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Paresh Shah

Chief Executive Officer

A truly global professional, today he is comfortable to take up large new initiatives in different parts of the world, blending his technology, operational and inherent leadership strength.

  • Allied Digital Services Limited
  • Chemical And Plastics
  • A-107-108,Sector IV,
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Paresh Shah is a Senior IT Management Executive. He carries over 25 years of experience in IT. He has 13 years of experience working in the US, and 13+ years in India and serving global clients. He has climbed the ladder from a Programmer/Analyst to Chief Architect, CTO and CEO, Executive Director. He carries the education blend of Masters in Science in Computer Science with additional diplomas in Finance and Marketing Management.

He has been a hands-on CEO for over 3 years and an Entrepreneur driving various subsidiaries globally, carrying leadership expertise in all divisions of the enterprise. His primary areas of interest are, driving large businesses, business transformation, business development, enterprise architecture, smart city solutions, corporate finance and global program management.

His motto is to be very adaptive and agile to drive today’s business with the spirit of “passion”, “teamwork” and “innovation”, which he believes are the key pillars to achieve desired goals.

He has seamlessly blended his technology background with the bridge of business development to drive the company to new heights and endeavors. He believes that management is a continuous learning.

He started his career as a telecom Engineer after finishing is Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and subsequently developed an interest in pursuing a master’s Degree from the US I Computer and Information Science. Upon successful completion of his Master’s he joined the prestigious Bell Labs as a Programmer and Data Analyst. With the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top researchers, he gained a technology edge, as well as the Business Analytics Ability and to be a humble person. In 1996, with NCR, he acquired a patent on “ContextMap Search Algorithm”, which has been instrumental to search engines.

The spirit of entrepreneurship in today’s world is a combination of “passion”, “teamwork” and “innovation” which will enable us to achieve desired goals. For entrepreneurs, enabling technology for business along with social cause is a true reward.

Moving from his research he gathered experience in Wall Street working with Merrill Lynch as well as doing projects for Citibank on state-of-the-art technologies such as Portas, personalization and business to business transactional security.

Having a technology career for over 12 years and finally as an enterprise architect, he moved to India in 2002. He had a year’s stint as a consultant to a banking software company, a post where he diverted his attention to large scale delivery, innovation and business development at Wipro Technologies. He gained two diplomas in marketing management and finance and shifted his career to developing new innovative frameworks in HR and a new business model combining the first BPO as a service offering combining domain, IT and BPO. He was instrumental in winning large outsourcing deals as a practice head at Wipro as well as consulting and delivering large man-power based IT transformation projects.

By the end of 2009, to fuel his entrepreneurship role further, he found an excellent opportunity to drive business development innovation and operational efficiency at Allied Digital Services Limited, the present company. This was another highlight in his career, where he first brought operational efficiency globally, boosting immediate growth to U.S. operations, he embarked on new innovations and successfully delivered a new framework for IT services management. He gained IT infrastructure expertise and improved the network and security operations for global customers.

In early 2013, when he was promoted to Global CEO, he made radical changes in business development, supporting the win for the first $40 Million safe city project as a public initiative for the City of Pune Metro for Allied Digital. With several challenges in finance, public environment and local authorities, he took support of various stakeholders and led the execution to deliver a state-of-the-art, award winning project in the public sector. With some great achievements in 2015, he got the company several awards and appreciation from the state and central government in India. This has taken his business skills to new heights.

A truly global professional, today he is comfortable to take up large new initiatives in different parts of the world, blending his technology, operational and inherent leadership strength. His social causes include various donation camps, supporting women opportunities, visiting old age homes. He claims, that his next years will be dedicated to delivering technology primarily to social causes.

  • Working with research teams at Bell Labs and NCR built a strong foundation for working on path-breaking initiatives in technology.
  • Bridging innovation with Business to come up with innovative business models, which helped bring large deals as well as develop new lines of business, specifically at Wipro.
  • Transformation of my company by improving operational efficiency, embarking on new lines of business, orienting the company to new goals and strategies – able to sustain business dynamics and yet achieve global business growth.