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Ravindra Puttewar

Managing Director


  • Aditi IT Service Pvt Ltd
  • Trading & Wholesale
  • E 305, NIT Complex, Gurudeo Nagar, 440009 Nagpur, India
  • (91) 71 2271 6077

Ravindra Puttewar started his early life in the remote part of Central India. Coming from a remotely backward location, Chandrapur in Maharashtra, Ravindra had very limited access to better opportunities. He started as a Salesman at Consumer retail shop in 1989 with a meager wages of $14 per month in order to complete his Graduation. Ravindra got to learn more about various products and more about the ICT sector while being at retail shop.
Ravindra moved to nearest city Nagpur to pursue his business interest and tied up with a leading Chinese handset manufacturer who was keen on distributing handsets as India’s cellular market was thrown open to the global players.
Ravindra had a great interest in new and emerging technologies and had a grand vision to succeed in life.
In 2004 Ravindra diversified into Telecom and later into IT hardware to maximize on India’s new initiative of IT business vertical. His initial period was full of disappointment and disillusion. Ravindra came through, however, all the challenges and forges tie-ups with leading Global IT majors and forayed into IT Hardware exports whereby generating valuable foreign exchange and he created a unique company which dealt only in IT exports. Today Ravindra Puttewar is Managing Director of Aditi IT Services Private Limited.
Ravindra started with zero investment without any funding, and stood against global IT distribution giants solely through his networking and sheer contacts and assurance of hundred percent on time delivery. With poor infrastructure and limited resources it was not only impossible but it was against all odds to succeed in the Indian market from such a small city. Relentless persuasion and cost competitive offers and sheer follow up with leading buyers finally made it worth.


Initial difficulties taught him significant lessons and major global turmoil gave him a clear insight that businesses are very dependent on various external factors as well. With these learnings, Ravindra decided to diversify and he looked into global market places such as Middle East and Africa for expansion. His perseverance finally paid off when the company received its first order from Middle a East large chain of electronic stores and since then there has been no looking back. Though the order came with its own challenges, such as when the client looked at Aditi IT Services’ balance sheet they quickly realized that the company had not done single big-ticket sized deals and without any reference to support it. The client had to make sure that payment was only made after reviewing the physical stocks and once the order was placed they had to go all the way to New York to check the physical stocks and be assured of the shipment with their own eyes.
Today Aditi IT Services Private Limited is a leading name in the South Asian region for global IT quality products distribution services. It has won many accolades and has been constantly recognized as a leading Vendor for Worlds top IT brands.
Aditi IT Services’ vision is to be a leading global cost competitive IT Hardware solution provider. Its focus remains on bringing the best quality products across the region for its partners. “We are committed to bring all the possible cost-competitive products and design the best solutions for our partners on regular basis.” Aditi IT Services focuses on delighting the customer and creating best practices for all its vendor practices.
Ravindra is a highly focused and principled person with much integrity who is culturally open. Ravindra encourages each employee to contribute towards betterment of the organization.
“I believe I must provide similar opportunities to all my colleagues and team members who are on par, are not shy to share their concerns and are always one step ahead of me in planning and delivering the highest-quality work. I am truly delighted to be working with a bunch of talented team members who are shaping our company’s future and are constantly focused on delivering the best of class in the IT business.”
The biggest deterrent throughout the company’s growth period has been the non-availability of funds. However, the company believes in today’s period, fund sourcing has become much easier and it looks forward to continuous growth in IT vertical.
Ravindra is deeply involved with leading NGOs & Charity Organizations and has been a major support in many of the charities in Nagpur, who are directly working for the betterment of children and women. Ravindra believes in imparting continuous knowledge and has been the guiding force to many other businesses in order to scale up and reach the global market place in a cost-competitive manner.
Ravindra has been awarded with India’s best Small Medium Enterprises (SME) by India’s leading bank, Bank of India in 2012. He has been constantly recognized by leading IT companies for his high contribution.

  • Ravindra forged global tie-ups with major IT Manufacturers
  • Aditi IT Services achieved significant topline targets year-over- year
  • The company has not been affected by global turmoils and major upheavals while growing within the IT sector by 100%