Dr. T.T. Patil

Chief Managing Director

Dr. T.T. Patil has well established vision to provide dedicated services for betterment of Indian Farming Community who contribute significantly in nation’s development and feed growing population.

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Being from Farming Community, Dr. T.T. Patil was having ultimate aim to acquire Academic and Professional expertise to establish “A Complete Plant Nutrition Company” with focus to promote new technological advances such as “Fertigation Technology” and Scientific Supplementary “Foliar Nutrition” and “Organic Plant Protection” Measures. This approach was having main focus towards “Environment Friendly Respectful Farming” to maintain balance in natural resources to produce healthy food for Global Population in general and Indian Population in particular.

Dr. T.T. Patil was Son of Marginal Indian farmer in remote Tribal part of Nandurbar District, located in North Maharashtra provinces of India. He did School, College and University Education with Hardship besides obtaining Scholarships and Fellowships from the various Institutes during his Academic Carrier. Being the elders in the family, he shared all responsibilities of his younger Brothers and Sisters and provided them the best available education and helped them to establish independently in the society. Dr. T.T. Patil successfully completed Doctorate Studies in Agriculture with Specialization in Soil – Water Management.

Prior to starting his own Enterprise, Dr. .T. T. Patil served in the highest positions in Public and Private Sector Companies such as Chief of Production, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Associate Vice President. At the age of 45, in spite of several own family responsibilities, he left lucrative jobs and decided to establish own company in the year 1994 which was previously named as “Pioneer Agri – Technoscan & Exports Pvt. Ltd.”, and later renamed as “Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd.” In the year 2004. His elder Son Mr. Praveen Patil, a Chemical Engineer was actively associated right from inception stage of company till date and presently managing all promotional and Marketing Activities successfully.

The Micro Irrigation Technology through “Pressurised Drip Irrigation System” was introduced in the year 1986 in India which was very successful in conservation and saving of Scare Irrigation Water besides maintaining Soil Health, minimizing Water Pollution resulting in higher productivity of quality farm produce. Dr. T.T. Patil studied and noticed that Crop Nutrition through Soil Application was totally waste of expensive Chemical Fertilizer inputs due to their less efficiency and excessive use which turned Fertile Soils into Saline and Alkaline Non-productive Soils across the Country. He therefore, decided to promote “Fertigation Technology” (Fertilizers + Irrigation) through well accepted Drip Irrigation Systems all over the Country in general and Maharashtra Province in particular. Dr. T.T. Patil was the First Agronomist in the Country to promote and popularized “Fertigation Technology” through his Company.

Initially, Company started operations from 1994 till 2000 in the rental premises. Subsequently, company built-up modern facilities of Warehousing, Packing, Handling and Corporate Office in a phased manner depending on surplus generated with minimum term loan financing from the Bankers. The Company has Registered Corporate Office in Pune, Maharashtra and Branch Offices in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka provinces with Secondary Warehousing and Distribution Facilities. The Company has achieved Sales Turn Over of INR 860 Million during the year 2015-16, marginally less by 5% compared to previous year 2014-15 due to nationwide sever draught condition on account of deficit rains. The Business Model of the Company is customized production, packing, testing and operations in the “Overseas Manufacturing Facilities” due to non-availability of required Speciality Soluble Inorganic and Organic Raw Materials in India. However, company has plan to go for Domestic production under “Make in India” of new generation innovative products using local natural resources for raw materials and partly importing some of them from East Asian and European Countries.

Sincerity & Punctuality in Work Has No Option to Achieve Goals in Life.

The personal success of Dr. T.T. Patil was due to his basic expertise in all Scientific parameters of Crop Production and Protection which helped company to promote concept. He adopted first time in India to conduct Farmers and Dealers Training Programs through “Technical Seminars” in different provinces and made Digital Presentations about “Fertigation Technology” in easy local languages which can be understood by customer farmers. The Agronomist from Overseas Companies also participated in such Seminars which further contributed their experiences in Developed European Countries which resulted in more practical effectiveness of Technical Presentations.

The important personal characteristic of Dr. T.T. Patil is to observe and follow consistency in quality, pricing and supply of Speciality Products to Indian Farmers irrespective of ups and down in Foreign Currency pricing of imported products to protect and continue interest of customer – farmers in adoption of “Fertigation Technology”.

Dr. T.T. Patil always encouraged employees in the Office and Field to do their best at all the times for which they were encouraged through performance based incentives, moral support for family issues and requirements. This helped company to notice continuous growth in the business since inception with least Attrition rate of trained and experienced employees.

Dr. T.T. Patil is having only mission to work and make employees to work for welfare of Farming Community besides their advancement in the service carrier. He also took efforts to ensure supply of Company Products on time with notified quality parameters and reasonable pricing to the farmers which contributed wide acceptance of “MAHAFEED” Brand nationwide compared to other several competitors who entered in this segment after 10 years.

Dr. T.T. Patil repeatedly advised to all employees that “End Customers” are “Pillars of the Business” and do not mislead them at any stage during your services in the company and also outside throughout your life. This advice made company employees more responsible and professional in their day to day duties and responsibilities which resulted contribution and continuous business growth of the company.

Dr. T.T. Patil has well established vision to provide dedicated services for betterment of Indian Farming Community who contribute significantly in nation’s development and feed growing population. The Indian Farmers are now actively involved in manifold exports of Fresh Tropical Fruits, Vegetable and Flowers across the Globe due to adoption of advance practices of production through “Fertigation Technology” for nutrition and residue free “Foliar Techniques” for Crop Protection.

Dr. T.T. Patil would like to appeal to the Upcoming or Emerging Entrepreneurs to plan their business model after in-depth survey and analysis for specific new requirements of targeted customers to make business viable and profitable.

  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification.
  • Crisil MSE 1* Rating (Highest Financial Strength & Highest Operation Performance).
  • APEA – 2016 Award (Most Promising Category).
  • Top India SME 100 Award (2016).