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The Group, led by its CEO Mr Anurag Choudhary, has positioned itself strongly to emerge as a multi-sectoral conglomerate by commanding a mix of right capacity, product leadership, strategic location, cutting edge technology, growing end markets and strong R&D.

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Mr Anurag Choudhary is the CEO of Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd, the leading integrated speciality carbon corporation in India. He joined Himadri as part of the founding team in 1992 and became its CEO in 2006. He has led the Company’s transformation from a coal tar pitch manufacturing company to one of the world’s most extensive value chains in the carbon segment.

Under his dynamic leadership the Group has achieved market leadership in its key products and expanded into new products and markets like special pitch for use in Defence, specialty carbon black, lithium-ion battery material, construction chemicals, etc. The company also makes use of flue gases to produce power thereby making it a ‘rare’ carbon positive organization in today’s environmentally distressed society.

He started with a vision of creating largest integrated specialty carbon complex in the world. Towards this end, under his leadership the group constantly forward integrated into value-added products creating value from every element of its key raw material – coal tar, thereby creating a one-of-its-kind specialty carbon complex globally. In less than a decade, Himadri product portfolio has expanded from just 2 products to more than 20 products. This stellar performance of the Company has been recognized with several National and International Awards.

He has a firm belief that true value stems from innovation. Himadri today has a very strong R&D cell recognized by the Government of India with global expertise which powers its growth through innovations in products, processes and technology. One example of his commitment towards Innovation is that the despite several challenges and setbacks, he encouraged his R&D team working for the Advance Carbon Material division to undertake 10 years of development effort to develop indigenous Anode material for Lithium Ion Battery. This is just one such example where his belief in his team has paid rich dividends for the company. The Company takes immense pride in its strong and experienced R&D team of over 40 plus distinguished members, which includes several international experts and Ph.Ds.

If one is 100% committed, success is assured. It is just a matter of time before you see the results.

Under his leadership the company has achieved the following milestones:

  • Market Capitalization in excess of 1 billion USD
  • Largest Coal Tar Pitch company in India with 70% market share, catering to the Indian aluminum and the graphite electrode industry’s requirement of coal tar pitch
  • Forayed into Speciality Black Business with proposed launch of more than 50 grades in the next one year
  • One of the three companies globally and only Company in India to develop Anode Material for Lithium Ion batteries from coal tar route
  • One of the few global manufacturers of zero quinolene insoluble (QI) pitch, a critical input of graphite electrodes manufacture
  • Largest manufacturer of SNF & PCE products, which are used in construction Industry
  • Respectable and diversified international Customer base
  • First Company in India to receive investment from Bain Capital

He was instrumental in bringing in Citi Ventures, Bain Capital as Himadri’ s equity partners and IFC & DEG Germany, sister organizations of World Bank as lenders to Himadri. He sees a transformational opportunity in electric vehicles and electric storage space and is pioneering the development of lithium-ion battery materials in India.

He is a passionate believer in giving back to the society and in making a difference. Himadri under his responsible leadership is an active corporate citizen and has undertaken multiple initiatives towards society and environment. Company has undertaken ‘Drinking Water’ Project for nearby villages to make pure drinking water easily accessible at the doorstep of each household benefitting around 16000 villagers. The Company works in collaboration with local administration extensively on education and health projects. Himadri has opened school for Higher Secondary and regularly distributes free books and uniforms in the locality. The Company also operates Primary Health and Medical Centres, runs free medical camps and distributes free medicines which have benefited around 23000 patients.

Equipped with a commerce degree from Calcutta University, Mr Anurag Choudhary’s clear vision and relentless focus on execution has led Himadri to achieve leadership position in most of its product categories. His accommodative and compassionate leadership style has enabled the company to maintain cordial relationships with all its employees. The fact that not a single incident of work stoppage has occurred is a testament to the work culture embraced by Himadrians.

In his free time, Mr Choudhary practices yoga & meditation to keep him refreshed and focused. Inspired by the results he periodically organizes total wellness sessions for his employees.

The Group, led by its CEO Mr Anurag Choudhary, has positioned itself strongly to emerge as a multi-sectoral conglomerate by commanding a mix of right capacity, product leadership, strategic location, cutting edge technology, growing end markets and strong R&D.


  • To be company that constantly innovates new products & technologies in the field of Carbon
  • To have an unrelenting customer focus while being customer’s clear choice
  • Be a company that attracts, develops individuals to build a proud Himadrian team
  • Stay committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic & environmental well-being of communities in the region of our operations


  • To become a globally acclaimed leader in carbon products by adopting appropriate eco-friendly core capabilities through continuous product improvement, technical innovations and customer satisfaction.

Career Highlights

  • Market Capitalization of $1 billion USD
  • Largest Coal Tar Pitch Company in India with 70% market share
  • 3rd Largest Carbon Black producer in India
  • One of the three companies Globally & Only Company in India to Develop Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) from Coal tar route