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Rizky Diansyah

President Director & Chief Executive Officer

If the team is helping a client in making their dreams come true through DDW services, they are also making the company’s dream come true.

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  • Jl.Rambutan no.2, Pejaten Raya, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12510
  • (62) 21 798 4472

Rizky Diansyah started business back in 2007, when he made a business deal with a friend and set up a DJ school and an event management company named Trinity. The business deal went wrong and Trinity collapsed. With no capital and other support Rizky had nothing left but hope. After some difficult times he then decided to start his own company in 2009. The new company was named Diansyah Dinamika Warna (DDW) Event Production. Rizky always believed that maybe if Trinity had never collapsed, he would never have been triggered to embark on his own business. This experience has led him to believe to never regret something that has happened in the past, because no matter how hard things can get something right always comes out of it. In 2013, after Hodini Hutama, a new investor, stepped in as the company’s new Commissioner, he then expanded the company by adding more values to the company’s core business. DDW became not only an event production company, but also a communication agency. It handles media placement, video production and many more.

Rizky led DDW Communication to become one of Jakarta’s finest and well known communication agencies. He has had both national and international clients such as foreign embassies, State Owned Entreprises (BUMN), International Mining Companies and many others, which have proven that sales target systems, client bases and professional management programs plays vital roles in his company’s growth. With the rising of Korean Pop culture in Asia, Rizky had managed to secure a business deals with a Korean partner. It was a one year business contract to establish a Korean Institute in Indonesia. The Institute served as a provider of Korean cultural and art. As DDW becoming more stable, he began to seek other business opportunities. In 2013, together with a high school buddy named Aji Pratama he set up an Integrated Security Services company named Dinamika Satria Tama (DST). DST specializes in business intelligence services, risk management advisory and security providers. Following so, Rizky has become more eager in finding more bussines opportunities ever since. In mid 2014 he set up another new company together with a business partner named Bimo Prasetyo. Named Kantor Pintar Kreasindo (KPK), this company provides virtual office and other business establishment services. He has come to realize that starting a new business is not easy, hence KPK is aimed at assisting new small entreprises to grow and thrive in Indonesia.

Nothing is perfect in this world, but there is no harm to keep trying to be perfect for God and fellow human beings

Having multiple and dynamic backgrounds, Rizky continues to lead his team as a big family that always listen to and help each other. He always tries to solve every problem in his team in a persuasive manner and with a family-oriented approach. Rizky also always tries to encourage his team to be more focused on client service. He wants the team to realize that if the team is helping a client in making their dreams come true through DDW services, they are also making the company’s dream come true. This is one of the main reasons why every member in DDW is challenged to have a big dream whilst working in the company.

Rizky’s missions for each of his companies are different. For DDW Rizky’s mission is to make DDW a brand that could embrace more international deals and business contracts, so that Indonesians can be proud of their own communication agency instead of being proud of foreign owned agencies that are now dominating the Indonesian market. It aims to grow and excel as a professional and international communication company, while it is geared towards increasing revenue by providing the best services to clients.

For DST, he wants the company to be a well established company that can be part of the national security support services in pursuit to being well known in the existing market such as other big names such as Wirasandi, Bravo and many more. As for KPK he wishes that this new company can be well known at the national level so that it can continuosly support small entreprises to grow in the future.


  • Rizky started his own company, Diansyah Dinamika Warna Event Production


  • Rizky set up Dinamika Satria Tama together with his friend, Aji Pratama


  • Rizky set up Kantor Pintar Kreasindo with business partner, Bimo Prasetyo