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VR Mathur

Chairman & Managing Director


  • Gradiente Infotainment Ltd
  • Media & Entertainment
  • #306, MayFair Gardens, Road no. 12, Banjara Hills, 500034 Hyderabad, India
  • (91) 99 5972 5068

A well-known and highly respected media professional and entrepreneur, Vimal Raj Mathur has been the driving force behind the growth of Gradiente Infotainment Limited.
Long before the digital age dawned, he envisioned a multifaceted organization that would chart new routes and avenues in films, entertainment and mass communication… and transformed that vision into reality.
A Hyderabadi to the core, a post-graduate in Mass Communication, born and brought up in Hyderabad, the Hollywood of South India (also known as Tollywood), he was formerly with Grant Kenyon & Echardt (GKE), and has long overseas experience in international advertising. His futuristic vision and pioneering spirit has contributed to the ambitious tenor underlining the company’s enduring presence over the years under his leadership as CMD, through paradigm shifts.
A total awareness of the pulse of the industry – spanning films, advertising, mass media, journalism – has enabled him to forge crucial ties and gain invaluable experience and recognition. Today, under his aegis, GIL is taking measured and focused strides towards being a total solution provider, aiming at total customer satisfaction.
Gradiente is backed by a history that goes back to 1983. At its helm are professionals who commenced their careers in the then nascent and vibrant advertising field. Having been rechristened to Gradiente Infotainment Limited, the former VR Mathur Advertising, has been a preferred service provider for almost two decades in the industry.


Having handled accounts and clients ranging from international to regional, the core team of Gradiente, with their versatile and multi-faceted creativity have given many a product and company a shot in the arm with vibrant and effective campaigns.
“Delivery excellence is the key… if you don’t provide the best solution to the highest client expectation, then you lose out on business and brand value,” says Mr Mathur.
Be it image building or product launching, repositioning or rural marketing, Gradiente is fully geared to provide the most effective yet cost-effective solutions across media, electronic, print or digital.
“A constant flow of authenticity and novelty, backed by seasons of experience and a core competence that encompasses all facets of advertising and promotion is what we promise,” says Mathur when asked about what keeps them going.
Under his expert leadership, the agency gathered and harnessed its professional energies steadily over the years and added to its portfolio a plethora of services and value additions which converged crucial areas like print media, financial communications, public relations, direct marketing and now the Web Media.
Gradiente is headquartered at Hyderabad with branches in Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata, having strategic tie-ups with agencies in the Middle East and the Far East.
The Art, Media, Client Servicing, Production and Accounts departments add the unexpected to their everyday routine with their own brand of originality, without compromising and quality and efficacy. Their individual skills are interwoven with the group mind of progressive ideas, to explore and discover vistas of brilliance which respond in mind, body and essence to the modern needs of clients.
Gradiente is tuned to the future of business communication, information and entertainment, with a service spectrum that combines business and financial communication, public relations, direct marketing and Web Media. Its vision is to provide need-of-the-moment creative marketing solutions, deploying the latest technologies and tools at all times, ensuring total customer satisfaction.
As the only listed agency in India with its growing presences on Television through serials on leading channels, it is poised to break new ground in marketing and advertising. It has handled International clientele that included the Sharp Corporation, Canon, Nissan Motors Co. Ltd, the Diners Club of Japan, Fuji, Mitsubishi Electric, Ricoh, Sony Corporation, to name a few. Gradiente has further strengthened its presence with its Middle East affiliation with Al-Intisar Advertising of Saudi Arabia and Laykin Communication of Hong Kong.
The company’s mission is to empower businesses, enable growth and build lasting brands across industry. The past has witnessed a whole string of alliances and liaisons with some leading corporate houses and industry players, both in India and Middle East Asia. Worldwide giants Standard Advertising Inc., Tokyo, partnered Gradiente on the Indian subcontinent. Its Middle East and Hong Kong affiliates have further expanded their network of operations.  The future looks promising – full of challenges and victories, sustaining the tradition of excellence that Gradiente has over the years, come to exemplify.

  • Internship at Grant Kenyon & Echardt (GKE), that jumpstarted a long overseas stint in international advertising
  • Partnering worldwide giants Standard Advertising Inc., Tokyo, on the Indian subcontinent
  • Being listed on the stock exchange – the only listed Advertising Agency in the country