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Manoj Bisht

Main Founder

Future plans of MKI include creating a best-trusted brand in the service industry that customers trust and believe. We have already started operations in Dubai and Muscat, and soon can create trust to be built in the gulf and other regions.

  • MK Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
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    Opp Asiad Village, 39, Shahpur Jat,
    110049, New Delhi, India
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MK Infosystems Pvt Ltd (MKI) started in 2002 with the commitment to provide the best services and solutions to its client by the main founder – Manoj Bisht and Preeti Bisht. Preeti Bisht has supported Manoj Bisht and encouraged him all the way including during slow down periods. She has also provided moral support through their family and kids as it was not easy to start a new business. It is said that there is always a lady’s hand behind any success and in this case, it is none other than Preeti Bisht.

Manoj Bisht was born in a lower middle-class family and traits such as loyalty and harwork were inherited from his family background. Mr Manoj Bisht’s father, Shri Gajpal Singh Bisht, was in the Border Security Force as a Junior Commission Officer and had always kept saying that success does not come in overnight and requires lots of hardwork and loyalty. He also was known to say to never think negative as anything can happen and we should take everything positively and never give up if we lose. Instead, if we work harder, success will come automatically.

Manoj Bisht has completed his all basic academic education from government schools in Hindi mediums and then moved to complete his Polytechnic in Electronics and Electrical Communication from Pusa Institute Delhi. After which, Manoj Bisht started his job with a small company and simultaneously continued his education and completed the MCSE, Cisco certification, Tyco Network Certification, and managing courses. He finally quit the job and aspired to do something new and started MK Infosystems Pvt Ltd in 2002. It was not an easy time to start businesses as they faced slowdowns but with hardy traits from their upbringing helped him grow stronger in the midst of these challenges. The company started to provide LAN / Wan solutions and soon understood that there is huge demand in the market for Security Surveillance and added that in. Today, MK Infosystems is leader of Networking and Security Surveillance solutions.

In due course, MK Infosystems has completed some of most prestigious projects. In Security Surveillance for the Indian Parliament House, Delhi City, Hyderabad Metro, District Court Saket, Vardhman Group all Plants, BEL Plants, Air force, Delhi Airport, Uttarakhand Police and many more. Projects for Networking solutions are such as for the biggest data center of Asia – UID, Bits Pilani, Allamalai University, HMEL Refinery Bhatinda, ICICI Bank in 18 states, Reliance, BEL, BHEL, NTPC, IOCL, Vardhman Group and many more.

MKI is more than just a vendor and instead, is a partner of our customers providing solutions for their ROI’s. MKI has an esteemed relationship with its principles and also with its customers due to which our presence in the market is a positive one. MKI’s commitments to our customers and dedication towards duties and responsibilities has paved the welcome path for MKI to be the “Market-Leader”. Additionally, MKI always believe on timely service with optimal quality.

At MKI, we never say that we are working at a loss or a smaller margin, and instead, we always say we are here to make margins where only then we will able to give you services. If there is drop in market prices, we pass on the discounts to clients vice-versa if there is an escalation in prices, we will the same from clients.

Praise your self for your good work, dream big, if people are not laughing on your goal then your goal is small

We have a strong hold on our supplies and deliveries to make timely deliveries possible. We have a dedicated Procurement Division which works very closely with our Support, Marketing and Logistics departments to help them with the efficient acquisition of products. Our Procurement Department works independently with full authority over acquisition of products owing to the need for delivering the solution/product to the client without any unnecessary delays. With a great foresight, our procurement department makes sure that we have every product needed in stock. Project implementation by MKI takes place ‘24 – 7’ for 365 days a year as per site requirements and project complexity. In terms of competitor tenders, we work out prices for our competitors and then work out reverse prices for ourselves. This strategy works for the most part for winning bids.

Always think different, put your foot in your customer’s shoes, and provide any solution accordingly and the quote to our employees is ‘work hard, party harder’ and success will always be with you.

MKI has different policies to our employees, and we always keep on motivating them with the help of incentives, outings, trainings and remind them that they are partners of MKI, that are part of our growth. The more pillars we create, the stronger our building and this is the reason our retention of employees is very high. We do keep on caring for their families also so they feel safe to work with us.

MK Infosystems has won numerous awards such as the ‘Best Upcoming Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2008 by DQ Week; ‘Best Networking Solution Provider’ in North India in the SME segment by CRN, for 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2014; ‘Award from Chanel Work – Chanel World 100 Premier 2011 and 2013’; ‘Best System Integrator in Delhi NCR’ by Worldwide Achiever and IBN 7, 2015; and ‘Power Brand Glam Awards Best Networking Solution Company’ in Delhi NCR at SME, 2016.

Future plans of MKI include creating a best-trusted brand in the service industry that customers trust and believe. We have already started operations in Dubai and Muscat, and soon can create trust to be built in the Gulf and other regions.

Manoj Bisht plans to get retire from his business at the age of 50 as he is 43 just now and wants to be a business mentor after handing over his role to his successor. Subsequent to his retirement, he intends to contribute to social services and provide more valuable support in this area.

Manoj Bisht 2 children: Anushka Bisht, his 17-year-old daughter who aspires to be an Engineer succeed her father in MK Infosystems and, Anshul Bisht his 14-year-old son who has the dream of becoming a sports person, and is currently receiving professional cricket training.


  • Started MK Infosystems Pvt Ltd without any planning or vision but only with the understanding he will earn more then what he was getting from his salary, and has never looked back. Today MKI is Brand for Trust to clients.


  • Awarded Best Upcoming Young Entrepreneur of the Year from Delhi and NCR – giving him more energy to do better


  • Awarded Best Top 3 Network Solution Company in India (SME Segment)