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Dr. Trimbakrao Tulshiram Patil

Founder, Director And Chairman

The company achieved a turn-over of Inr 914 million during the 2014-15 financial year. The company also has associations with companies from UAE, China, Taiwan and Italy for imports of specialty products.

  • Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Agriculture
  • No. 114, City Mall,
    Ganesh Khind Road,
    Near Pune University,
  • 91 20 6640 5736/ 37

Establishing “A Complete Plant Nutrition Company” was a dream of Dr. T.T. Patil to serve Indian farmers in an effective way and this required more than 20 years of continuous effort. The Company is a leader in the field of Scientific Crop Nutrition Programs across the Country with a large base of Indian customer farmers, who have been benefited using the latest Fertigation Technology promoted by him.

Dr. T.T. Patil was born in a small Indian farmer family in the Northern part of the Maharashtra province in India. Being the eldest, he shared many family responsibilities to educate his younger siblings in addition to his education from school up till university education in the faculty of Agricultural Science. His uncle Mr. Anandrao Patil a school teacher was his mentor who encouraged him to pursue higher education besides moral support of his Spouse Mrs. Sindhu Patil. A Senior Officer at University shared with him that “Work Always Pays” and this thought encouraged him to follow paths of sincerity in all walks of life. Dr. T.T. Patil ultimately completed his Doctorate studies in Agriculture with specialization in Agronomy (Soil – Water Management).

Dr. T.T. Patil is the Founder, Director and Chairman of Company since 1994 and is supported by Mr. Praveen Patil, his elder son, also one of the Founder Directors in the company, who is a qualified Chemical Engineering and Marketing professional who manages the company’s business planning, marketing and sales promotion activities.

Mahafeed Speciality Fertilizers (India) Pvt. Ltd., is the first company which promoted the “Fertigation Technology” (Fertigation + Irrigation) in India using 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Bio-Stimulants and others. The company has provided face-to -face education to nearly half a million farmers nationwide to promote “Fertigation Technology” with the support from experts from international companies. This approach established the company name in India with large support from farmers as dedicated customers. Currently, its products are marketed in 10 provinces in India through 4,000 dealers and distributors.

The company has its own warehouse and packing facilities with modern packing plant machinery to handle expensive and delicate ‘water soluble crop nutrition’ inputs. The company’s Head Office is in Pune with 12 Branch Offices in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka States supported by nearly 125 employees for marketing and technical services. The company achieved a turn-over of INR 914 million during the 2014-15 financial year. The company also has associations with companies from UAE, China, Taiwan and Italy for imports of specialty products. The company is planning a future Joint Venture under the “Make in India” program for manufacturing to substitute imports in future.

Work always pays

Dr. T.T. Patil himself is an expert in the field of Crop Management and Nutrition and his field experience has contributed significantly in promoting “Fertigation Technology” in India and helped to achieve steady growth of the company. Besides this, Dr. T.T. Patil is also experienced in finance and imparts financial training to teams for effective performances. He also delegates authority to other Directors and key employees to make their own decisions in the interest of the company.

The success of Dr. T.T. Patil is due to sincerity shown in every aspect of his personal life and business activities. The unique aspect of his business success was due to consistency in quality, supply and technical services provided to the end-customers with available manpower. Similarly, he utilised banking finance only for business operations and ploughed back profits for company infrastructures, plant and machinery without availing bank finances.

The most passionate characteristic of Dr. T.T. Patil is his vision for future planning of business, sourcing innovative and new generation products to the company’s portfolio to serve customers better than competitors. Besides this, he enjoys working for community organizations and presently acts as President of Indian Speciality Fertilizers Association (ISFA).

Dr. T.T. Patil always reminds his employees that they should do their assignments within stipulated time frames without further reminders. He also points out mistakes if any, at the right times, with guidelines to improve their skills and performance. As an entrepreneur, he gives specific attention to planning and a periodical review of targets followed by suitable corrective measures.

Dr. T.T. Patil always reminds employees that “company grows, you will grow”, which means employees will be entitled to appropriate rewards and incentives. The vision of Dr. T.T. Patil is to expand technology across India in the next 5 years and educate farmers for higher productivity and higher quality farm produce. An entrepreneur’s job is to motivate both employees and customers to learn and adopt new technological changes for self-development.

His advice to entrepreneurs is to plan business models according to the specific needs of the country for target customers, which is the most vital in early phase.

  • Dr. T.T. Patil did his Graduation with Agriculture in Distinction. He further did his Post Graduation in Agriculture (Agronomy) in the MPKV University and is recipient of “Principal V. G. Gokhale Gold Medal” being First in Post Graduate studies.
  • He formed present Company in the year 1994 with small bank finance of INR 1.3 Million which is now increased upto INR 290 Millions which establishes consistency in growth and performance since inception.
  • His company is first an ISO 9001 : 2008 company in Agri – Inputs business and has NSIC – CRISIL Rating of SE 1 A. This rating indicates “Highest Performance Capability and High Financial Strength”.