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Vivek Agarwal

Managing Director

The Belgachi Tea Estate, which was acquired by him in the year 2010 when it was declared a sick unit, is now producing 1.5 Million kg of tea every year and also provides employment to 1500 people. In span of 4 years, M-Tech has turnover of Inr 100 crore.

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An alumnus of Nottingham University Business School, Mr. Vivek Agarwal is a young achiever in the Indian business industry. He bagged the Young Entrepreneur Award in the 2015 and also received the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award of Emerging Brand of the Year – MTECH Mobiles. Vivek Agarwal is the Chairman and Managing Director of the GPA Group, and aims build the group as a diverse, sustainable and profitable business model. The core values that drive him in his day-to-day business are Integrity, Precision, Compassion and Promise.

GPA stands for the name of his father, Shri Govind Prasad Agarwal. Obviously, he chose the name as a tribute to him. Another person he looks up to is his uncle Mr. Bijay Agarwal. It is to these two individuals that he turns to in times of crisis for advice and guidance even to this day.

His dream started from his childhood as he grew up seeing his father build everything from scratch. Entrepreneurship was in his blood. He believes that instead of waiting for the right opportunities, one needed to create them. He started with selling tea and bhujiya in college. He also did internship with Himalaya publications as a proof reader. When he used to go home during the holidays he used to sit in the office and observe his father and sharpened his business sense. These experiences have been his school of training. But everything has not been as rosy as it sounds.

After completing his Masters at the Nottingham University Business School, he decided to come back to India to start his own venture. He founded Leverage Group in the year 2010 a real estate company, which is in the business of constructing residential and commercial properties as well as consultancy in real estate. After successful completion of 5 projects in Nagpur, Leverage Group in now building townships of approx. 300 flats and has 5 more projects in pipeline. With considerable experience in the real estate industry under his belt, he has ambitious plans for growth and expansion, and he is actively involved in setting and executing company’s strategic goals.

He is also the Managing Director of M Tech Informatics Ltd which embarks on an ambitious journey to provide quality, affordable innovation along with a promise to deliver high-end after-sales service to the Indian market. Under his leadership, the company bagged the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for Emerging Brand in the year 2015. In span of 4 years, M-Tech has turnover of INR 100 crore. In an expansion mode, M Tech has started its own manufacturing unit in Baddi, HP.

To drive the business idea with innovation and human capital by the implementation of perfect customer centric solutions

The Belgachi Tea Estate, which was acquired by him in the year 2010 when it was declared a sick unit, is now producing 1.5 million kg of tea every year and also provides employment to 1500 people. It is now a profit-making venture. Vivek believes in promoting young talent and he has invested as a venture capitalist, in, which is a marketing and advertising company. It has worked with more than 100 brands from various verticals. He is also an investor and a mentor in that caters to home decor segment. He has been instrumental in the turnaround of both these ventures.

In 2015 he stepped into the world of e-commerce and launched It is the only online portal that offers price comparison, product discovery, coupons and deals and Munafa points (similar to cashback) with value added features such as price drop alert and price graph on a single platform. The best part about being an entrepreneur is breaking new ground and being the first at inventing new technology or creating a new market opportunity where none existed before. It also gives chance to stand up for what you believe in, and spread the word and it is the truest expression of oneself.

He can take the long view and set himself on a path of learning and growth that allows him to accomplish the change he wants to see in the world. It allows him to express his personal core values through his business activities. It certainly involves hard work, commitment and responsibility. But if you love what you do, you will always be highly motivated. He considers himself to be a social entrepreneur and he does find time to spend with those who need social support and encouragement.

As a believer in the spirit of oneness, he shares the benefits of growth in his business with the underprivileged through his initiative called SUIT. He is one of the co-founders of SUIT which works towards educating the underprivileged children. Spread across 5 states (10 districts) and with the support of 10 implementing partners, SUIT has been able to support the education of more than 500 children.

SUIT has transformed more than 25 villages through health education for disease prevention through various activities, which include competitions in drawing, general knowledge, health awareness campaigns etc. Through the initiatives of SUIT (Societal Upliftment Initiative Trust), he gets to spend some quality time with children and it gives him an opportunity to inspire and motivate them. He likes to share his thoughts and ideas through articles, speeches etc. in an effort to reach out to maximum number of people.

To any young and aspiring entrepreneur, he would like to advice the following: believe in yourself- because if you don’t, no one else will; build a strong team – Team Enables to Achieve Miracles; and, be honest.

  • Founder and Managing Director of GPA Group which has a diversified portfolio like Mobile Manufacturing, Real Estate, Tea Estate, E-commerce, Home Decor, Advertisement and FMCG
  • In span of 4 years M-TECH Informatics Ltd has turnover of INR 100 Crore
  • Turned Belgachi Tea Estate, a sick unit into a profit making organization