Rashy Todd

Managing Director

Rashy Todd always inspire, motivate and challenge people to produce improved results in an environment which is fun to work in. This leads to developing a motivated environment and a performance oriented culture in the organisation.

Rashy Todd is the Managing Director of Zenica Group. He started the group in 2006 & became a Harvard Alumni from OPM 48 in 2016. He was the youngest Dealer Principal at Volvo UK and went on to become the Managing Director for various dealerships of Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Kia and Citroen over the past 30 years. He has won Volvo’s Annual Sales Campaign every year from 1983 to 2004.

After vast experience and accomplishments of the automobile industry in England, Rashy Todd set his eyes on the Indian market and became the first official dealer for Audi in 2008 and Porsche in 2014. He inspired and challenged the people around him by partnering with Apple Inc. along the way to start yet another amazing venture. He believes in leading from the front and personally trains and develops the key people within the business himself.

Under the Zenica Group, he had set up three iconic showrooms – Audi Gurgaon, Audi Delhi Central and Audi Approved Plus.

Audi Gurgaon, the first Audi showroom in India, is one of the largest in the country. Keeping the customers happy is a cornerstone of Audi Gurgaon philosophy and provides the best to the customers when it comes to buying a luxury car. Zenica promises that buying and owning an Audi from Audi Gurgaon will be an exceptional experience ‘tailored’ to each individual customer; characterized by courtesy, competence, enthusiasm and enjoyment. “Our mission is to over exceed the expectations of our customers every single time may it be Sales, After-Sales, Spares or Safety-Riding” says Rashy Todd. The pleasure of buying an Audi starts the moment you make the first call. The team of experts will assist you and let you enjoy the process in deciding the best Audi that suits your needs. Based on schedules every possible thing is done to ensure that your Audi arrives at your doorstep on time. Audi Gurgaon Showroom is spread over 13,684 sqft and has up to 14 cars in display. Showroom interiors are designed with unique and exquisite materials from different countries: furniture from Germany, lights from Japan, the floor from Austria and tiles from Italy.

Audi Delhi Central is a one of a kind customer centric facility, which can be termed as one of the most progressive showrooms in India. Audi Delhi Central ranks among the best luxury car showrooms in India, with proven records of matchless services. When it comes to buying luxury cars in India, it provides the best amenities to its customers, who go on to own their products with pride. The Audi Showroom in Delhi is spread over 6315 square feet and has up to six cars on display which includes the popular luxury sedans and sports cars in Delhi. The showroom interiors are designed with exquisite materials from different countries, showcasing a melange of aesthetics. It is the first Audi Dealer in India to embrace the Lounge & Bistro concept.

To inspire, motivate and challenge people to produce improved results in an environment which is fun to work in.

Audi Approved Plus is the largest pre-owned luxury car dealership housing up to 33 Cars under one roof at any given point of time. A first of its kind in the country, this world-class showroom has been built to meet the growing demand across Delhi NCR for quality pre-owned luxury cars.

It can be said that both Audi Gurgaon & Delhi Central have the widest & the most exclusive offering from Audi in the country, making it the most preferred dealership in Delhi/NCR.

Keeping up with the practice of being first in everything he does; Audi Service Gurgaon is India’s first workshop to be operating 24×7 for routine service. Over the years, all 3 dealerships have been awarded as Audi’s Partner of the Year several times, with Audi Gurgaon wining it in a row since 2012. Recently Audi Gurgaon completed 10 years of Audi in India with the launch of new Audi A3.

The Porsche Centre Gurgaon under the Zenica Group is a particularly bright feather in the cap. It was the first Porsche showroom in the country and featured a unique fitting lounge for customers. It is a unique company with strong ideals. The values and philosophies permeate through everything he does to ensure that they always remain true to their principles. The group constantly meet its own high demands and have a definite idea about who they are and how they approach things.

After cementing the position of Zenica in the market as the epitome of luxury, Rashy Todd continued his journey to add another exclusive brand to the Zenica marquee, Apple. Through iZenica he has set-up one of the largest & fastest growing partner of Apple premium resellers in India. There are 11 iZenica stores across the country with 2 service centers thereby offering the complete range of Apple products for all the Apple fans and tech-savvy. It plans to expand its wing further in coming years.

Brainchild of the Zenica Group, iZenica upholds its parent commitment to offer the best luxury products in India. iZenica is dedicated towards catering all your electronic need by offering the best of both – products and services. Our partnership with the coveted Apple Inc. makes it easy for the customers to have access to all its products and accessories.

Established in July 2014, iZenica started with just one store in Noida, UP. Within a short span of two years, the company has grown and now offer the entire range of Apple products – from iPhone to Apple Watch and Apple genuine accessories as well as third party accessories in New Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Panipat, Amritsar, Raipur, Bhubaneswar, and Guwahati.

To help our customers gain easy access to technical support and services, it runs two iZenica service centers that offer the best-in-class customer services in New Delhi and Noida.

With the commitment to provide 100% customer satisfaction, iZenica constantly strives to bring the best to the Indian market and has become Apples fastest growing partner in India.

Rashy Todd always inspire, motivate and challenge people to produce improved results in an environment which is fun to work in. This leads to developing a motivated environment and a performance oriented culture in the organisation.

  • Joined the car business in 1982 after completing a retail management training course in the UK.
  • Opened the largest luxury car showroom with Audi in January 2008 transforming luxury car retailing.
  • Awarded the Porsche Dealership for the Delhi and the National Capital Region. Opened a flagship Porsche Dealership for Porsche in 2013.
  • Went live with their own On-core Platform in January 2016.