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Shukanto Ghosh

Managing Director

There are a total of 280 employees working in the facility in India (Sparklet Engineers Private Limited) and 30 employees in the UAE facility (Sparklet Engineers Middle East FZE). The sales achieved from the facility in India was INR 110 crs (16.5 Million USD) in 2015-16 and the sales achieved from the Sharjah Facility was 15 million USD in 2015-16.

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He could not be an engineer, could not be a chartered accountant but the will was there to be better than any and employ many.

Shukanto was born and brought up in Mumbai, studied at the Mithibai College of Arts & Commerce and Economics with the intent not to join his father’s business. The 1st job he got was that of a sales representative selling fire-extinguishers for residential use. Today, Shukanto Ghosh is the Director of Sparklet Engineers Private Limited, Sparklet Engineers Middle East FZE and the recently formed Sparklet Oil & Gas Equipment INC USA.

After brief stints as sales representatives and other odd jobs, he joined his father and learnt the ethical and right ways of doing things from him and subsequently, set the milestones of progress for the Sparklet brand, working under his father Mr R. B Ghosh who was running a proprietorship.

Shukanto is self-taught and has work experience in engineering, marketing and finance, with a background of good product and technology knowledge & has spearheaded challenging projects for all clients with an attitude of on demand services which has percolated to his team he has trained.

The goal is to build the Sparklet brand and grow his team and projects inside out. The team he leads is as young, dynamic and restless as he is. He is a motivated director and motivates all employees right from security to general managers to lead with conviction and self-belief that they are the only torch bearers towards grander success. He is very foresighted and committed to grow in this highly competitive industry.

Able to maintain a constant and steady growth, revenues even in current market conditions (Oil & Gas) have increased by 15 to 20% in the Middle East and India, as equipment’s are technology driven and we have with tie-up’s and agreements for technology transfer with companies globally.

Some of the critical milestones achieved are: crossing a revenue of 5CR INR ( approx. – 900,000 USD), 2004; first exports of well-testing equipment’s in 2006; the first breakthrough in Iraq, 2008; crossing a hundred employees in 2009; supply of nine trailer mounted well-test packages in 2011; setting up in the Middle East in 2012; the first 5000 BOPD EPF in 2012; acquiring 4,000 square meters in Sharjah, 2014; completion of supply of a large size EPF equipment, 2016; formation of Sparklet Oil & Gas Equipment INC USA in February 2016; and, upcoming targets for 2016 look to explore setting up in Algeria, & Nigeria.

There are a total of 280 employees working in the facility in India (Sparklet Engineers Private Limited) and 30 Employees in the UAE facility (Sparklet Engineers Middle East FZE). The Sales achieved from the facility in India in 2014-15 was INR 80 CRS (12.5 million USD) and INR 110 CRS (16.5 million USD) in 2015-16. The Sales achieved from the Sharjah facility in 2014-15 was 10.5 million USD and 15 million USD in 2015-16.

Shukanto has been able to plan 5 to 10 years ahead and not just for the next few years, as growth plans mentioned above itself say of foresight. His motivation is that the company grows due to employees and only the proper encouragements, timely checks of the management will result in employee’s performing beyond expectation and this can lead to company growth as a direct result of motivation. Dream big only if you can work that hard, as company results, progress and future plans only are accounted for from all hard work.

We were taught by the best to be the best and we have to every day strive to do our best as the best does not come easy

Shukanto’s personal success depends only on the success of the company success and today, the company is on path of global recognition. Recognition of Sparklet has been the only dream and seeing it happen is the success. He plans for the future without forgetting the bad of the past. Trust your instincts; be true and honest to yourself, discipline in life and work will take you where you want to go. Passionate about the company, he lives it every day with no time for anything else.
His will is to return a part of the earnings to the society through charity or any other honest method. He is non-political and has no political connections and never tries to influence businesses to flow the company’s ways. He encourages multi-religion employees in companies and ensures all work together.

Personal Achievements of his include: getting the founder due recognition; bringing Sparklet brand to what it is today – growing the company with the growth of the working team, making team Sparklet a dependable team for all our clients; encouraging and retaining talent from the very locality where our industry is; giving job security and growth to all employees; being known as the most reliable company of our industrial zone with strong and ethical principles; being supportive of non-political social causes as and when approached; never shying away from reprimanding or disciplining anyone at any time as it motivates people to do things differently; and, directly faces problems without sweeping any problems under the carpet.

His vision is to be the best, ‘Made in India’ Oil & Gas Equipment Provider in SME sector. From all the countries where we do business – return something back by creating jobs. Have a vision, stick to it, and believe in your core ability. Take calculated risks, move ahead with the times and don’t compare yourself with others & be a good loser.

  • Getting due recognition for Founder Mr. R. B Ghosh and for the Company.
  • Being approached by large multinationals from the oil & gas industry for joint ventures and tie-ups and do business together globally.
  • Being Able to set up factories & offices in 4 countries in a span of 15 years with challenges being faced as an Indian Entrepreneur