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Paritosh Agarwal

Managing Director


  • Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd
  • Industrial & Commercial Products
  • Surya Towers, 6th Floor, 105 Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad, 500003 Andra Pradesh, India
  • (91) 40 2781 9856
  • www.suryalakshmi.com

Passion. People. Performance.
Three Ps literally define Paritosh Agarwal business philosophy. The young and dynamic Managing Director of Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd is the driving force behind the stellar success and growth of the company, which is today one of the fastest growing original denim manufacturers (ODM) and the third largest denim producer in India.
After graduating from the University of Nagpur in 1994, Paritosh joined Suryalakshmi Cotton at a young age of 21 to learn the ropes of the textile industry. Under the able guidance and mentorship of the Chairman and founder of the company, Shri LN Agarwal, he worked across various functions of the company including international marketing, domestic sales, production and engineering. Having spent significant time in all the functions of the company, he realized that Suryalakshmi’s competitive edge lay in creating a premium brand and running operations efficiently to win market dominance and deliver profit leadership.
When appointed Managing Director of the company, Paritosh realised “It was a testament to my hard work and commitment that gave the Members of the Board the confidence to give me this huge responsibility”.
Over the past decade, Paritosh along with his professional team have been working relentlessly to position Suryalakshmi Cotton as a premium and niche denim manufacturer for the world’s leading fashion brands. He has travelled extensively to experience front-end design and fashion and customer trends in Europe, Asia and America and also to understand backend manufacturing best practices. Today, he implements these experiences in his own company.


Paritosh has been instrumental in creating a two-pronged strategy that is driving the company’s growth through value creation rather than just volume creation. Over the past few years he has revamped the entire production by setting up state-of-the-art manufacturing plants backed by a strong R&D team to create international standards of yarn and denim manufacturing. Under his leadership, Suryalakshmi has also created a strong marketing, design and product development team that works with leading denim brands both in India and abroad. In addition, he has fortified the exports markets by venturing into new geographies and today Suryalakhsmi Cotton exports to over 29 countries across the globe.
Paritosh has successfully integrated the company across the entire denim value chain – yarn manufacturing, denim fabric production and garmenting. This unique strategy helps each division to learn from the other, understand future trends and create backward readiness. With a keen eye on operational efficiency, his strategic insight led the company to set up a coal-based captive power plant in 2012-13 to reduce the cost of power and dependence on sourcing energy externally.
With three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, and a robust global and domestic sales and marketing setup, Paritosh leads a workforce of over 6,000 people. His hands-on leadership style and personal
humility has attracted some of the best young professionals from the apparel and denim industry across Asia and has ring fenced the company with talent, experience and professional work environment.
Paritosh travels extensively and has built deep relationships with customers who are some of the best denim brands like Levis, Polo, Wrangler, Madura fashions, JC Penny among others. Currently with an annual turnover of around Rs. 750crore and exports to over 29 countries, Paritosh is aiming to continue to build a professional organization with global scale and international reach.
Home is where the Heart is! Paritosh’s forefathers were cotton and yarn traders for a century until his father made the shift from trading to manufacturing in 1962. He has been instrumental in taking the company to the next level. He belongs to a traditional and illustrious Business family of Hyderabad. Paritosh believes that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Having a mind of an avid learner and a curiosity of an innovator, he spends his free time interacting with thought leaders, young entrepreneurs and successful professionals to exchange ideas and spot future trends. He believes that engineering innovation, technological advancements and customer insights are the key to competitive leadership in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.


  • Paritosh joined Suryalakshmi Cotton as a Management Trainee just out of university at the young age of 21
  • Paritosh was appointed Managing Director of the company
  • Paritosh diversified the company into denim manufacturing and then progressed to ride the entire value chain