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Ramashankar Pandey

Ceo & Managing Director

As the managing director of Hella India Lighting Ltd. since 2010, he has nurtured himself to be an effective leader of any large corporation.

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    Plot No. 184, Udyog Vihar, Phase-1,
    Gurgaon, 122016, India.
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It is said that everyone is born twice in this world, once when he arrives on this earth, and second time when he knows why. For Mr. Ramashankar Pandey, as he graduated, his classmates called him as “Entrepreneur of the Class”. A purpose was born inside him, to make a difference and this could be easily seen from his boundless energy and passion to excel and execute business cases having significant Social & Economic Impact. The Entrepreneur in him had an early start during his college days at National Institute of Technology where he successfully led a team of students and teachers to finance and organise a symposium and an IT Technology Exhibition in 1996 of a National Repute with “Computer Society of India”.

From this humble entrepreneurial start in college when India was looking out to prove its IT core competency to the world, he became the Youngest Professional CEO and Managing Director of a stock exchange Listed German MNC in India at 33 Years and innovated its complete business model successfully towards reducing alarming Road Accidents and Road Deaths through Lighting Technology.

He is passionate about trusting and developing young talents on various platforms. What ignites his internal passion is to set an example of leadership, adventure and enthusiasm. Always unreasonable, an extraordinary performer, he believes in taking larger than life problems as an opportunity to give his own life a meaning.

He was born in a remote Town of Madhubani, Bihar in 1977 but the Purpose of his life was defined by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India in the year 1996, who greatly influenced him to work in the area of creating wealth for development and skilling of India’s vast pool of unemployed youths. The passion to make a difference in skilling India was so deeply imbibed by Dr. Kalam that while he was leading a business at BOSCH India, he founded a self-funded trust named “Prayaas” at Bangalore in 1998 with the help of colleagues from his employer BOSCH-Germany, with the purpose of skilling and educating underprivileged youths. He built schools and organised various vocational trainings for underprivileged youths.

Strong support came in from all strangers who encouraged his mission and the vision which was shared by thousands of employees from various flagship IT companies in Bangalore e.g. Wipro, Lucent, Infosys etc. He pioneered in BOSCH to start specialised vocational courses through “Prayaas” (100% got Jobs) with the help of the ‘Small Industries Development Bank of India’ and later worked for the Education Task Force of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) to design auto-sector specific vocational courses for Delhi University’s initiative for employability creation.

India free from Road Deaths....

As the Managing Director of Hella India Lighting Ltd. since 2010, he has nurtured himself to be an effective leader of any large corporation. Participating at Auto Industry Forums and his Alma matter of NIT Calicut and IIM Bangalore gave him ample opportunities to network and pursue his entrepreneurial agenda. He has demonstrated his tough execution expertise when many doubted the success of his ambitious goals. His vision and passion was always backed by hard work and micromanagement of execution.

With more than 18 years of entrepreneurial and “turn around” specialist experience in the auto component industry, he also has versatile experience both in the manufacturing and marketing industry. As a BOSCH Alumni, his core area of interest is “Technology” and “People Development”, which is core to the successes of any venture in the fast changing world of today. His risk-taking ability is well demonstrated in each of his 3 major turnaround milestones in his Industrial life.

In 2006, he joined Hella Asia Singapore as first employee to lead its Indian Independent Aftermarket Start-Up and received “Employee of the Year” recognition in 2009, as his start-up took shape of a successful business entity after expanding to 100 team members, more than 100 channel partner’s offices nationwide, 3 regional offices and more than 10,000 secondary Retail business association.

In 2010, he started as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of a loss-making arm of Hella Germany in India named Hella India Lighting Ltd. The company had financial success and a complete turnaround in 3 years while expanding its OEM Customer base, building new Plant and Machinery, hiring more than 40 new team members and multiplying revenue. In 2014, this company received the National Award from ACMA which was given by the Union Minister of Govt. of India. In 2015, Company received Industry recognition by receiving the most prestigious Apollo-CV “Auto Component of the Year” Award. Business grew from 4 Mio. EUR in 2009 to 18 Mio. in 2015-16 and company achieved market leadership in many segments.

Graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Dept. at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut and was University “Rank Holder”, he also holds a Diploma in Business Finance from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India and has completed the Executive General Management from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. In addition to this, he also has a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Engaged actively to fight the menace of alarming road deaths on Indian Roads, he takes part in various road safety awareness campaigns as president of CWC.

Mr. Ramashankar optimistically believes that the successes of the last few years is a reflection of what is going to happen. He values and is appreciative of all support coming from all stakeholders. The government of India’s new Road Safety Bill also holds a vision of reducing road deaths by 50%, creation of a skilled India, industry formation and helping of non-governmental efforts through clubD2S and ACMA is very promising as additional successes on his mission.

He holds on to the vision of achieving entrepreneurial success by resolving real life problems such as road deaths in the transport sector and building skilled youths from underprivileged unemployed youths. Mr. Ramashankar’s mission is to ultimately, reduce road deaths by 10 % in the years 2020 and impact employability creation for 10 million youths in his lifetime.

  • As the youngest MD of Hella India Lighting Ltd, turned around a decade old loss-making entity to a sustainable business model
  • As Director and 1st employee for the Indian Set-up at Hella Asia Singapore, he built the foundation of Hella’s Indian Aftermarket start-up from scratch.
  • As youngest Area Manager at BOSCH India, since the year 2000, he brought an ailing region of BOSCH’s Aftermarket in Eastern India to the National fame.