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Sunny Yaw

Deputy Group Managing Director

Sunny is excited to go to work because of the excellent team members under PTES. He believes that with their eagerness to excel and to make a difference to the company, the team members motivate the leader more to make the vision of the company in a higher level of success.

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For 15 years and at a young age of 39, Yaw Lung Siong “Sunny” experiences in the corporate world made him understand the importance of working hard to be on top. He learnt to be in a rank and file position after graduating from Federal Institute of Technology in Malaysia (FIT) with a Diploma in Electronic Engineering when he entered the corporate world as Core Network Executive under Mutiara Telecom (now knows as DIGI Telecommunication) in Selangor, Malaysia and became involved in the planning and execution of Mobile Network. A technical person with the right mindset, hardworking and with perseverance for success, after four years in Mutiara, he became the team leader and started managing and organizing the manpower resources.

With the skills he gained from his first job, he rose to join the number one equipment manufacturer in the world of Telecommunication. Ericsson made him a System Support Consultant in Dalian, China first and he later joined Ericsson in Dallas, Texas, USA that made him a certified leader in telecommunication industry in Project Management.

After being employed as an Engineer for years, Sunny felt the need to share his expertise in telecommunication and joined his brother Mikel Yaw at Elabram Systems to establish the company, not only in their native land but also abroad. Sunny joined Elabram Systems in 1999 with the main purpose to focus on the telecommunication industry. “My brother inspires me the most. He always has big dreams and the courage to take bold steps. He taught me that all these can be achieved with proper planning and taking things step by step. Most importantly he taught me to never give up. I have great admiration for my brother because I have learned a lot of life lessons from him in our fair share of failures and success stories.”

Sunny is one of the key founders and the Group Deputy Managing Director of the Elabram Systems Group, the preferred partner of different global telecommunication companies and specializing in 4 solutions – Network Planning & Optimization, Talent Acquisition & Deployment, Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Elabram Systems has offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand with 26 footprints around the globe.

Sunny mainly is in charge for the PTES Elabram Systems in Thailand that grew from 2 staff to 100 with projects in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali, Lombok, Makassar and Medan and is expecting to have 25 branches around this country by 2015 to support the ever growing regional customers while also maintaining as the preferred supplier of telco vendor like Ericsson, NSN, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel for many years. “We are doing very well in the telecommunication industry on BPO and now we found it’s the right time to further capture more markets in other industries including broadcasting, contact centres, Media, Oil & Gas, FMCG, and Banking,” Sunny added.

Sunny believes that with the right mindset and hard work, there is nothing impossible especially with persistence, and since giving up is not in his vocabulary. Everyday, Sunny is excited to go to work because of the excellent team members under PTES. He believes that with eagerness to excel and to make a difference to the company, the team members motivate the leader more to make the vision of the company a higher level of success. He believes that since the manpower is the backbone of the company, its success basically came from team members

The team members are the backbone of Elabram Systems Group and our loyal clients who trust us since they are the fuel of the ESG success.

who showed their dedication, hard work and commitment. Consequently, different global companies as partners continue to trust PTES and recognize it as the best company to work for.

As the Deputy Group Managing Director his areas of responsibility cover project management, financial planning, and business development and operation management. His expertise are proven in handling and working in the wireless division to provide pre- and post-sales support for new and existing businesses within the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

According to Sean Bowie who is the Establishment Director at Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd, “Sunny has always met my project requirements even during difficult times and shows great professionalism and enthusiasm for the task at hand. I have always appreciated his commitment to finding solutions and ensuring that we are receiving the best in terms of potential candidates.”

Over the years, Sunny steered the company to a higher level of achievement by reaching RM 100 million group turnover with more than 300 permanent employees and 3000 outsource consultants working globally. His aim is to have branch offices in all countries not only in Asia Pacific but also to reach more countries outside APAC, and to make Elabram Systems a top player not only in Telecommunication Outsource Manpower and Engineering Services in Asia Pacific by 2015 but also the best service provider under TAD, BPO and KPO. That’s why after 15 years, the company tagline “Your friend in Telecommunications” which specifically targeted the Telco industry was changed to “On Target Always” to show that the company is not only catering for one industry but to all,.

Elabram Systems Group supports many institutions for their Corporate Social Responsibility. Sunny initiated in Indonesia a campaign and just recently donated at Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to help the Super Typhoon Haiyan victims and the earthquake survivors in Bohol, Philippines with the presence of the former Senator of the Philippines and the incumbent Chairman of PRC Richard Gordon at the turnover of donation. Sunny believes that sharing is a must and to receive more blessings, we need to share more.

A man of value and Integrity, Sunny believes also in Innovation not only in technology but for oneself, doing extra miles and volunteerism with so much love. “I find my passion as being unique from what others perceive; “I love to love”. I put a lot of passion into my business and strive to build it from a good company to a great company, a company that my team would love working for and representing. I would say we are close to being a great company but there is always room for continuous improvement,” he added.

Elabram Systems stays true to the core values from STAR (Sincerity, Teamwork, Adaptability, Respect) to ISTARS with the additional for “Innovation and Simplicity” because Sunny believes that the team members must find a way to get better solutions and to do everything in the most simplest way but exceptional results.


  • SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award 2010


  • APEA Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2011


  • Golden Bull Award 2012