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Balan M Thevar

Managing Director & CEO

Under Balan M Thevar, leadership of the company has emerged as one of the largest scale producers of fruits, vegetables and livestock.

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Balan M Thevar is the Founder, Promoter and Managing Director of Shine Agrotechnology Pvt Ltd. which is an emerging Livestock integrated Agricultural Company with established research manufacturing and marketing capabilities. The family has a rich tradition dating back to over 150 years and over 6 generations of the Thevar family have carried this agriculture work.

Under Balan M Thevar, leadership of the company has emerged as one of the largest scale producers of fruits, vegetables and livestock. We have diversified successful business models with two core businesses from the product portfolio of the company namely agricultural produce such as grafted varieties of gooseberries, lemons, bananas, coconuts and seasonal vegetables.

As the Managing Director, Mr Thevar, has been the backbone of the company’s operations and strategies. Under his guidance, the company has ventured into new geographies with a wide product range in various geographies. His vision and value system have guided the organization towards sustainable profitability. Mr Thevar has created a professional team and expects the company to emerge as a dominant player across multiple segments.

The other segments include livestock such as cows, goats and country chickens. Both our streams are interlinked with each other as agricultural leftovers are processed and fed to cattle and cattle excreta are priceless manure to our plantations. We practise our farming in an organic way as an initiative to create a healthier generation.

It is no secret that Shine Agro Technology’s success is attributed to the optimism of its leader. Mr Balan M Thevar believes in fair practises and assumes no enemies. Regardless as a friend or one who thinks of him as a foe, this visionary leader always offers his hand when needed.

Mr Balan M Thevar says all entrepreneurs must believe in a quote that started him on his entrepreneurial journey; “when you have a dream, don’t let anything dim it. Keep hoping; keep trying, for the sky is the limit”

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal

Key Initiatives of the company include:


The Company under Balan M Thevar has initiated rain harvesting and excavated around 49,000 cubic feet of land. As the company’s land is located at the foothills of western Ghats, the rainwater gushing down the hills are on route to the pond which naturally leads towards rain water harvesting to contribute towards depleting water levels on-ground. With the highest rainfall in the region recorded, our company has given back to nature its water resource of approximately 8.7 lac litres.

As an initiative to bring small scale farmers to global agricultural production standards Balan M Thevar is into educating fellow farmers in the region about organic awareness. Drip irrigation, multi-crop farming, retaining soil fertility, contract and co-operative farming where they can hire high-price machinery on a co-operative basis promoting faster processes from the farm to consumers.

Under Balan’s guidance the company has initiated the Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Livelihood for Unsupported Humans and Specially-abled People.

Shine Agrotechnology has a long tradition of public service and commitment to the communities where we operate. Our promoter is deeply committed in promoting health for mentally unsound people. As Balan has a family relationship with the “M. S. CHELLAMUTHU TRUST AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION” which has a motto “The Trust That Cares the Uncared.”, Balan has personally invested funds to contract a wing in this trust to house and take care of mentally challenged people

As the founder of the trust, Dr. C. Ramasubramanian (M.B.B.S., M.D (Psychiatry) DPM) has been a motivator and an inspiration to our promoters in service for the uncared people as the trust and our company have a joint vision in creating a new life for such people. By training them and providing jobs, a secure place to live, earning for their own self-dependent future, as it says it is akin to “Service to poor and needy is service to God.”

Education for Children

Shine Agrotechnology has a long tradition of public service and commitment to the communities where we operate. Our promoter is deeply committed to the cause of ‘Education for All’ especially for women as the backbone of their family and her critical importance in shaping a child’s mind-set, beliefs and character. In this regard, Shine has extended its involvement in several education-related civic initiatives such as supporting activities in educating women in rural and backward areas in Tirunelveli district Tamil Nadu. These institutes are recognized by the education board of the government, thus creating a significant window of opportunity for gainful employment for rural masses and are an endeavor to uplift their economic status.


An increasingly important part of Shine Agrotechnology’s business philosophy, these initiatives reach out to people and animals. We are fully committed to setting up initiatives that can contribute to the local community and supporting worthwhile campaigns such as ‘In Defence of Animals (IDA)’. We have actively supported the IDA campaign, which aims to eliminate animal abuse, as well as support their program, which provides critical care to stray animals and medication to injured strasy thereby reducing unnecessary deaths of these animals.

Rain Harvesting and Drip Irrigation

  • With help of a strong Team from Local University Mr. Balan created a self-sustaining Rain Harvesting System & Drip Irrigation System to cover entire 150 Acres of farmland ensuring self-sufficiency and independence from seasonal rainfall.

Marketing & Distribution System

  • Mr. Balan has been able to tie up in last two years with major fruit and vegetable distributors covering all 29 states & over 600 districts from distribution only in Tamil Nadu.

Organic Farming

  • Mr. Balan has worked hard with the technical team to eliminate chemical fertilizers & has self-sufficient organic fertilizers & entire produce is pure organic completely devoid of any chemicals or unnatural additives