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Harun Kurniawan

Chief Executive Officer

“One day I saw a political satire on TV that said Indonesia is an importer republic. We import everything from meat to wheat. As a citizen, I feel obligated to correct this.”

  • PT Aimfood Manufacturing Indonesia
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  • Kawasan Industri MM2100, Jl. Selayar B2, No. 7 Kelurahan Mekarwangi, Kecamatan Cikarang Barat, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 17350
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Being raised in a modest family of five children, Harun had always shown responsibility towards his family. Even though not the eldest he always acted like it, and it was during this time his leadership potential began to seem apparent. Harun’s parents had always taught him to appreciate the little things in life. “As a son born from working parents, I could not complain for only having one pair of shoes a year. I appreciated it so much because I knew how hard they worked for it.” Since then, Harun began to climb his ladder to the top. He was committed to work hard so one day he would be able to share his success story to his children and grandchildren.

In his younger years, Harun decided to become an educated man by entering college. While he knew his parents could not afford his education he did not give up and opted to take on a job as an accountant at a multinational company to pay for his tuition. Having to work at such an early age was considered an advantage for Harun as this is when he learned the most out in life. He experienced many work rotations without complaint, knowing his hard work would be paid off in due time. He learned what it meant to be a business professional, how to respect and to be respected, and how to “walk extra miles” to be the best at what he’s at. Finally there came a point in time where he was entrusted to be a financial advisor in a family business.

At this time, Harun was a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki, an inspirational figure who advises on passive income and financial freedom. He was struck by one of Kiyosaki’s motivational programs, “Mind Your Business”. Unsatisfied with behind-the-desk experience and inspired by this figure Harun decided to jump into the world of marketing. After work, he would spend evenings doing presentations and selling products to friends and colleagues; an experience Harun describes as “character building”. It was usual for Harun to get his offer rejected or underestimated but to this he remarks, “it is true what people say, “Tough life makes a tougher person””.  He continued his career path from being a member of a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company to becoming one of its leaders – and now a founder.

Harun’s hard work finally yielded to a business instinct. He took a leap of faith to quit the work he had after 18 years to set up his own MLM company. “One day I saw a political satire on TV that said Indonesia is an importer republic. We import everything from meat to wheat. As a citizen, I feel obligated to correct this.”  Coupled with the difficulties Harun faced with importing materials from abroad, he quickly saw this as an opportunity and changed his gear from running an MLM company to establishing an Original Equipment Manufacturer/Toll Manufacturing Company that caters to the needs of MLM companies in Indonesia.

PT. Aimfood Manufacturing Indonesia was the start of his success in 2008. From a 200m2 building, the company had only 2 working machines and 8 employees. The

Never give up for we never know when the moment when everything will change will come

following year the factory moved to a 480m2 land in Tangerang and was able to supply 20 MLM companies both large and small. To which Harun said, “It was good but it can be better”.

For Harun, it was not that he was unsatisfied but it was rather a sense of responsibility he owed to himself and to other people. “We owe it to the company to be the best it can be. If we give up or we stay in place, we are guilty to our company and to our employees, because we live to maximize our potential and the potential of others, too.”

As a result of his perseverance, PT. Aimfood is now stands at a 5000m2 land in a prestigious Industrial Estate along with other giant companies in Indonesia. In running his business, Harun had also faced a lot of obstacles. His company has to compete with products from other countries. As a result he knows the only way to gain trust from clients is to provide excellent service, excellent quality, and on-time delivery service. These have been the mottos of PT. Aimfood. As the owner, Harun wants to make his company a one-stop service to his clients in catering to every need from design, to formulation, to production.

Furthermore, Harun has committed to make the company a competent manufacturer equipped with legal certifications. PT. Aimfood has set high targets for customers satisfaction with management systems in place such as HAS (Halal Assurance System), FSMS (Food Safety Management System – GMP, HACCP, & ISO 22000) and also QMS (Quality Management System – ISO 9001). The company has also registered with the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this year. These provide an advantage over other OEMs in Indonesia. This is why having built the company so thoroughly from ground zero; he now has more than 40 MLM companies as clients.

As a reward for his hard work, his company began to gain recognition from the public and the goverment. When asked of his future plan, he said, “We’re not stopping here. We are setting up production lines for producing herbal and food supplements this year. Next year, we plan to install liquid production lines. We also aim for the foreign markets as means of introducing Indonesian products to the world.” Currently, PT. Aimfood is an active participator in foreign exhibitions. Some of the exhibitions the company had participated in were trade mission in New York (March 31st, 2014), International Food & Beverage Trade Show SIAL at the Palais des Congres de Montreal, Canada (April 2nd – April 4th,  2014), and International Taiwan Food Trade Expo (June 25th – June 28th, 2014).

Harun has came a long way from an MLM member to an MLM supplier, from an accountant to a boss, yet his humble beginning has kept him grounded until this day. People around him describe him as a hardworker. He does not take no for an answer. “If he knocks on one door and is rejected, he would knock on the neighbors’ next door”. The one thing he always says to his staff and friends is, “Never give up on your dreams, you never know how close you are.”


  • Established PT Aimfood Manufacturing Indonsia
  • PT Aimfood started as a 200m2 building to a 5000m2 land in a prestigious Industrial Estate with other giant companies in Indonesia today


  • PT Aimfood participated in trade missions in New York, Montreal & Taiwan