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Amit Maheshwari

Managing Director And Founder

Under Amit Maheshwari’s vision, Softlink Global has provided superior products to the logistics industry across the world. His passion for technology has resulted in excellent innovations giving a paradigm change to the way the logistics industry operates today.

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The name Amit Maheshwari is synonymous to ‘IT in logistics’. Under his aegis for two decades, Softlink has become a leading provider of Superior Technology products to the Global Logistics industry. Amit is a first generation entrepreneur who has seen the odds and evens, from the late 90s of the IT boon to the bubble burst of 2002 and also the global economic slump in 2008-09 with unmatchable skills and courage through all those times.

Amit Maheshwari is Founder, CEO & MD of Softlink Global, Superior Technology provider for Logistics industry. Softlink is one of the world’s leading product companies, which exclusively provides software solutions across the logistics sector to Freight Forwarders, Custom Brokers, 3rd Party Logistic Companies, Importers and Exporters. Established in 1992, Softlink is headquartered in India with branches and associates scattered across the globe. Softlink has a widespread network in various regions inclusive of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Today, Softlink serves more than 90,000 globally active users in over 3500 logistics companies across 35 countries. Softlink’s unending list of customers includes single-office SME’s to large multinationals spread across the world.

An Engineer by education, Amit is truly a technology evangelist and is really great at finding technical solutions to various business challenges. He is also known for his thought leadership and revolutionary ideas across the logistics industry. His expertise spans strategic planning, information management, financial resource management, product development and marketing. Amit is responsible for Softlink’s overall global operations, which include all regional business operations and corporate functions such as marketing, product development, quality and technology. He brings years of cumulative logistics industry knowledge, experience and technological expertise to the table.

Amit, who is a through and through problem solver, has always focused on innovatively solving various problems of the industry. The product designer in him is driven by his keen problem- solving aptitude. Since its inception, Softlink has followed the product approach and has created numerous software products to address the industries crucial problems and challenges. This has contributed to Softlink’s exponential growth and has established its solutions as the benchmark for other software applications in the logistics industry.

For over two decades, Amit’s conviction has made logistics companies around the globe adopt technology, resulting into improved business efficiency and profitability for them. He envisages the future of the industry’s needs and has helped Softlink maintain a distant advantage over their competitors who have been trying to replicate Softlink’s success.

Having started his career as a Freight Forwarder & Customs Broker, Amit envisioned utilizing Information Technology to simplify the operational challenges of the logistics industry. With that vision, Softlink Global was realized and has turned into a leading Software provider for the Freight Forwarding & Logistics Industry.

Under Amit Maheshwari’s vision, Softlink Global has provided superior products to the logistics industry across the world. His passion for technology has resulted in excellent innovations giving a paradigm change to the way the logistics industry operates today. His determination for success makes thousands of LSPs bank on Softlink’s leading products. About a decade back, Amit designed the Visual Impex to solve the challenges of the custom broker industry. Later, Visual Impex went on to become the world’s highest selling customs software and today is responsible for over 70% of market share along with Softlink’s other software.

Evolve: do not rest on your laurels, always keep evolving – professionally and personally.


Amit’s vision to provide a single platform software to integrate and automate entire operations of logistics companies was the genesis of Logi-Sys – Next Generation ERP for Freight Forwarders and Logistics companies. Logi-Sys is robust, flexible and scalable to the needs of the industry. Logi-Sys is a powerful application that automates processes to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service and reduce costs.
If you ask him his secret to success, Amit answers in one word – Evolve. A strong believer in Darwin’s theory, Amit has practically utilized the evolution theory in changing times. Softlink’s products have been evolving quickly to adapt to the changes in the industry. An Indian by heart, Global in spirit, Amit is a globe trotter and has a keen understanding of workings in different countries and a myriad of cultures. Friendly and approachable, he gels easily with everyone around. His charming personality and enviable knowledge has lasting impact on the people he meets.

Amit’s love for technology and the latest gadgets is well-known among his friends and they always find his advice very helpful. When travelling, he stacks the best fiction works on his trips. The legendary ‘Godfather’ by Mario Puzo has a great influence over Amit. An avid music lover, Amit enjoys all types of music from various parts of the world but his favourites are classic Hindi songs and gazals. An inspirer to the industry, he also indulges in pondering while taking a calm evening walk around the landscapes of London and gets his adrenaline rushing from his love for Football.

Amit is now set to simplify complexities of global supply chains with a unique offering. His upcoming product Trade-Sys is an Integrated Supply Chain Management software that provides end-to-end visibility from Purchase Order (PO) to Proof of Delivery (POD). Trade-Sys also helps manufacturers and trading companies simplify documentation and compliance processes for international trade activities. Trade-Sys fills the gap between multiple stakeholders of the supply chain. Moving into this new segment, Amit is confident of having another successful arrow in his quiver. The future of Supply Chain is here.

  • Started as a Logistician: Began his career as Freight Forwarder and Custom Broker
  • Moved to IT: Realized the challenges of the industry and moved to IT to provide technology solutions to industry’s problems
  • Going Global: Led Softlink to become Global Solution Provider