Dr. Emandi Sankara Rao


Extending his love for academia and sharing skills, he is deeply involved in mentoring young entrepreneurs and their start-up companies in fields of education, digital electronics, and agriculture based solar irrigation.

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He is an academician & researcher, a trained technocrat, a respected finance specialist, a prudent policy formulator, a fervent farmer, a passionate photographer, a curious chef & food connoisseur, and the list goes on and on. It’s impossible to capture the charisma and persona of Dr Rao in a single line. He is a multi-faceted personality who has proved his mettle in several areas.

Dr Rao is currently serving as MD&CEO of IFCI Ltd, a Government of India Undertaking. IFCI is the oldest Financial Institution and the first Development Finance Institution of the country set up in 1948 and has been contributing towards Indian economic growth through development of infrastructure and industry. He has been chosen for by the Government of India to spearhead the future growth of India’s first Financial Institution. Dr Rao is also the Chairman of IFCI group companies namely Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd, IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd, IFCI Factors Ltd, Management Development Institute (MDI) and Institute of Leadership Development. He is an alumni of IIT Bombay (PhD), IIT Kharagpur (M. Tech), Pondicherry Central University (PGDBA) and Andhra University (B.E. Electrical Engineering).

Coming from a humble family background, Dr Rao has grown and evolved to be the low-profile Dr E. S. Rao, today, a known name today in the field of business and finance. Dr E. S. Rao was born in Vishakhapatnam in the year 1960. He has always been a silent & diligent worker who is also a great observer and a passionate learner. He firmly believes that there is no age for learning. His hard work and divergent thinking made him reach peaks in his school life foraying his entry into the world renowned Indian institute of Technology (IIT).

He has contributed immensely to the areas of banking in industry & infrastructure finance for over 30 years. His association with IDBI Bank, IDFC and subsequently with IIFCL have been well recognised by these financial mammoths of the Indian Economy. He has extensive experience in Project & Corporate Finance, Fund Management, Investment Banking, Infrastructure Development and Long-Term Resource Raising (Domestic & Foreign Capital). He was the Founder Director & CEO of IIFCL Asset Management Company Ltd and Founder Director & CEO of IIFCL Projects Limited also was associated with the IDFC Group as Director & Business Head. Dr E. S. Rao has been a member in the Sub-Group on Infrastructure Finance (under RBI and erstwhile Planning Commission Working Group on Savings Formulation) of the 12th Five Year Plan, member of Sub-Group on Financing Urban Infrastructure in the 12th Five Year Plan, and a member in the Ministry of Finance – DFS Committee on Debt Market Development and contributed to several research & policy papers in various National and International Conferences & Workshops.

Dedication, Focus & Positive Thinking

And today, at IFCI, he is leading this financial institution and ensuring complete satisfaction of all the stakeholders – Government of India, Investors, Rating Agencies, etc. Through his immaculate plans and revival strategy he managed to bring turnaround signs in India’s oldest Financial Institution in less than 40 days of taking charge at the helm of affairs. The institution – which has a glorious past of 70 years, was off-late slipping away into a vicious circle of large non-performing assets – net losses – lower credit rating – low business growth. However, through his dedication, focus and positive thinking he has been instrumental in achieving the inflexion point for the company, which is now on a steady growth path.

Besides being a Banking & Finance Specialist, Dr E. S. Rao is also an Academician, Skill Developer & Start-up Enabler, Social Reformer and a Farmer!

He is deeply interested in academia and strongly believes in sharing of knowledge. On a continuous basis by involving himself with education institutions and various research institutions developing skill sets in technology, finance & infrastructure. As a visiting guest faculty, he is associated with various top Business Schools of India such as Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and Management Development Institute (MDI).
Extending his love for academia and sharing skills, he is deeply involved in mentoring young entrepreneurs and their start-up companies in fields of education, digital electronics, and agriculture based solar irrigation. These companies, through his strategy and guidance, have been able to mobilise funds and have been running the businesses successfully.

Further, he has been involved in Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) for last 20 years by helping the poor and needy in the area of health (especially for cancer patients) and education. He is closely working with three rural hamlets providing the people with jobs along with basic facilities of primary school education and healthcare in Vishakhapatnam. He is a fervent farmer as well and farming cashews and mangoes. Being a low-profile person, he is more active behind the camera. He adores wildlife photography and has done photography in various bird sanctuaries and tiger reserves in different parts of the country.
His wide contribution over the last few decades in diverse areas has not only seen him reach professional peaks in his illustrious career but he has been able to make a positive difference in thousands of lives through his deeds. We certainly need more of Dr E. S. Rao in the world today to make it a better place to live in.

Career Highlights

  • Member in the Sub-Group on Infrastructure
  • Founder Director & CEO of IIFCL Projects Limited
  • Founder Director & CEO of IIFCL Asset Management Company Ltd
  • Involved in Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) for 20 years