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R. Agus Santosa


The best quality of an entrepreneurial leader is his ability “to champion people for a cause, get them committed to a purpose, and then be able to stand out of the way while they deliver on that.”

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Raden Agus Santosa has come a long way from his humble beginnings to his current position of success and respect in the business community. He is today a visionary leader, renowned as one who has devoted his entire life to the betterment of his community. The secret behind his success and the strength behind his determination and drive lie in his modest start. Born 49 years ago to a well respected family in Yogyakarta, the central city of Javanese philosophy and culture, Agus Santosa was sadly forced to leave school at an early age because of the poor financial situation of his parents at that time. Instead, he trained to work hard, and with his dedication and honesty eventually laid the foundations of his career by dealing in furniture and in small parcels of land. In his resilience and simplicity lay the keys to his ultimate success. His love of sports, especially Table Tennis, helped him develop his competitive spirit and his desire to win. A deep yearning for success took root in his soul, which did not let him rest till he achieved his dreams.

Agus was one of the chief promoters who led the daunting task of creating a start-up property company for the Hanson Group.  He is currently the chairman of the Hanson Business Group, and has served as its Director for years. He has vast experience in Indonesian land acquisition and property development, and is most well known for his innovative large-scale township development in South East Asia. He has worked with UD. Perdana Niaga Jaya (1989-1995), CV. Laser 2000 (1995-2002) and PT. Cipta Rimba Abadi (1998-2008). He is Operational Director of PT. Estetika Medika Utama and Commissioner of PT. De Petroleum International. He is also the Commissioner of eighteen other companies today. He has been the President Commissioner of PT Mandiri Mega Jaya and its subsidiaries since 2012 and has also been the Commissioner of PT De Petroleum International since 2011. It was his initiative that made PT. Mandiri Mega Jaya a member of the Real Estate Association, and it was he who pioneered the principles of Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in all his companies. He is currently a member of The Indonesia Health Fund jointly with the Tahir Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Hanson Group, the holding company led by Agus, has made steady progress in the development of land banks into residential and commercial areas. “We plan to acquire more land to increase the size of our land bank, now covering around 3,000 hectares as at Dec 2013,” said Agus. The Hanson Group has recently signed important contracts totaling Rupiah 11 trillion (USD 913 million) with property giants Ciputra Group, Serpong Kencana, and Pasific Millennium as a joint venture company,  and with state controlled mortgage lender Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN). Under the contract, the Hanson Group will build units on plots of land owned by Ciputra, Pasific Millennium, and BTN in areas surrounding Jakarta and its satellite cities of Bogor, Tangerang, Depok, and Bekasi.  The contract

We were given two hands to work hand-in-hand, not to destroy each other

with Ciputra is worth around Rupiah 9 trillion, while Hanson Group’s partnership with BTN will see the construction of around 20,000 houses worth Rupiah 2 trillion with work slated to begin early this year. Hanson has announced a plan to raise up to Rupiah 4.6 trillion from a Rights offering of shares and plans to use the bulk of the proceeds for the acquisition of a new property company.

Agus is an entrepreneur with avant-garde ideas. He developed a business model for the Hanson Group which was founded on trying to answer a market need, as opposed to how this business had traditionally been established. His model was not only unique, but also profitable and one that made a difference in the property market. Instead of proudly taking credit for the sheer brilliance of the scheme, he humbly maintains that his strategy originated from the market itself. Agus has learned a lot over time and often says, “As I’m getting older I’m getting wiser.“ Most entrepreneurs think they can do everything themselves, but he wisely believes that “Entrepreneurs should bring vision and passion into their organization and take hurdles out of the way for those who help deliver the corporate vision.” He adds that the best quality of an entrepreneurial leader is his ability “to champion people for a cause, get them committed to a purpose, and then be able to stand out of the way while they deliver on that.”

In the future, Agus plans to continue developing new business ideas for the Hanson Group, while continuing to provide affordable housing to its customers.   His vision for the Hanson Group is to build a globally competitive property company, while delivering maximum value to its stakeholders. He has often been heard exclaiming, “I am having so much fun doing what I am doing! I enjoy doing what I do, because my work seems to evolve every day.” He constantly strives to continue his efforts to realize his mission, which is to create quality lifestyles in the cities they build, to consistently deliver excellence in the quality of their properties, and to provide affordable housing with maximum added value for their customers.” Agus Santosa is a futurist entrepreneur with vision, intelligence, belief, and determination, making it no surprise that he won some award competition. His confidence in himself convinces him that “There is always a way out of any tough situation that we may have to face.”

2011 & 2012

  • Commissioner & President Commissioner of PT De Petroleum International & PT Mandiri Mega Jaya respectively
  • Agus is the Commissioner of over eighteen companies today


  • As at Dec 2013, the size of Hanson Group’s land bank covers around 3,000 hectares