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Dewang Neralla

Chief Executive Officer

The company has seen a 70% Y.O.Y. increase in revenue since then. Mr. Neralla strongly believes that digital payments will shape up India in the near future and will be the driving force for the economy.

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Mr. Dewang Neralla started his career with completion of Bachelors in Engineering in 1990 from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Pune. He started working in 1991, after which he joined the Bombay Stock Exchange in IT Team, one of the 7 selected from 5000 applicants. During his tenure at the Bombay Stock Exchange (1992-95), he received training in various fields. In 1995, after completing trainings in various aspects of the financial market and trading systems, he got offers from various companies like AT & T and Tandem to work in USA. He then had to choose between staying in India or shifting to the USA.

He was approached by Mr. Jignesh Shah, founder Financial Technologies Ltd. in January 1995 asking him to join FT as a co- founder with him and head the Technology team. Mr. Neralla then decided to take a call and stay in India itself, stepped down from the Bombay Stock Exchange and joined FT as a co-founder. At Financial Technologies, they wanted to create something that will be called ‘Made in India’. In 1998 they launched their first product ODIN, which became the market leader in the industry. Mr Neralla was responsible for the front end, technology and risk management of the product they had launched.

His primary focus, during the days prior to Atom, had been technology rather than business. He has been instrumental for product creation, engineering and had been responsible for rolling out the first exchange trading system for FT and STP-Gate, an internet based messaging platform for electronic contract notes.
Since 2003- 04, they started to shift their focus on developing new products for the market. After extensive market research, they decided to venture into the payments market. In 2006, they formed a company to focus on mobile payment. They dreamt of mobile being the de facto mode of payment for the future. They had been testing mobile technology since 1998 for trading purposes in various smart phones, so it was lot easier to develop.

In 2006, they formed ‘Atom Technologies Ltd’ as the payment company and Mr. Neralla was asked to oversee Atom. They started building a team, getting people from payments domain and others in 2006. They spent almost the first two years of incorporation making the base for mobile payments since it was very early for India to have mobile payments. Mobile markets had not reached a growing stage then. In April 2008, they had launched their first product ‘Interactive Voice Response’ payment.

They were the first in Indian market to launch such a product. Atom then got into various segments like cash, electronic and all the life cycles of every human being in the country. They initiated with POS merchant acquisitions, financial inclusions, internet based payments for brokers, IVR based payments, and more. Atom started to scale up but the payment industry in India was still at an infancy stage.

In 2011, Atom restructured its business models to focus on its key strengths. They started to focus only on payments and merchant. The outcome of this change in direction of the company resulted in phenomenal growth of the company. The company has seen a 70% y.o.y. increase in revenue since then. Mr. Neralla strongly believes that digital payments will shape up India in the near future and will be the driving force for the economy.

Always believe in yourself. There is no substitute for hard work. Go and get it. Just do it.

His Contribution in Atom Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Dewang Neralla’s vision made Atom Technologies Ltd. one of India’s Most Innovative Payment Company. The journey of innovation began in 2008, when they launched IVR, first in the Indian market and then it took to various products like bar code based payments, QR-based payments, Card present transctions on mobile phones, multi bucket prepaid cards, multi bank EMI, and more, receiving numerous awards for this. The company recently won an award for ‘The Best Payment Facilitator in the Country’ in E- Tailing India Expo, Mumbai organised on 17th February, 2016.
He credits his team for taking Atom to reach such heights. He says that the innovation has been driven by the team members themselves, hence he believes that this is his biggest contribution as a leader in the company. Under his leadership, the company has grown from 5 employees to 120 employees currently. The company is also looking for international business opportunities globally.

The other side of the Entrepreneur

Mr. Neralla is extremely passionate about his work and creating new things. He calls himself a creator rather than a manager. He loves exploring new things, learning about them and experimenting. He believes in learning in various stages of life as it is universal. Other than work, he loves to meet new people, build start- ups, watch movies, dance, and read. He would like to travel the world someday. He enjoys looking at art works and would like to make a collection of it soon and has recently started photography.

His hopes for the Future

He wants to make Atom instrumental in helping India become a ‘Cashless Society’. Mr. Neralla feels the future will be exciting. He prefers to live in the present at all the times and is a very optimistic person with a strong belief that whatever happens, happens for the good, believing at the same to continue he hard work so as to generate fruits for the future.

He finds excitement in creation and it to be the most rewarding aspect of the entrepreneur journey.


  • Launch of first product in Financial Technologies Ltd.


  • Launch of Atom Technologies Ltd.


  • Atom received ‘The Best Payment Facilitator in the Country’ in E- Tailing India Expo, Mumbai on 17th February, 2016.