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Abhilash K Ramesh

Executive Director

Today, a leader in India for Ayurveda, the group with over seven hundred employees in 35 locations spread across 9 countries has 4 manufacturing units which in total, manufacture over 140 Ayurvedic products, which range from the traditional Ayurvedic medicines to a range of researched cosmetic products.

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The eldest scion in the next generation of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Abhilash K Ramesh has taken over the reins of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group’s Hospitality division, called Kairali Hospitality and also as the Director of Sales & Marketing of Kairali Ayurvedic Group.
Under his supervision the group has grown by leaps and bounds. Now with over seven hundred employees, he has taken it upon himself to continue the legacy that was built by his forefathers.

He was born in a family with its roots deep in Ayurveda and with a grandfather who was both an Allopathic and an Ayurvedic Doctor, a rare combination specially in those days. His learning began from there, which he supplemented not only because of his keen interest in the subject but also by his mother’s teachings.

Coming from a very simple nuclear family. It was always imbibed in him to treat everyone with respect and sincerity. This is the work culture that had also been implemented at Kairali Ayurvedic Group. Ayurveda has always been in his blood since it is something practiced at home as well, and he grew up watching the creation and rise of the group. Ever since then it has been his aim to get the group in the upper echelons of the hospitality, FMCG and the Pharmaceutical industry.

His interest in Ayurveda was a known fact,and because of his involvement in the subject of Hospitality, even a degree in Civil Engineering could not hold him back from coming back to his roots. After a brief stint in the construction industry, he returned to the business that runs in his blood – Ayurveda.

With good support from his mother, Mrs Gita Ramesh and father, Mr K V Ramesh he decided to plunge wholeheartedly into the family tradition. The initial years were hard but with true grit and determination, the Group is now one of the foremost names in Ayurveda not just in India but also in the world.

Though twenty-six years ago no one really knew what Ayurveda was, over the years it has stabilized and with the additional push from the government, even international markets and domestic clients have gotten to know about the efficacy of this.

Over the years, Indians have started to care about preventive medicine and also the increased belief in Ayurveda has consequently increased treatment options for acute and chronic disorders. There is a significant year-on-year increase of Indians as well as NRI’s visiting our centers and healing villages.

Today, a leader in India for Ayurveda, the group with over seven hundred employees in 35 locations spread across 9 countries has 4 manufacturing units which in total, manufacture over 140 Ayurvedic products, which range from the traditional Ayurvedic medicines to a range of researched cosmetic products.

The Kairali Ayurvedic Group is famous for its medicinal and cosmetics products and is a prominent name in the Spa and Wellness industry. The Kairali Ayurvedic Group also makes Ayurvedic medicines and products formulated on the basis of a traditional Ayurvedic treatments that consists of our nature’s best-kept secret medicinal herbs.

The Kairali roots are its strength which is Ayurveda in its true form and this is being followed in all its centres for the past 10 decades.

The journey so far is booming year-to-year as people are accepting Ayurveda and have begun to understand the essence of it.

Life is not a race, but marathon

The Kairali “Ayurvedic Healing Village” at Pallakad in Kerala has today become exemplary with multiple awards in its kitty including the coveted “India’s Leading Spa Resort” by World Travel Awards, “Brand of the Year-Ayurvedic Spa” by Brand Achievers, “AYUSH Brand of the Year” by India Health & Wellness Award, “Top 100 Franchise Opportunity of 2015” by the Franchising World, finalist as “Best for YOGA” by Spafinder Wellness Travel Awards, “Certification of Excellence” by TripAdvisor, “Recommended for Ayurveda & Yoga” by FIT Reisen, Germany, “Most Preferred Ayurveda Destination” by Brand Achievers, “Best Destination SPA-National” by Indian Salon & Wellness Award, “Best Wellness Chain of the Year” by India Health & Wellness Award, “Preferred Partner Ayurveda Resort” by Neue Wege, “Certification of Excellence in Hospitality” by Wedding Vows, “Leading Spa Resort of the year”. The Hospitality Excellence Award by Brands Academy. 2014 – Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village – Member of Veggie Hotels. And many more that it’s has been winning since its establishment.

Though it is particular for Ayurveda wellness programmes, it does attract vacationers by offering well-being health packages along with other sight-seeing around Palakkad, traditional dance performances, Kerala food and more. The group uses its own products for all the treatments which are manufactured at the company’s own factory in Pollachi. The Kairali Ayurvedic Group, has qualified Ayurvedic doctors at every centre and resort imparting quality medication to whosoever that requires it. Today the group can boast of Ayurvedic doctors who have a combined experience of more than 40 years and all masseurs are professional and hail from Kerala whose experience in the traditional form of Ayurvedic Treatment is legendary.

Repeat followers of Ayurveda from not just India but Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Australia, Japan, UAE, and others come to its resorts and centres from across the world for treatments and beauty.

His vision has always been to create awareness for true Ayurveda world over. Ayurveda is a culmination of 5000 years of experience and is also the medicine of the future. It is not just a “Spa Therapy” but a viable curative measure for people with serious ailments. And it is his endeavor to educate people about the importance of Ayurveda in one’s day to day life and that Kairali is synonyms with Ayurveda and its curative powers.

    – Young Entrepreneur Award
  • World Travel Award 2015
    – India’s Leading Spa Resort
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for AYUSH Leadership – INDIA