B. Sathyamurthy

Managing Director

Sathyamurthy envisions Kewaunee India to be the world leader in laboratory engineering & construction by 2025 with inspired team, cutting edge technology and the products of the future.

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“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”
– Sam Walton

Starting with a small team of engineers in 2000, Sathyamurthy started a journey in an uncharted laboratory engineering industry. To be recognised as the market leader in India within 7 years of the company inception and maintaining the market leadership in India for 10 years is the proof to Sathyamurthy’s perseverance and belief in the team and the market. Sathyamurthy joined Kewaunee Scientific Corporation in 2000 as General Manager (India Operations) and was promoted as Managing Director (India operations) in 2003. Currently Sathyamurthy is the Vice President & Managing Director (International Operations) and is responsible for Kewaunee business outside America. During his management degree college days, he believed that he would be managing an operation, but to build an organisation organically was really a dream come true.

Today Kewaunee Scientific Corporation is a recognised leader in laboratory products worldwide and whereas building the brand from nothing was the challenge in 2000. Sathyamurthy was blessed with the right talent and guidance which helped him to build this organisation from scratch. Creating an eco-system conducive to the aggressive growth and keeping the motivation of the team at peak at all times is his success story. Allowing dissidence within the frame work of corporate governance and being stickler about team performance staying one notch above the corporate governance expectations is another important achievement. Recognising the importance of team being inclusive part of policy decisions, SOP formulations and implementing with rigour had helped the organisation in strengthening its roots.

Kewaunee India business has exponentially grown from US $ 0.5 million to US $ 30.00 million sales and from mere 5 associates to 200 + associates directly and another 300 + contract employment in last 16 years. Starting with one customer in 2000, Kewaunee serves more than 250 + customers in India and ASEAN countries. Kewaunee products are exported to more than 18 countries including China and ASEAN from 2009 making Kewaunee as one of the early proponents of “Make In India” campaign.

If you cannot smile while you do anything, go find something else which makes you happy.

Sathya strongly believes that most of the challenges in day to day operations could be either Process or Person related. He advocates to look at the process corrections first before working on personality challenges. Having recognized creating and maintaining a dynamic change management process is the key to the success of the organisation, Sathya pushes consistently bench marking and allowing the team to decide the SOP changes would strengthen the team belief in the organisational values. Sathya, being very passionate about organisational responsibility towards the society, encourages Kewaunee CSR teams to develop solutions which are new sustainable models for community.

Sathya provides high level of energy when chips are down and tries to keep situations as fun as possible. Sathya’s common comments are about happiness around us. “If we can bring the fun quotient into our daily work, it is contagious and results will be a big smile on our customer face”. The result of dedication, passionate and a fun filled daily work routine will bring more sales & profitability and not the other way around. Sathyamurthy is a big fan of Sam Walton and avid reader of Robin Sharma books.

Sathyamurthy envisions Kewaunee India to be the world leader in laboratory engineering & construction by 2025 with inspired team, cutting edge technology and the products of the future. He believes that to reach this goal, the team and the organisation should be future ready, and the key to success is in understanding the dynamic changes in the industry and to be prepared for the change.

  • Country Head in 2000,
  • Best Quality Company by GE 2007.
  • APEA “Most promising entrepreneur award” 2013.
  • Kewaunee International Business responsibility 2014.