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Suresh Prasad Singh

CEO & Co-Founder


  • B4B IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Telecommunications & ICT
  • Suraksha Mellennium,White Fields Kondapur, 500084 Hyderabad, India
  • (91) 40 2300 4049

“Talent or attitude – which is more important? The reason why talent attracts attention is because it dazzles.” What matters most is the attitude and the ability to make this talent work for the cause. This is where attitude comes through and defines work ethic to set the path to excellence. There are many factors that have helped achieve Mr Suresh Prasad Singh these great heights. For him this is a not just a story, but a life he has lived through.
“We all work hard to build our careers. In the process we focus on giving 100% on each task day in and day out. If we continue to do this, the process of perfection becomes supreme.” Suresh realized that this Supreme Perfection is what he possesses.
He grew up in Hyderabad and studied Business Management. In the past 10 years, he refined his business skills as he continued to climb the success ladder. He initially started with a marketing career and moved on to the IT industry in the late 90s. After a few years in the IT Industry in India and the United Kingdom, he returned back to India to fulfil his dream. Suresh turned into a first generation entrepreneur and started B4B IT Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2007, owing much of his immense inspiration to his parents for his business success. Much to his success in just 7 years B4B Solutions had changed the way a System Integrator adapts to new business models.
B4B Solutions provides pioneering services and delivery capabilities for diverse verticals and has grown to be one of the fastest growing System Integration and IT Services providers. Suresh Singh is responsible for B4B Solutions’ more ambitious IOT projects which are in the pipeline and is currently busy exploring newer areas of growth for B4B.
Under the able guidance of Suresh, CEO and Co-Founder of B4B Solutions, and team continued to leverage its strong R&D capabilities, domain knowledge and Systems Integration competencies to engineer, enhance and support mission-critical solutions for several keys societal and business sectors across the world. B4B Solutions has seen in the last 2-3 years rapid expansion of its presence into newer markets. This includes servicing major enterprises in key industries who support their mission-critical systems with its range of products and services.
The single most important factor that helped Suresh achieve these wonderful results is his pursuit for excellence as an entrepreneur.


Despite being a founder of B4B, he by no means believes that he is any more important than his most recently hired employees.
Suresh’s mantra for B4B Solutions’ success is based on its customer- centric approach during the Design, Implementation & Support stages. Customers in the process gain a better understanding of their requirements and share them as well in some cases. This has not only helped the customers win more, but has also secured continued business from their existing customers.
Since its inspection B4B Solutions has had its operational presence in 4 states catering to customers PAN India and extending its presence to USA as well. New state formation has led to new opportunities and capitalizing on this, potential expansions are slated by the end of this financial year. Currently B4B has 52 employees and has shown growth of 60% over the last two years.
The CEO’s mission is to strive to provide a first-class service to its clients and business partners across the globe. By employing the best strategic and effective management skills to meet these needs, Suresh believes in always stretching the limits of the company’s individual and collective abilities for the benefits of all.
B4B Solutions’ vision is to be one of India’s Top 10 Systems Engineering and Integration companies by 2020. Towards this end, B4B Solutions seeks to be a world class IT Consultant & IT Infrastructure Solutions provider in its chosen markets, and become the leader in customer-centric innovation. It is committed to have excellent working partnerships with its clients that add value while consistently exceeding expectations of its clients and business partners.
Along with his core team, Suresh has evolved a new roadmap with an underlying Vision 2020 strategy, which is based on fuelling the rapid, scalable transformation of B4B Solutions SE&I growth through new technologies like Social Media Analytics Cloud and Digital Media & IOT. Suresh’s vision for the next few years is to see that B4B Solutions adapts itself to the new digital revolutions.
B4B IT Solutions Pvt Ltd was proudly awarded the prestigious Rhastriya Udyog Ratna Award 2014 by NEHRDO India, CIO Review India named B4B Solutions as 100 Most Promising Enterprise Tech Companies in India in their Golden issue June 2014 Edition, awarded for the Quality Brands India Award 2014, named Brand Of the Year 2014 by Silicon India in SE&I segment, named Company of the Year 2014 SE&I by CIO Review, named one of the top 5 Solutions Provider in structured Cabling by DQ Channel for Solution Camp 2014, was an Ingenious 100 Award Winner by Channel World and International Data Group 2014, and awarded for Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award by International Achiever’s Conference 2015.
“Live by example” and “leave a legacy to be proud of” are two things that have constantly pushed Suresh Singh to be what he is today. For Suresh employees are always first. He encourages periodic roundtable conversations to encourage free-flow thinking and ideas to innovate areas from Customer Engagement to Technology Trends. He always adopts an open-door policy and is constantly accessible.
His simple and down-to-earth personality provides him with a never-say-no attitude. He is very approachable and provides right guidance to his team players where required. He believes in growing together towards a true win-win situation. Suresh devotes enough time to ensure that graduates are industry-ready and helps institutions achieve the same in regularly guiding students.“By being an entrepreneur, you can follow your passion and challenge yourself to achieve your goal, you can take risks and reap the rewards. It also gives you an opportunity to give back to the community.”
“An idea is not what is significant. In entrepreneurship, ideas are a dime a dozen. Getting the idea, implementing it, and making a successful business out of it are the important things,” Suresh Singh shares.


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