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Pawan Kumar Goel

Owner & CEO


  • Chemical Resources
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • SCO 76, 1st Floor, Swastic Vihar, MDC, Sector 5, 134109 Panchkula, India
  • (91) 17 2255 5557

Pawan Kumar Goel is a 51 year old self-made disciplinarian, who has crossed the boundaries of success with his sincere dedication and a crystal clear vision to serve humanity with effective healthcare.
Hailing from a small village from Haryana, India, Pawan has grown up with his five siblings and loving parents. He wanted to join the Air Force but since he could not make it, the urge to prove himself inspired him to build his own company, with his vast experience gathered over the years.
Being a go-getter since his youth and dreaming big for his family, Pawan completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering and began his quest for learning. He started his professional career in the Supply Chain Management and worked in senior positions.
From facing hardships and emerging from them unscathed, he is now the humble owner and CEO of his globally acclaimed company, Chemical Resources.
Conceptualised in 2003, Chemical Resources is an innovative company dedicated to provide quality products globally. The company manufactures nutraceuticals and standardized herbal extracts as per Pharmacopoeia Standards, where R&D activities are conducted in its own in-house lab, under the supervision of a specialised team. The company is the proud owner of four international patents for ‘FENFURO’, an innovative product for the management of Blood Glucose Levels, extracted and developed through a novel and innovative process.
With the motivational vision of Pawan, who believes in giving personal attention to each product manufactured, the company has spread its wings over countries like USA, Asia, Europe, Africa and various other emerging markets. Few landmarks of the company include 7 granted patents, 6 filed patents and filled under PCT, 17 applied trademarks, and 7 registered trademarks.
“Kaam kiye jao par phal ki chinta mat karo.” (Work hard, don’t worry about the fruit but let the results speak for you) says Pawan Goel, who is not worried about his competitors’ achievements. His light-hearted humor, coated with inspiration and kindness, motivates his staff to go the extra mile as a team. By providing them best working atmosphere, occasional picnics and ensuring their families’ safety and security, Pawan looks after his employees well. His self-confidence in his own innate abilities and his company’s constant endeavor to provide cures for chronic diseases like Diabetes, and Cancer, PCOS & Prostrate etc. is par excellence. Believing in taking calculated risks, Pawan wants to expand his horizons and go beyond the impossible in providing quality and affordable healthcare worldwide.
The key to his focus on providing effective healthcare to society is his own streak to remain healthy and fit. After a stressful day, he unwinds himself with his family, but of course, after his brisk walks, twice daily. With his wife and daughter joining him in the business, Pawan and his family are passionate about their company and strive to deliver results together.
In Pawan’s words, his vision is “To be the trusted healthcare provider, driven by Excellence through Innovation & Quality” and with his dedication, he is surely on his way to touch the skies. He strongly believes his personal involvement in all his projects is the key to where he is today. Never believing in procrastinating and leaving pending jobs, Pawan is an organized individual who


ensures the work is done as he has visualized it. Yet, when he sees a satisfactory smile on each of his employee’s faces, he feels rewarded and feels motivated to work hard once more.
Delegating duties and following them up personally till the goal is achieved is his forté. He often inspires the youth, his young employees and most of his young family members with his favorite line, “Believe in your dreams and pursue them. Lack of resources might be a hindrance but this can be easily overcome by an ardent belief in yourself.” Never believing in looking back, Pawan gathers his experience each time and plans for the future of each of his employees, his company and society in general.
The company is increasing focus on innovation with development of products like GCB-70 (for weight management), PROSMAN (for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia – BPH), FUROSAP (for Overall Health & Vitality Of Men), FUROCYST (for management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and processes like extraction of high-purity Lysergol and extraction of Prunus from domestic prunes.
The Company has set up a new manufacturing facility in the name of Worldwide Herblife Pvt Ltd at a different location to meet the increasing demands of the customers. This infrastructure has the capability to process and manufacture multiple natural products. The company is focusing on R&D to develop new molecules and therapeutic innovations from Natural Resources.
The humble Pawan Goel has been recognised with various awards due to his sincerity, dedication and hard work. He’s been named India’s Most Promising Gen-Next Leader and Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2009. He was awarded the National Award in 2011 for Outstanding Efforts in R&D by the Government of India, Ministry of MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises), the Business Leadership Award 2014 for Outstanding Contribution to National Development, and the SME Business Excellence Award 2014.


  • Having mastered the techniques of entrepreneurship, Pawan invoked his risk taking ability and ventured as a first generation business man


  • Pawan diversified into manufacturing of Nutraceuticals & Standardized Herbal Extracts in the year 2003, presently running successful units in the name of Chemical Resources & Worldwide Herblife Pvt Ltd
  • Chemical Resources is a 100% export oriented unit approved by Govt. of India, an ISO 9001:2008, ISO
  • 2000:2005 & NSF-USA GMP certified company