planning and overall management of the Group’s extensive development portfolio. He oversees the entire scope of the Hatten Group of Companies which now incorporates its own construction segment, asset investment arm, develops and manages its 4-star hospitality ventures and operates its own
retail management and brand franchising divisions.
With Colin at the helm, Hatten Group has grown from just 10 employees to a 500-strong workforce stationed across five offices in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore. Colin’s drive has led to the Group’s prolific portfolio expansion, recording a massive turnover of RM800 million in 2013, compared to RM80million back in 2006. Having dominated the Melaka property and retail sectors, Colin is now establishing new portfolios in Iskandar Johor, Seremban and Raub, Pahang.
He is also in the midst of diversifying the Group’s business model to encompass retail, luxury residential, hospitality, theme park, medical infrastructure, educational facilities and theatre and convention arenas. Having amassed over 300 acres in Malaysia alone, Colin is confident in establishing Hatten Group’s status as the most prolific corporation in the industry.
Colin believes that a business must be built upon sustainability: therefore to further establish the Hatten Brand, he has initiated a new division under Retail Management which is responsible for handling Brand Franchising. Recently incorporated, this new division has brought in renowned Hong Kong brands such as SEMK and Pacific Coffee to Melaka. This division is also developing Hatten’s very own Teddie Bear brand which will be realised via retail

Changing impossible to I AM POSSIBLE

merchandising, a Teddie Bear Hotel chain, a Teddie Bear Museum and a Themed Amusement Park.
In the eyes of the world, Colin is the visionary leader who has spearheaded the Group’s outstanding track record of 24 international property awards to date. Among his employees, Colin is known for his quick and decisive personality. Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry, Colin is capable of mapping out the entire proceedings for the development of a project from the ground right up to completion and subsequent management and investment. His clarity of vision and infectious enthusiasm continues to inspire the team towards even greater heights of success.
Ever the entrepreneur, Colin’s motto is to change ‘impossible’ to ‘I. M. POSSIBLE’. This pioneering spirit has led to Hatten Group’s status as one of the most outstanding corporations in the South East Asian region.
Along with his drive and commitment to the corporate side of the business, he is also passionate about the human aspect of his company. Implementing comprehensive training and re- training programme for employees of all levels, he “invests in talent” and believes that “The key to success is a cohesive, skilled and all-rounded team that works together as 1Hatten.”
According to Colin, the Group distinguishes itself from the saturated property industry simply because of its Vision of being a “Pioneer of Innovation, Quality and Service Standards”. His ultimate goal is to see Hatten Group established as one of the Top 10 Premier Property Developers in Malaysia by year 2020.
On a Mission to be “… a world-class property developer with an international presence, fore- fronting value add through innovation, delivering quality products and services as well as escalating revenue to stakeholders and investors”, Colin finds that the most rewarding aspect of his job is when he is able to affect the lives of the communities in the areas that the Group operates in.
Beyond just building towering developments, he is also keen on developing awareness within the local community. Through Hatten Cares, the Group regularly initiates monthly CSR projects such as fund-raising events, environmental campaigns and healthcare initiatives to promote social welfare and awareness in the local community.


  • Incorporation of Hatten Group


  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards – Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award


  • Distinguished Chinese Award 2013 (Awarded by Chinese Who’s Who Society)