Veronique Sani


Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you will land in the stars

  • Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre Pvt Ltd
  • 10th Floor, Voyager Building, ITPB,
    Whitefield Road, 560066 Bangalore
  • 91 80 67315000

Veronique moved to SG GSC as its CEO on June 01, 2015. With over 20 years of global experience in CIB, she is a dynamic change leader with a successful track record in transformation projects and operational excellence. Prior to moving to India, Veronique was based in New-York and led the integration of Newedge Brokerage Operations.

Veronique joined the Group in December 2002. She has held management positions in Equity Derivatives and OTC Derivatives Operations. Prior to joining the Group, she started her career in Crédit Agricole CIB, first as an international auditor, and then as a senior account manager for midcaps clients, based in Lyon.

Veronique holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from HEC Paris. She travels a lot and loves long distance running and wine-tasting.

Veronique is extremely hard-worker and courageous. Her ambition and passion for excellence for herself and for her teams have helped her develop a clear vision for SG GSC. One of the qualities she values most is to be a role-model leader, which helps her team adopt new managerial practices to adapt to this constantly changing world.

‘Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you will land in the stars” is one of her mottos. Veronique believes in hard work and merit. She is extremely attached to fairness and will not hesitate to raise her voice if she feels her ideas, suggestions are not taken into consideration. She will always challenge status quo and is not afraid of taking risks. Formula for success is to maintain a good self-esteem and spend good qulity time with husband and children to balance personal life and work.

Veronique practices long distance running several times a week and loves wine tasting. She owns a little vineyard in France in Burgundy where she goes as soon as possible to taste her own wine. Recently she started practicing meditation and mindfulness.
Veronique recently transformed her office into a meeting room without a table in order to remove signs of “power”. The Office now looks more like a lounge where conversations are less formal and hopefully more fruitful for all parties.

Pride in leading people through a value creation journey that makes them proud of themselves. Ability to solve problems.

If you are convinced, never give up. Keep trying. Henry Ford said : there is always a better solution. Find it !

Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you will land in the stars

About SG GSC

  • Established in 2000 as one of the first European Bank in-house centres in Bangalore.
  • 100% owned and governed by SG Group.
  • Services offered in Technology, Operations and Infrastructure Management Services.
  • Largest centre catering to all SG entities across Private, Retail and Investment Banking.
  • Staff representing 7 nationalities .
  • Over 6500+ staff.
  • 27.72% women staff.
  • Multi cultural, diverse and young organisation.
  • Victor and Cambridge, our two brand new facilities in Bangalore and Chennai respectively take the SG GSC footprint in India to 5 facilities across both cities covering 6,50,000 sq feet area.

SG GSC Footprint in India:


  • ITPB Voyager – Office with the total space of 3, 51,537 sq feet area. Located at ITPB Special Economic Zone.
  • Victor: Located at ITPB Special Economic Zone with a total space of 35,537 sq feet area.
  • Ecospace – with the total space of 172,769 sq feet area. Located 12 KM from ITPB.


  • DLF- with the total space of 73,187 sq feet area. Located at DLF IT Park.
  • Cambridge TRILL- with the total space of 76,187 sq feet area. Located at Ramanujam IT Park.

Achievements in innovation:

SG GSC, which initiated Catalyst in partnership with the Indian IT industry body NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), is the innovation hub of Societe Generale. SG GSC organises hackathons, meetups, expert talks and innovation challenges to find out disruptive solutions for business problems. It uses Design Thinking methodology extensively to develop pre-engineered products and services.

Blockchain is another trend where SG GSC Innovation Labs have taken a quantum leap. In a true demonstration of collaboration and open innovation, Societe Generale and ING Netherlands have developed a Commodity Trading platform powered by Blockchain, the innovation labs at SG GSC (Bengaluru) contributed significantly to Blockchain and backend development for this platform, which was unveiled in London on February 21 as part of the International Petroleum Week.

The Machine Learning Centre of Excellence explores the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and in-house research to create products. A product developed by this team is the chatbot-IPSUM, which is trained to respond to contextual questions raised to it and answer all HR policy related questions from employees across the company in two languages, French and English.

Automation of repetitive tasks using robotic process automation is another emerging technology around which SG GSC has built a strong practice. Our Smart Automation – Center of Excellence in Bengaluru delivers automation solutions globally and is deeply integrated with reengineering methodologies, such as Lean and Six Sigma.

Data Lab consists of a big data team and a big data lake which is a collation of data from structured, unstructured and social media sources, analysed using Machine learning platforms and converted to business insights using Data visualization tools.

Societe Generale Group:

30 million customers, 148,000 employees, 122 nationalities with over 60% female staff, 61% of staff outside France. Nearly 152 years’ history, now in 76 countries and over 7,000 entrepreneurs supported in their e-commerce activity. EUR 25.6 billion in net banking income and EUR 4.0 billion in net income increase.

  • Graduation from the top business school in France in 1994.
  • First 5 years of career spent travelling for audit missions of 3 months to all parts of the world.
  • Moved to New York as Head of CIB Operations in 2012.
  • Became CEO of SG GSC in 2015.