Satish Raju

Founder & Managing Director

Guru – ‘The brand’ is his hope to align and engage with the like-minded who collectively can CHANNEL ENERGIES to make the dream of GURU IN EVERY CITY alive!

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“True satisfaction comes in only when you are passionate about something!”

That’s the dictum that Satish has lived by thus far. Satish Raju is the founder & managing director of Guru Media, a leading marketing and branding solutions company, with offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. As an umbrella brand, Guru media has three companies – Communication Guru, Digital Guru and Start Guru under its wings. Guru Media’s vision is to create singular expertise in all verticals that they represent.

From an accountant in an advertising agency to an owner of a full service integrated marketing and advertising group, Satish’s journey has been fascinating, to say the least. It’s his passion for words that made him leave his job as an accountant and dive into the world of copywriting.

Originally from Kerala, Satish lived in Dubai since childhood. Dubai being a cosmopolitan city, he was exposed to diverse cultures early on. While growing up he was majorly influenced by Richard Branson’s autobiography and his journey to create a brand, a universally appealing brand; VIRGIN.

Satish’s journey started way back in 1998 when he joined an advertising agency in Dubai as an accountant. While he was number crunching by the day, his evenings were spent dabbling in words. His then boss noticed Satish’s talent for copywriting and gave him an opportunity to explore this as a full time profession. Simultaneously he started consulting for other agencies to get more exposure. He worked on brands like Forum, Home Centre, Jet Airways and many more. After gaining his initial experience, Satish branched out and started his own full service advertising agency Genesis Next. For the first few years Satish played ball with the larger agencies like Fortune Promo Seven, TCP, RSVP-M&C Saatchi, Impact BBDO etc.. Later on Genesis Next went on to handle the creative mandate for several government departments and multi-national companies like BenQ, Emirates Post, Seimens, Landmark Group and more. In a short span of 6 years Genesis grew to a 23 member strong agency with a turnover of more than AED 6 million, in the year 2005.

But Satish’s entrepreneurial spirit would not let him stay content at a single agency as he saw an opportunity to align with entrepreneurs to kick-off a bigger ambition. And thus was born Guru Media & Entertainment Group. Brand Guru sought like-minded individuals to represent a particular idea or demographic.


With the advent of technology and digital age it became absolutely pertinent to master the digital game. More so it was also time to bring together seamless integration of all marketing platforms as that was the need of the hour. The vision behind Guru Media and Entertainment was to seek strategic partnerships to drive the media and the entertainment circle. While Communication Guru and Digital Guru dabbled in bringing all marketing communications activities under its wings, Start Up Guru was formed with a social bend of mind of entrepreneurs in the start up ecosystem. Today Guru Media has, 4 Offices – Dubai, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore, Over 200 employees across 4 cities and 2 countries and Turnover of over USD 14million.

Under Satish’s able leadership and creativity, the Group has won numerous awards and accolades. Some of the notable ones are:

  • New York Festivals – GOLD- Print, Persil Cello Tape
  • IT CAPS Singapore SILVER – Online & Print – HUMAX Digital
  • Thomas Cook Al Rostamani Group Award – Client appreciation award
  • GMR Interactive campaign – Alain Morning Breakfast drink
  • (Media award: City FM 106.1)
  • Cisco – “Use Original Product” campaign – 2004 (Worldwide campaign with over 140 + agencies)
  • Abby – Online (2013)
  • Big Bang Award 2011, 2012

Satish strongly believes that ‘Success can be delayed, but never denied’. Hard work and dedication always pays-off. Its important that you align with the right people who share your passion and have the drive to walk the talk with you. Never compromise 3 H’s in people – Honesty, Heart, and Hard work.

You can only run a smooth machine if all the levers and gears align to work, and its even better if they work in different directions. Its important to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in everyone. The person you associate with must be ambitious, otherwise they can not identify with an ambitious journey!

As a person, he’s very hyper. And always on the go. He has an enthusiastic energy that’s contagious.

He is very curious and passionate about the creative process. A good creative according to him is ‘most rewarding when it manages to surprise others… A “Why-I-Did-Not-Think-Of-It” moment.

Satish is very visual in thoughts. Love creating mind-maps that puts a method to what he calls ‘creative madness!’. A page of his dairy will invariably have doodles.

Start Guru is his give back to the opportunities he received at a young age and the brand focuses on helping entrepreneurs find their voice and build an inclusive start up help start up ecosystem.

He loves to play chess and these days, as a new father on the block is happily busy with his 4-month old baby.
“Let’s Make It Happen!” is probably the most used sign-off in all his mails.

He will definitely call you BATMAN! for a job well-done. Somehow, for him, this is gender neutral.

CHANNELISING ENERGIES! is Guru Media’s tagline. And its represents our collective acceptance of different energies coming together to create something bigger, and more importantly, to a result oriented positive approach to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in everything we do.


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