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Dr Mukesh Batra

Founder & Chairman

Today, Dr Batra’s® positive health Clinics Pvt Ltd has over 225 clinics across 122 cities in India, Bangladesh, Dubai and London that treats over 7 lakh patients.

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Few lives manage to combine professional excellence and personal achievement with social commitment and contribution in the manner of visionary entrepreneur, Dr Mukesh Batra, a Padma Shri recipient and one of the most renowned homeopaths in India. Dr Batra founded Dr Batra’s® Positive Health Clinic as a patient-driven institution in Mumbai in 1982. He has been practicing homeopathy since 1974 and has played a pivotal role in the development of homeopathy in India.

Entering the profession at a time when it was regarded as an ancient art, Dr Batra, armed with little more than a first class professional degree and a fierce determination, took up the colossal challenge of winning homeopathy the medical respect it deserved. Dr Mukesh Batra has worked single handedly to change the perception of homeopathy as a form of medical practice. Today, homeopathy is viewed as a modern, progressive, efficient and effective medical option and this is a tribute to his medical skills, entrepreneurial courage, dedication and foresight.

Dr Batra was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in a family of doctors, his mother was an allopath and father a homeopath. By his own admission, Dr Mukesh Batra made the “lazy and easy choice” to study homoeopathy. Except that he soon discovered that it was just as rigorous a field as any other medical science. His first encounter with risk was when he rejected an offer of a teaching post at a salary of INR 450 a month, which in those days was a fairly decent wage and instead opted for an internship at a charitable clinic at a modest INR 150 per month.

Having made a tough career decision, he struggled for 9 years. Over the years he won the trust of many patients and mustered the courage to start his own clinic. The breakthrough came in 1982, when he took a leap of faith and started a well-appointed clinic in south Mumbai. There were very few people who actually believed in homeopathy. Therefore, the other obvious but most difficult challenge was to change the way homeopathy was perceived, followed by setting standardization protocols for medicines, treatments and even clinics interiors, in otherwise unorganized medical sector.

Dr Batra has worked tirelessly to popularize homeopathy and break the stereotype image that homeopathy is a musty, traditional system based on plant and animal extracts. People needed to appreciate the modernity and logic of homeopathy. To address this challenge, Dr Batra set out to cultivate a deliberately upmarket identity for homeopathy. The plan was going to need considerable investment and the first outlay was on a swanky clinic. He was determined that it should look like a million bucks and smell of a progressive, futuristic air.

However, as banks refused to lend any funds, Dr Batra borrowed money at an exorbitant 36 per cent per annum as he believed that homeopathy has a lot to offer the mankind. From a single clinic in Mumbai, he went on to open the second clinic in Bangalore, and then the third one in Vadodara. It took a lot of effort, perseverance and good 10 years for him to legitimize homeopathy as not only a paid and professional service but also position it as a modern medical tool not only in India but also in countries like Mauritius, London and UAE.

Make five-year business plans and change them every morning; a good entrepreneur is one who takes opportunities that come his way

Today, Dr Batra’s® Positive Health Clinics Pvt Ltd has over 225 clinics across 122 cities in India, Bangladesh, Dubai and London that treats over 7 lakh patients. The company has made a smooth transition from Dr Batra’s® homeopathy to Dr Batra’s® healthcare. The company has recently launched the world’s first state-of-the-art Signature Homeopathy Clinic in Al Wasl, Dubai. With the new Signature Homeopathy Clinic, Dr Batra’s® is revolutionizing the world of healthcare. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic examination rooms, personalized treatments, health bar, doctor home visit service, video calls with doctors and a royal butler service.

Under the umbrella of Dr Batra’s® Healthcare are a group of companies including Dr Batra’s Homoeopathy, Dr Batra’s International, Dr Batra’s Aesthetic Solutions, Dr Batra’s Products, Dr Batra’s Franchise, Dr Batra’s Media, Dr Batra’s Academy and Dr Batra’s Foundation. With a robust expansion strategy in mind, the company opens around 2 new clinics a week.

Only a few years ago, it was socially déclassé to be a homeopath. Today, Dr Batra treat all kinds of patients ranging from the common man to celebrities, authors, artists, top actors, and heads of states including prime ministers, governors and chief ministers.

Dr Mukesh Batra’s entrepreneurial journey was full of ups and downs but he learned not to lose heart, rebuilt and recouped. You have to fail quickly to succeed fast,” he says, philosophically. Today, Dr Batra’s® boasts a robust retail presence in over 10000 outlets with over 50 SKU’s with presence in India and Dubai.

Dr Batra’s® has now become an authority in prophylactic as well as therapeutic homeopathic treatment owing to its distinctive practices and competencies. Dr Batra’s®, the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 homeopathic institution, is now ISO 9001:2008 certified as it follows international protocols and good clinical practices.

Few dare to dream. Even fewer realise those dreams. Dr Mukesh Batra stands out as one such achiever. Deftly manoeuvring his roles as a doctor, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he manages his responsibilities with clockwork precision. With uncluttered thoughts and excellent time management skills, he takes time out to be a photographer, animal lover, social worker and a patron of theatre and the arts.

A profound proponent of the joy of giving, Dr Batra has set up the Positive Health Foundation, which provides free homeopathic treatment to over 20,000 patients, through over 100 free clinics. His personal interests that include photography and singing have been turned into exhibitions and concerts that raise funds for charitable causes. It can truly be said of him that his is a life very well lived, rendering him a man very well loved.

  • Dr. Mukesh Batra was awarded with Padma Shri for Medicine in 2012 by Smt. Pratibha Patil, Former President of India. The award is India’s 4th highest civilian award by the Government of India.
  • Dr Mukesh Batra was nominated for the prestigious Pride of India Award, which was presented in New York, USA
  • Dr Mukesh Batra Awarded ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the World Medical Council