Sunil Kumar V

Founder & Managing Director

Sunil kumar envisages asset homes to become the most admired realty brand in india by the year 2020 with a turnover of INR 2000 crores.

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Sunil Kumar V is the managing director of Asset Homes, a leading real estate company based in Kochi, India. Asset Homes builds apartments and villas that cater to a variety of home buyers with diverse preferences and purchasing power. As Managing Director of Asset Homes, Sunil Kumar ensures that his company preserves the trust the company has gained over the years. Quality of product and timeliness in delivery are factors Asset Homes never compromise on. Sustainability is a feature he has fabricated into the framework of his business. Suffice it to say, Asset builds not only homes but also trust, or vice versa. And the greatest asset here is the man himself – Sunil Kumar V. Today both the man and his business are known for their commitment to the customer, community and the environment.

Born in North Paravoor, Kerala, Sunil Kumar, got his degree in Civil Engineering from the Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Post Graduated in Real Estate Management from IIM, Bangalore. He has also completed the Executive Education Programme from Harvard Business School, Boston in “Real Estate Management”. He has also been accredited with a Professional Diploma provided by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Sunil Kumar started his career with IHRDE and went on to work with Cochin Refineries and Surbacon Developers, Bangalore. In 1994, he started Santhi Homes, which developed 12 residential projects in Kochi. In 2007, he founded Asset Homes Pvt. Ltd., which went on to deliver 47 residential projects across Kerala in a short span of 10 years. Asset is now one of the leading brands in India, with its roots in Kerala and its reach steadily spreading to a wide range of clientele across the globe. His 25-year career has seen him through several real estate dips and crashes to finally seek and secure his own niche in the industry. Suffice it to say, he has weathered it all.

However, according to Sunil Kumar, building a huge business empire was never in his scheme of things as a student. During his younger days, he had never known anyone who was a businessman. He met an architect for the first time when he was a student at the Engineering College. You could say he is a first generation businessman in every sense. In his journey as a real estate builder, he has taken on every challenge with a practical mind and with the help of experts. He has created an advisory board comprising of experts from relevant fields to guide the company in the right path. He has created a team of professionals to make sure the company delivers its promises. And he leads his team by example, through hard work and perseverance.

“The greatest asset is not oil and gas. It’s integrity. Everyone is searching for it, asking, ‘who can i do business with that i can trust?”

– George Foreman

Under Sunil Kumar’s leadership, Asset Homes has received an array of prestigious awards, including CRISIL DA2 rating, Young Entrepreneur of the year by North American Malayali Community, Dubai KMCC Award 2015, International Property Award in association with Bloomberg Television 2011, CNBC AWAAZ – CRISIL – CREDAI Real Estate Award 2010 for ‘India’s Most Innovative Project,’ CRISIL 7 Star rating for 3 projects and many more. Realty Plus Excellence Award 2010 for ‘India’s Emerging Developer of the Year,’ Realty Plus Excellence Award 2011 for ‘India’s Young Achiever of the Year,’ etc. are some of the awards that came Sunil Kumar’s way in recognition of his achievements and contributions.

Timely delivery and quality of projects, exclusive and personalized customer care services, solid action to ensure sustainability, and high degree of efficiency of both processes and people are the factors that Sunil Kumar has untiringly worked to instill into the culture of his organization which have undoubtedly led to the company’s exponential growth and success.

An extraordinary entrepreneur, a futuristic engineer and a true leader, Sunil Kumar has created a working environment that encourages, evaluates and ensures the personal and professional growth of each employee. His employee development measures, which are seamlessly woven into the system, are uniquely devised and tailor-made to suit the organization. The positive results manifest in the exponential growth of the company even during periods of economic turbulence. Giving employees specific opportunities to excel and extending generous appreciation when they do, ensuring the team learns from every success and failure, and taking extra measures to bring out the strengths in the individuals have contributed positively to the team dynamics of the company.

Sunil Kumar has always believed in putting the customer and the community first, which is evidenced by all the innovative projects he has undertaken. Transplantation of a 100-year-old mango tree with the help of a scientists’ team to give way for a project right at the heart of the city proves that when he puts community first, he means business. The unique 17 Delight services implemented by him provide everything to make a resident’s life comfortable, right from arranging airport pickup to facilitating nursing care for family members. Some initiatives undertaken by Asset Homes are Ashiyana (building homes for the poor and the needy in extreme distress), Treedhan (gifting teak saplings for every girl child born in hospitals which associate with the company in this initiative), and Insight (a call centre run by vision impaired personnel).
Asset Homes has more than 200 employees working for the company from their 9 branch offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Kollam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Dubai and Qatar. The company achieved a turnover of INR 135 crores during the financial year 2016-17.

Sunil Kumar practices all that he preaches. Rather, he only practices, never preaches. He has carefully woven processes into his business system to ensure that keeping promises is inherent in the system. He never misses to check and confirm the tiniest of details whatever may be the work at hand. He connects with his team members personally. The focus point of Asset Homes for the current financial year is ensuring a delightful and motivating working environment for the employee.

According to Sunil Kumar, “every critical challenge is a potential opportunity.” He has turned every difficult situation that the industry has faced, be it a recession, a real estate dip or the recent demonetization which has been a major economic event in the Indian scenario, to his company’s advantage without compromising on values. He has proved that increase in customers’ trust is directly proportional to increase in the company’s profits. In Sunil’s words, “A brand that gives value for money – that’s Asset. A project may be small or big, but we give value for the money invested by the customer. We make promises according to how much the customer is able to afford.”

Sunil Kumar envisages Asset Homes to become the most admired realty brand in India by the year 2020 with a turnover of INR 2000 crores. Besides building homes for customers according to their dreams and within their means, what gives him utmost satisfaction is that he has been able to provide a means of living directly and indirectly to thousands amounting to around 10 lakh man-days over the past decade. Sunil Kumar emphasizes the importance of both learning and hard work in an individual’s growth. Put in both in large measures and continuously, no one can stop you from attaining success.

  • Young Entrepreneur of the year by North American Malayali Community.
  • Dubai KMCC Award 2015.
  • International Property Award in association with Bloomberg Television 2011.
  • CNBC AWAAZ – CRISIL – CREDAI Real Estate Award 2010 for ‘India’s Most Innovative Project.