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Lakshmi Ram Thakuria

Chairman Cum Managing Director

Charugroup of Industries had a start-up capital outlay of Rs. 45.00 Laksh in the year 1995 with a sales turn over during that initial period of Rs.29.00 Laksh and only 12 employees. Present sales realisation for the 2014-15 year stands at INR 16,23,40,759.00 (1623.41 Laksh) and employs 125 staff.

  • Charu Group Of Industries
  • Chemical And Plastics
  • Mother Teresa Road,
    Forest Gate, Narengi,
    Guwahati, Assam
  • 91 361 2551941/2653946

Mr Lakshmi Ram Thakuria is the Chairman cum Managing Director Charugroup of Industries located in Guwahati, Assam within the Union republic of India. Mr Lakshmi being a son of a teacher, studied civil engineering with post-graduation in management and NCS and some professional course such as Industrial Management, Financial Management, and Entrepreneurial Development programs and then started a venture in MSME Sector as a first generation entrepreneur.

Charugroup of Industries had a start-up capital outlay of Rs. 45.00 Laksh in the year 1995 with a sales turn over during that initial period of Rs.29.00 Laksh and only 12 employees. Present sales realisation for the 2014-15 year stands at INR 16,23,40,759.00 ( 1623.41 Laksh) and employs 125 staff. Present capital structures as at 31-02-15 is INR 7,20,19,938.72 ( 720.20 Laksh).

During the initial period of this venture, the local society was conservative and the main objectives of educated youths were to win government jobs. There was no recognition for a first generation entrepreneur in society. Mr. Lakshmi’s constant struggle and consistent perseverance finally enabled him to attain his goal and relinquished the conservative mind-set predominant in the society.
Development of skilled manpower was a big challenge. The indigenous work force were not families with plastic technology and polymer science that could mitigate the challenges hence, Mr. Lakshmi personally endeavoured to develop the new faces of work force by imparting practical training at the shop floor.

Initially, the arrangement of working capital funds from Commercial banks were a big challenge for us. This problem in arranging working capital funds were mitigated through our short and long term goals with management skills. Management techniques utilised for regular cash-flow during economic procurement of raw materials in bulk quantities and systematic execution of supply orders to the indenting authorities after scrutiny of healthy fund position to our satisfaction. This method of fund flow management helped in relishing the recycling of working capital.

Our achievements in relation to generation of employment opportunities started with 12 in the work force as part of the initial phase of operations, to 125 employees during the year under report. As of now wastage of human resource in this populous country of India is a big challenge to be dealt with. In the course of vertical and horizontal business expansion and constant development of infrastructure which posed as a challenge, national reputation is established before the public in general and Government in particular.

Charugroup of Industries has also maintained an active role in the conversion of indigenous raw materials into finished products for public usage that also supplies potable water, agricultural and energy saving through the practice of rain water harvesting. A long-term goal in providing financial assistance to build a mini stadium for school goers is refurbished and it is part of the Charugroup of Industries’ Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) among accomplishing other charitable activities required for the uplifting of society. A long-term goal for the organisation is for global marketing in connivance with reputed forums.

The organisation has also achieved in terms of the creation of congenial product marketing activities maintaining with specified standard quality products and through the expansion of markets and increasing sales turnovers. This is also a long-term goal and a continuous process for the organisation for which our marketing team conducts market surveys at regular intervals. We develop infrastructures by establishing an Industrial Estate namely: Thakuria Industrial Area” in the course of Mr. Lakshmi’s entrepreneurial journey during the years 2011 to 2012.

Balanced and dignified team work with high passion to create a congenial environment to deliver the goods & services to humanity is the evolving factor behind the success of our company

Charugroup of Industries is looking to gear up for expansion, diversion and upgrading with modern technologies across the region. On expansion & modernisation of the present arena, horizons of the business would be covered with maximum generation of employment opportunities and for provision of assured security and safety with healthy benefits to dignified team members.
Another long-term goal is when the industrial area namely “Thakuria Industrial Area” attaining the status as an Industrial Hub and also milestone for unemployed youth of the region in general and government agencies in particular for the creation of skilled manpower as well as having provisions for imparting skilled development programs, ‘Make In India’ and placement cells in the five-year plan to accomplish our long term plan.

Lastly, we also intend on maintaining product quality and services in accordance with international standardization as one of our long term goals.

The Charugroup of Industries also has a number of additional health-related initiatives for the betterment of our team members, and they include housing facilities for lodging of team members, wearing of masks and hand gloves during work hours to avoid hazards, wearing of uniforms by staff, provision of drinking water, hygienic toilets, recreation rooms and staff canteens, provision of a first aid box, ensuring all employees are registered with the Employees State Insurance body from the Government of India, ensuring all employees receive coverage by the Employees Provident Fund, provision of Leave Travel Concessions, and ensuring all employees are covered with Mediclaim Insurance schemes, and under the Gratuity Benefit Act 1972 and Accident Insurance.

Charugroup of Industries asserts that in our region, pollution consent is exempted for Green Category products such PVC, plastic and polymer products. Waste materials are also being recycled within permissible limits and the remaining materials are disposed by selling to petty vendors.

We also provide security and safety measures with adequate installation of fire extinguishers, and passage free provisions for movement of the fire brigade with water pools. Last but not least, to maintain fair and free administration, there is a standing order register where all standing orders are visibly displayed in prominent areas of the working place.

  • National Award conferred by His Excellency, President of India, Govt. of India
  • “Bharat Gaurav” Award
  • Chairman of the “Charugroup” of Companies